Kedi Evi Yapımı / DIY Cat Tree House / Making a Cat House / Kedi Tırmalama Ağacı

I built a cat house this week I rolled the 8×8 tree with a planer first then I shaped with lathe I used a pallet board for the lower table. I cut the pallet boards 2.5 cm wide then I went through the thickness machine I rounded both sides with milling I glued cloth on one surface of the boards for the drum cover I’m starting to make the upper and lower tables. diameter 35 cm I opened a slot with a cutter on each side for the boards to pass. I made a border so that the cushion we put on top does not fall. I used wooden dowel for this I made 240 sandpaper I glued the wooden dowels with glue I made a step to go home comfortably. size 20×30 I used linen rope to scratch the cat I nailed it intermittently to keep the thread from slipping I used paint tape to prevent the thread from getting dirty while applying varnish I lastly applied varnish thanks for watching

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