Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park, Carlsbad (Passport 2 History): Traveling with Kids

This is a horse with six legs. This is our Passport 2 History adventure to Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park. This is a former working ranch once owned by actor Leo Carrillo. The historic park contains and protects many beautiful historic structure C’mon, let’s go check out the ranch. We spotted the peacock with the feathers opened. And we saw some hens too. How come the mommy one is not as pretty as the daddy, one? I am waving hi to this bird when all of sudden he starts shaking his butt. The female peacock seemed scared. Then I spotted something strange. This is the first I have ever seen a white peacock. Brother, don’t get too close. How does the peacock turn all white? Did someone erase its colors? The bird looks really magical. Now, we’re going to the Visitor Center. This is where you can learn about the life of actor Leo Carrillo and the history of the ranch. Brother is climbing onto the saddle. Is there room for me? [Brother] Giddyap. Giddyap. Next, we’re going to check out the different buildings. There are many farm equipments here. I’m going to check out the barn. No animals here. This is a Pigeon coop. This stone floor cottage was a getaway for Leo’s wife Edith, known as Deedie, a place where she could practice her arts and crafts. Let’s go visit the courtyard. We spotted some more peacocks, a mommy and her two babies. We followed them, and they took us to the swimming pool. I want to go swim in it. Lastly we got stamps in our passport for our visit. You can get your own booklet a Learn more about this Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this episode with your friends.

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