Kitten care part one: preparation

Kitten care part one: preparation

Kittens are adorable, fun and unique but
it is important to consider that taking on a kitten is a commitment for its
lifetime, which may be 15 to 20 years. So here are a few things to consider. Kittens learn what is normal and safe
during a very sensitive period of development between two to eight weeks
of age, known as the socialisation period. During this time kittens will learn what
is normal and what they should avoid. However, most kittens do not stay in the
home in which they were born and are acquired by owners when they are
eight weeks and over. Therefore when choosing a kitten, try to
find out how well socialised it is so that you can choose a kitten that will
be most likely to adapt to your home. If you’re looking for a pet for a busy
family home, choose a kitten that is alert, sociable
and playful with its littermates. A quieter, anxious kitten may be less
suited to a busy or noisy household. If you’re thinking of getting a pair, a
sibling pair is often preferable to two unrelated kittens and character is more
important than gender. Before getting a cat, take some time to
create a cat-friendly home. All cats like safe, predictable environments that smell
familiar to them. It is essential to provide at least one quiet place for
your cat to retreat to and hide so they can feel safe. Provide easily
accessible resources including more than one scratch post, multiple litter trays
to choose from and plenty of opportunities for play. Cats also love to
climb so they can survey their environment from the raised vantage
point. Providing multiple shelves for perching will fulfill this need. Although two kittens homed from the same litter may remain close, they may grow apart as
they get older and reach social maturity, between the ages of 18 months and four years old. Therefore to avoid a potential conflict,
it is important that they have access to separate resources such as separate food,
water bowls, litter trays and toys. A good rule of thumb is to provide one resource
for each cat in the household plus one extra. Before getting a kitten, ensure you
will be able to provide them with an appropriate diet. Kittens should have
access to fresh water and be fed commercial kitten food to make sure
their nutritional needs are met. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and
avoid feeding more than the total daily recommended amount, as this can lead to
obesity. If needed, speak to a vet about the most
appropriate diet and feeding regime. Finding a local vet and building a
relationship with them before you get a kitten is very important. Due to their
small body size and immature immune systems, a kitten’s health can deteriorate
very quickly, so it’s important to be able to take them straight to the vet if
they are unwell. It is very useful to visit the practice to find out about the
location, the cost of routine health care and the opening hours before making your
choice. Make sure you discuss all aspects of your cat’s care with your vet and
consider taking out pet insurance. Your vet will also ensure your kitten is
appropriately vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Kittens should receive
vaccinations from eight or nine weeks of age, with a second vaccination at around
12 weeks of age to protect them from serious infectious diseases – even if
they’re indoor cats. Cats Protection recommends microchipping as the safest
and simplest method of permanently identifying your cat should they get
lost. Finally, neutering can be carried out
from four months of age or younger. Neutered cats live healthier lives and neutering
is the most humane way to help minimise the unwanted cat population and to help
stop unwanted pregnancies. Neutering also prevents certain illnesses and can
reduce spraying, straying and fighting with other cats. Before you bring your kitten home, make
sure you’ve kitten-proofed the house to help keep them safe. Kittens love to
explore and they can squeeze into the smallest of spaces and have a habit of
sleeping in the most peculiar places. Block off any gaps between the cupboards,
furniture and the kitchen appliances. Screen off open fireplaces and always
supervise your kitten if you have a lit fire. Keep cupboards, washing machines and
tumble dryer doors closed. Toilet lids should be kept down to avoid the risk of
drowning or coming into contact with cleaning chemicals. Ensure that hot
liquids are never left unsupervised. Keep all cables and wires securely protected
and out of reach. Kittens should never have access to balconies and all
external doors and windows should be securely closed off or covered over with
strong wire mesh with no holes for your kitten to fall through. It is best to
keep a close eye on your kitten throughout the day to ensure they
haven’t gotten up to any mischief! Although they won’t stay young for long,
the preparation and care you provide for your kitten will help ensure their
happiness as an adult cat and set the path to a long-lasting companionship.

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