Living Alone Diaries | Adopting a puppy & dog mom life, Apartment hunting process, Life companion

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] this I don’t know what brand this is decor day in number ro 600 today the Sunday and the weather is amazing it’s like 56 degrees super warm today I’m gonna go to Soho actually I have a very exciting announcement I am getting a puppy I adopted a puppy he’s gonna be coming tonight his foster parent is going to be dropping him off tonight from Jersey I’m gonna go so who I meet up with IVA and I want to see if there’s like a pet store where I can buy some toys so yeah I clean up the apartment a little bit just so it’s ready when he gets here so yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] achieve one layer cheese is good too so we just looked at the hat stoar got Ivanov hat now we’re gonna go to a dog store and get some strays [Music] [Music] if you ever need a pee for peeing on this [Music] is tracker typical things he was really comfortable right he looks absolutely ridiculous [Music] [Music] so last night I went downstairs to get my package for like five minutes and I recorded my dog to see how he would react and he was just crying whimpering I’m a little nervous to leave him today because I’m gonna go to like a fitness event like a workout class anyway speaking of events I don’t get invited to a whole lot of events but I do occasionally get invited but I never go because I feel like how it doing really bad social anxiety just like being around so many people and like influencers and there’s like cameras everywhere I feel very comfortable when I’m talking to you guys through the camera at home but when I’m out in public I still get very very nervous filming I thought I would go to this one because it’s actually like a fitness class hopefully I meet someone because we’re working on that 20/20 and I think it’ll be good training for Doby to be home alone for a little bit anyways I decided to name him Doby from Harry Potter Dobby he had like really big ears and my dog also has really big ears and they stick out to the side like about anybody so I’m like I don’t know us for this event like which I really shouldn’t [Music] you sit good boy good boy smart boy sit good boy good boy [Music] [Music] so I want to update you guys about what’s going on with my new apartment it seemed like you guys are really interested in the whole process I mainly use the website street easy to look for apartments I didn’t use a broker I just made an appointment for each individual apartment that I was interested in anyways I told you guys I saw an apartment that I liked and I applied for it it still is in the process I haven’t been completely approved yet I don’t think the process is this complex think what it is is because I am technically a freelancer because I do YouTube full time and it’s my main source of income so every month my income basically fluctuates a lot it’s not really stable so for the landlord’s perspective it’s hard for them to trust that I will be able to pay rent every month for the whole term they’re asking for so many documentation letters from CPA it’s a little stressful if any of you guys are freelancers please let me know if getting an apartment in New York is this difficult for you as well so I just got an email saying I have been approved after all of those letters and confirmations and whatnot I I’ll be moving we’re moving I approved [Music] hello hi I have some errands to do I have to go to the bank and get a check and then drop it off because that’ll be my first month’s rent at my new apartment so gotta go do that and I am gonna attempt to take Adobe with me I ordered a backpack for him so I’m gonna go downstairs to pick up the package and come back and see what it looks like and hopefully he fits what are you going this [Music] [Music] that was efficient sit boy good boy so why did I decide to adopt a dog ever since I moved to New York I’ve been wanting to adopt a puppy I’ve been searching the web like different animal shelters and whatnot and I came across this little guy he’s I don’t know much about him I dunno he was rescued from Puerto Rico I’m really glad I got him I’m really hey Pete here he over here got your pet he takes up a lot of energy and attention but he’s so cuddly I’m so loving I’m exhausted and hungry so I’m gonna cook some dinner first I just did it like take a minute just rest you need some salmon [Music] Dolby no Dolby no no Dolby it’s always dangerous when they become silent think Dobby is a terrier bulldog mix okay hey no no be [Music] [Music] with me all the time [Music] I need a dining table I can’t be eating like this anymore [Music]

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