Keanu Reeves Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

Keanu Reeves Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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  1. Keanu: I don't know, i always wanted to play wolverine

    Marvel: revive the wolverine, will ya?

    For those who don't know there is a fight goin bw marvel dc to have keanu

  2. + Perfect video doesn’t exist
    – Hold my puppies

  3. How can i meet him

  4. Nicepuppies but not as nice as US – the Pug and the Poodle 😛

  5. Hates giving advice, peanut butter and honey, and a Shakespeare skeptic… I didn't know I was more in love with Keanu Reeves than I already am

  6. I wish i was the dog

  7. him not believing shakespeare really exists makes a lot of sense

  8. Wholesomest video ever!

  9. John wick aka Keanu Reeves love this man his simplicity humbleness became a fan when I watched the Matrix franchise and Constantine ❤

  10. I like this post credit scene for Jhon wick

  11. 1:32 Jesus that puppy is trying to choke the other!

  12. How much “Breathtaking” can we say! IM START “BREATHTAKING”

  13. I dont like where this is going

  14. Keanu literally dad to everyone

  15. Fortnite Character!

  16. I like Keanu Reeves, dislike buzz feed. This a dilemma.

  17. My depression is cured.

  18. you are so cool and in john wick chapter 1 what is the sadist prate

  19. Hello beautiful person scrolling through the comments Sending you positive and healing vibes and a huge virtual hug ❤

  20. I have school tomorrow and I can't sleep
    This is exactly what I need

  21. Cute puppies Tik Tok Compilation 2019 ???
    Subscribe and Keep in Touch my channel for more funny videos…….. ❤❤❤

  22. Esto es lo más lindo que verás hoy…Te lo aseguro ?✨

  23. Anybody: Exists

    Keanu Reeves: You're Breathtaking!

  24. The people: take the puppies away
    Keanu: gose on a killing streak

  25. How does he know whether or not we’re in The Matrix?

  26. ?? he gets better better with the years ???

  27. He look so handsome

  28. 0:38…i knew he was gonna say that but the thing is…i'm a noob about Keanu XD so how?

  29. Coolest guy ever! Love his energy!

  30. Next video : Keanu Reeves playing with PUSSIES

  31. This guy must be in Pirates of the carribean.

  32. Fun fact This is really John Wick pretending to be keanu reeves

    If you hurt a dog they will both kill you

    Who Loves Dogs and John wick?

  33. happy Keanu Reeves noises

  34. Was he slightly drunk in this or is that just how he always is naturally?

  35. it's Over ke4nu go to the next One

  36. Today buzzfeed, you get a pass

  37. I like Bill and ted

  38. Take your like and go buzzfeed

  39. The Matrix want us to think that we are not in the Matrix !

  40. Keanu: "I have no more questions… But I have puppies ?."
    Depression rate drops to 0%

  41. Keanu reeves exists

    Everyone: look it’s Jesus! He’s back!

  42. Mint John wick 1:28

  43. If I could go back in time I'd go back to find the author or authors of the bible and …correct them

  44. Keanu….Stop Dying your hair for just one movie and play a grand Father

  45. They left because you're not playing with them, Keanu Reeves.

  46. no puppies were harmed in this production

    because john wick is here

  47. This guy will make world peace.

  48. He has a way of saying things that makes everything seem stupid and vapid. And I love him…IT… I meant it. I love it. Not him. It. ????

  49. WHY He's f**king GORGEOUS.

  50. Top ten greatest anime crossovers

  51. One day, if the puppies get old and dies.
    Keanu Reeves hunts death until he killed it.

  52. Why is he so famous?

  53. keanu why

    just why buzzfeed

    you do know these poeple are stuiped sjws that hate man and white poeple right

    your both of those things so get out while you can

  54. Buzzfeed >:(
    Keanu Reeves 🙂

  55. omg, he could be juggling spiders and I would watch this man!!!

  56. I know I am a man.. but I wanna marry Keanu.. ?

  57. 1:30 the dog at the left is teacher pulling me to the class

  58. I like the sounds the puppies are making as they run around.

  59. Que suerte de los perritos

  60. sandra bullock solo errore
    è Ozzy Osborne

  61. No wonder why Keanu doesn’t believe in Shakespeare writing plays
    He was alive and witnessed someone else wrote them

  62. He is breathtaking

  63. I like him even moore now

  64. Keanu Reeves playing with puppies, the only thing Buzzfeed is good for

  65. In my opinion he looks like John wick. Is it just me or…?

  66. ?

  67. Happy John Wick noises

  68. He’s not much of a puppy person, other actors couldn’t keep their hands off from them but he mostly Ignores the puppies

  69. imagine adopting a puppy that has been with keanu reeves

  70. Question: what stunt are you most proud of?

    Keanu: Puppies!!!

  71. Nobody was on the Keanu train back in 1998 when me and my high school friends were writing love songs about him! Now everyone wants a piece of him! ?

  72. We must all strive to be Keanu

  73. I'm sure no one noticed the bunny toy 3:14

  74. "Keanu Reeves playing with puppy's"
    Buzzfeed:This will get views
    Me:What did it cost?

  75. I wish I were a puppy

  76. Keanu: I wanna play Wolverine
    Literally everyone on earth (even Hugh Jackman): MAKE THIS MAN WOLEVRINE!!!!!!

  77. Out of all channels u chose buzzfeed cmon man

  78. The perfect man doesn't exi…

  79. 4:31 thats my favourite one

  80. I’m more of a cat person

  81. John wick 4 we want

  82. it's hard to feel depressed when you're watching keanu reeves play with puppies

  83. We all know he would like to time travel back to 1993 outside the viper room to prevent his best friend River Phoenix’s death….I know I would?

  84. 0:30 the puppy is like: Hey, that's my question, answer please?!

  85. John wicks Pulls out Shotgun
    Me: Oh heck
    Pulls out puppies
    John wick: HOW?

  86. So he loves puppies. Explains why he went crazy after the killing of his dog in John Wick 1.

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