K’tiny the Mad Pet Battle Guide – BFA

K’tiny the Mad Pet Battle Guide – BFA

Hi guys just a quick guide on how to beat
K’tiny the Mad which is one of the pet battles in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria
coordinates 56,28 The set up I used was the Unborn Val’kyr with
Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom and Haunt. Zandalari kneebiter with Hunting party, Black
Claw and Bloodfang. And the Anubisath Idol as back up with Crush,
Sandstorm and Deflection but any pet in the third slot should do.
So first cast Shadow Slash. Then cast Shadow Slash again or Pass your
turn as he will block your next attack. Then cast Curse of Doom to apply the debuff.
Then cast Haunt. Then bring in your Zandalari and cast Black
claw to apply the debuff. Then cast Hunting party.
Hit will block a hit of Hunting party but that combined with all of the debuffs on the
pet should be enough to kill it even if your zandalari dies.
If not your it will be on low health so your third pet will be able to finish it off if
needed. Anyways guys thanks for watching I hope it
helped. If you have any other set ups that can be
used to help kill this pet, then please leave them in the comments section below to help
other people out. please also like share and subscribe and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. If you have different set ups that are able to beat this Pet Battle then please leave the info in the comments section below to help out others who may not have the set up I used.

  2. Great i have none of these..

  3. Excelent! Thanks for share.

  4. Wow, that sure made it easy. Thanks!

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