Lion Loves His Pet Wiener Puppy Dog | Love Nature

Lion Loves His Pet Wiener Puppy Dog | Love Nature

Winwood Oklahoma is a wildlife refuge
that’s home to a variety of creatures due to the recent strains on the economy
many places that shelter animals have been forced to shut down leaving them in
need of a new place to go also at the part lives a more familiar
but extremely determined little – and named Abby well some of the bigger
beasts around here might think of Abby as a sausage on a bun there’s a certain
animal who likes Abby for what’s on the inside bone digger that Barbary lion I
can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like this one they’re always just loving
on each other some degree gets along with all four of
the way in dogs but for some reason Abby gets away with a lot more him and Abby
has had a special bond from the first day not long after bone digger was born
Abby came along they weren’t probably all introduced within being the age of
six or nine weeks old and it was love at first sight
by that time bone diggers got a little bit of size to him you know bone digger
just mothered it the most amazing thing is it’s definitely the bond that they’ve
built known for their little legs and big nerves – Ian’s lack of
self-awareness in terms of their size can sometimes get them into sticky
situations me and the weenie dogs are about the
only relationship that he has nobody else can go in the cage with him he runs
them out gets aggressive with him he’s never tried that with me I’ve never
been in fear while I’m in there and that the weenie dogs have never been in fear
while in there believe it or not then we need augs actually overpowering I think
they’ve got their size differences worked out
one minute they’ll be running around the house chasing me and in the next minute
he’s chasing them so they reversed roles contrary to what you might expect
between a lion and a dog Abbey and bone digger are creating their own unique
dynamic you know we’ve actually split them up when I go into we need to cage
the weenie dogs attack the head of the weed eater so I have to kick the weenie
dogs out of the cage and bone digger just paces and cries up and down the
fence and then as soon as I’m done we now let the weenie dogs back in and he
counts as we need dogs make sure they’re all there and it just loves all over
them he loves on them they usually lick his mouth and lay on him and roll over
it’s pretty cool reunion act like they’ve been gone forever and you know
it’s only been five or ten minutes and every time we do that it happens it’s
pretty clear that these two care for each other
I love Abby the most because she is boned it here’s my favorite line you’re
in a park and she’s just really really his biggest campaigning they just I
think there’s a bigger bond between Abby bone bigger than the other three we need
augs I mean he still cares for them all he
protects him he makes sure they’re all right you know he’s even he’s even been
at the fleas like you seen dogs doing each other it’s just crazy what they do
the lesson that you get from Abby and bone digger living together is he is a
wild animal but it can be tamed the weenie dog
is a tamed animal but it can be wild it’s a little bit of each animal in each
one of them

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  1. yeah wait till you miss one of his lunch times. Guess whos next on the menu?

  2. As king we must understand the balance and respect all the creatures from a crawling ant to a wiener dog: Mufasa

  3. This is def the Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart relationship ??

  4. To be fair, I'm sure most of the animals there want Abby for whats inside of her.

  5. It's good to keep snacks handy where you can reach for them when you're hungry

  6. He used to have a 12 pack of wieners now only three left

  7. Next up
    Karen the Lion

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  9. No lions were harmed or hungry in the making of this video… however several wiener dogs had to be used.

  10. It's all fun and games in Till u forget to feed him

  11. One day the dogs WILL be missing…. Sad.

  12. Aren't Barbary lions supposed to be exctinct ?

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  14. I love seeing this. So sweet.

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  16. Lion : roars

    Teenager with 18 pound biceps : aghhhhhhh

    Wiener dog : phhh wimp let me show you how its done

  17. don't feed that lion a hotdog

  18. A member of House Lannister receives fealty from members from House Clegane

  19. See these wieners show that size doesn't matter

  20. A wildlife mystery as to what makes a big lion be friendly with a dachshund while other lions would eat them? Great to see. Hope they’re still bffs now

  21. It's all good, until the wild Instinct inside the lion awakens and it eats dog…

  22. My mom had a brindle wiener dog Abby is the only other one I’ve seen

  23. A tiger is snacking on a weinie dog at 0:52.

  24. This is great until the lion goes lion. And that will happen.

  25. ?????? ? TRUMP 2020 ? ??????

  26. Is he a barbary lion?

  27. Why call the lion a she?

  28. I hope they have pups so when they die the ions tings friends to remind him of his childhood pal… It will be a terrible loss when the dog dies.

  29. What a sweet friendship! It just melts my heart watching them interact with each other. Thank you for this special video!

  30. Sooo dang cute! Eee I love my weiner dog! This is the most special bond ever. Too much fun!!

  31. They are like mini Doberman’s

  32. Anyone else think of the Garden of Eden?

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  34. The lion helps with the pesky fleas,
    Roarrrr they gone

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  37. LOL – It's pronounced Dox hund… good grief

  38. Too cute! I wish I was a little closer to that zoo! I would love to see this in person, however there is a zoo in Michigan’s upper peninsula that has 2 brown beers and a Labrador retriever in the same exhibit, and that’s cool to see if you ever go up there. Great video btw!

  39. That’s too much cuteness ????

  40. Haha more entertainment for us humans, right? Nah this is actually dumb.. that lion should be eating that dog as it would in the wild.

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  42. Even giant pussies love small wieners

  43. So lovely to see creatures getting along together.

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  45. I have a dachshund and they are so loving and sweet.

  46. 0:26 "for what's on the inside"
    STILL not very good wording!

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  48. This comment section is gold.

  49. It's just a matter of time! The lion is a predator, PERIOD! I hate to think or say it but I don't see it lasting. Poor dog. Just like foolish people who get wild cats as pets, and get mauled. It was just a matter of time. Same here. I'd never let my dogs near a creature that in nature would eat em. Seems stupid in my mind.

  50. All the animals' cages are too small. Their eyes are fully hopeless and sadness. If you are love animals, you should charge the environment and make the place is better. Please save them.

  51. Classic case of a soul ending up in the wrong body

  52. Role reverse of Pixie and Brutus

  53. Wow, it's actually the animals that are more humane than humans. Why can't the human race be like that about race?

  54. Jeez. What a miserable animal facility. Why did they even have a lion cub in the first place?

  55. I feel blessed , been watching so much lately my viewing has change from find makeup tutorials to, seeing this amazing world from my home , which is my world.But this reserve is magical, after watching the Grand Canyon film , one native to the land said
    Take away all the winged creatures, the world would not survive,
    Take away all the four legged creatures the world would not survive,
    Take away all water dwellers the world would not survive
    Take MAN away this world would THRIVE.
    Take care everyone ?

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    Signed: Bonedigger

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  63. It's Joe Exotic, the former presidential candidate!

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  67. Cute and stupid both at the same time. I have zero sympathy when I hear of these huge wild animals killing people


  69. Bonedigger had his own channel. Milo was his buddy, and his dentist.

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  78. mmmm….
    it also just takes one bite
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    delicious his little doggy is…
    CUTE! ?

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