Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse and Lil’ Mouse House!

Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse and Lil’ Mouse House!

Hi guys, it’s Robin and today I am so excited,
aren’t I always excited though? Um, today I’ve got Littlest Live Pets Little
Mouse House and one of the little mouses…mouses? Yea. Um, and I’d seen these at Toy Fair and I just
thought they were so super cute and Moose Toys was so awesome and sent me this little
Mouse House and Little Mouse house. Um, it is so cute and I can’t wait to get this out
of the package. Um, I also got this other little mouse. I’ve been seeing these at Target
and Toys R Us. I think I got this one at Target. Um, they all have names, which I think is
so cute. This one is called Angelee and I actually picked her out because I have a Little
Live Bird with the same colors and I thought they would be good friends. Um, the packaging is so cute, looks like a
little Mouseville. And then I also got the Little Live Pets house
here, the Mouse House and this one’s name…they all have different names. Um, her name is
Blossom and she can run around and play in this little house. And these houses also um,
attach to the bigger tracks that you can get which is really cool. My friends, Mommy and
Gracie, I know just were opening these up and putting it together on their Periscope
and that was really funny. I’m not sure when their review is going up but definitely look
out for those on Mommy and Gracie Show. And this is just so cute. Oh my goodness. I’m not a big fan of mice but these mice are
super cute. I mean they’re just too cute for words. Um, I’m going to get them out of the package
and we can take a closer look at them and then maybe I’ll even get Penny to see…see
what Penny thinks of these guys. Be right back. Okay, so let’s take a look at these little
cuties. This one is Blossom and she is a really cute
little pink mouse. Um, you need to turn them on by flipping this switch. Whoa and there
she goes. Let’s see. [Laughing] She’s already running all over the place and
making some noises. Um. [Laughing] Isn’t that cute? Look at that little face.
They go really fast and they also have a really cute little tail. You can pet them and calm
them down. They will also go to sleep. [Laughing] Okay, take it easy for a second, Blossom. They also have different personalities, so
this box says, “Hi, I’m Blossom. A happy scamper whose tickled pink. I wiggle and giggle more
than you think, so let’s laugh and play the day away. ” And then we also have Angelee, who the description
says, ” Angelee may be intellect but she’s got wicked moves with the voice of an angel
and the wings…the wing…this winged cutie sings like a dream.” Oh, I guess she does
have a little wing pattern on her design. I really love these colors. Um, that’s why
I picked her out and I wanted Blossom here to have a little friend. Oh! Some cool move, girl. [Laughing] I don’t know if they interact with each other. They can kinda back each other out when they
get stuck. They will back up and [Laughing]. Oh, this is so cute. [Laughing] They’re both stuck in the corners now. All right, let’s see what happens when I put
them inside the house. Um. [Laughing] Oh my gosh, this is so cute! So as you can see, this opens and closes.
It also locks so it makes a good carrying case. It has this little hamster wheel type
for Mouseville I guess. She’s trying to fix her way to get in there.
It’s making a lot of noise, um, let’s see if I can help them out a little. Go outside
and play. [Laughing] Awe, this is so adorable. Oop, and now she’s on her side. So there’s an attachable um, like a side here
and there’s a little mouse door, they can go in and out of. [Laughing] Oh my gosh this is so cute. Look at her go! She’s going in circles. Awe and she just came in the door and she
is bumping into her buddy here. There she goes onto the wheel. Let me turn
this around. Isn’t that so cute? These do make a lot of noise for these little
guys. Um, there she is back over here now. Let’s see if she turns herself around. They came with batteries, which is really
great. Um, [Laughing] Man, they have a lot of energy.
[Laughing] Oh this is so funny. Oh, they’re so cute! Uh oh, you’re stuck sideways. [Laughing] They keep getting stuck in my tripod…let’s
get the filming over. You hear that noise? It’s so cute. I guess maybe this little play set is better
for just one little mouse. Um, [Laughing] but the track, you can have multiple ones
attached and you can attach the house and it’s really, really cute. Um, these are just
so adorable. Let’s see what happens when I pet her. Ha, ha there she goes again. She’s stuck.
Go girl! You gonna go in your wheel? Now, you’re backing
up. Oh, this is so funny. There she goes. It kinda freaks me out a little
when they start moving again. Yes. [Laughing] She’s on her side. She’s trapped.
Awe. [Laughing] There she goes. They’re so funny. Oh my gosh. They’re just so cute! Adorable. Um, I’m gonna see what Penny thinks of these
guys and we’ll be right back. Let’s see if Penny wants to play with these
Little Live Pets. So funny. Hey Penny, what are those little things there?
She’s smelling my shoe. [Laughing] All right, I’m trying to do this with my…there
we go. Penny, sit. Um, I’m trying to do this with my iPhone.
It’s a little hard. I’m just gonna try out one mouse. You smelling those? You running away? Let’s see what happens when I turn on Angelee
here. Penny is still smelling my foot and yes, I
am wearing snowman pajama’s even though it’s July. There she goes off there. [Laughing] Oh, that was great! That was awesome. [Laughing] My laugh sounds really weird today because
my throat is sore. Okay, let’s…I don’t feel like getting up
and going over there to chase that one so let’s get this one on. I just want to leave them. [Laughing] Penny, what’s that? Oh my gosh, that was so cool! Okay, that one is stuck. Uh oh. Oh my gosh, this is so funny. This is hilarious. I should Periscope this.
Maybe I will guys. [Laughing] Okay Penny, is that your review of the Littlest
Live Pets Mice? You don’t like them? You don’t like them? That mouse is over there stuck on her side,
I’m going to go rescue her. [Laughing] That is so funny. So these Littlest Live Pet Mice are just so,
so super cute. I want to thank Moose Toys again for sending me the Little Mouse House.
It’s just so adorable. I don’t know if Penny likes it but then again, this is not a toy
for dogs. It’s for kids or grown-ups who think they’re kids, like me. So, comment down below
and let me know what you guys thing of the Little Live Pets Mice. I think their super,
super cute. Um and then I hope that you will like this video and subscribe and follow us
on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All links are down below. Thank you guys so much for watching. This
was so much fun. Moose Toys, thank you so much again. You’re awesome! Bye!

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  1. So cute these toys. Your videos are so awesome.

  2. They are very cute. So kind of moose toys to send you the house. Mommy and Gracie's periscope was so funny ☺️

  3. The dog is adorable. It's so cute how the dog plays with them πŸ˜€ I think he/she doesn't like them! πŸ˜‚ Awwh ❀

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