Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Sneak Peek #2 | ‘Run’ | Movieclips Trailers

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Sneak Peek #2 | ‘Run’ | Movieclips Trailers

Run! Run!

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  1. Well, I saw 'Star-Lord' running among dinosaurs on pre-historic land of earth..

  2. run like a son of gun

  3. Chris Pratt is the best

  4. Its not a Chris Pratt film if he hasn't shouted "RUN"


  6. Trailer Friday looks pretty intense

  7. I am looking forward to this one

  8. wooooooooowwwwwwwww ?

  9. A tease for a trailer for a movie… God damn it.

  10. wow one more movie on dinosaur. Jurassic World.

  11. Does Claire have longer hair??

  12. Dinosaurs just dont extint for them !!!!

  13. just like JP1,actress still wear high heel to run?

  14. Trailers for trailers, my favourite.

  15. jurassic park ruined…such a shame this new franchise

  16. i want one more badass dino like indominus rex in this movie…..

  17. My god the CGI looks horrible it's amazing how much work and passion they put in the 1993 movie then they do these days and please don't give me it's early there is still time for the movie to come out it will be rendered better because I saw how the effects on the last movie turned out.

  18. Titties are going to bounce!

  19. I bet I can shout RUN longer than Chris

  20. I love how Chris goes like "run! RUN!!!!"

  21. sound Jurassic World 2 : Fallen Kingdom will be different than any other Dinosaurs movie , i feel like Chris Pratt is great for Work even he is in Superheroes movie .

  22. Im still hyped Cuz I could never Wait for this

  23. Vulcanic eruptiiiooon…?

  24. is the trailer coming out this Friday?

  25. Wtf star-lord doing here
    He got to fight thanos!

  26. A trailer for the trailer!

  27. Wow. First trailer scene, and it's a copy from the first Jurassic Park movie… ?


  29. Soooo a trailer for a trailer?

  30. Hell Yes Bitchez Come Through Hahaha ?✌️???

  31. What is this? Indiana Jones?

  32. I hope this is good because I've been waiting since 1993 for a good Jurassic Park sequel.

  33. Looking generic already.

  34. Aaah, the good'ol trailer to the trailer…

  35. There is a volcano on Isla Nublar?
    Waiting for the full trailer on Friday..

  36. Lower your expectations for this.

  37. is chris pratt fat again? how does he transform so quick

  38. definitely a callback to the original JP scene where they are running from the Gallimimus and T-rex

  39. Trailer for a trailer, what has the world come to?

  40. Jurssica park 5: fallen kingdom: the movie.

  41. This man is trying to tall us to run to the cinemas and watch a bunch of grown up men run from extinct creatures

  42. So this is pretty much one big trailer per week now.
    Last week – Infinity War
    This week – Jurassic a World: Fallen Kingdom
    Next week – Solo: A Star Wars Story ( since Star Wars 8 is coming out )

  43. Its more teser then trailer

  44. When Jurassic world came out I enjoyed it but something was off. Then I realized the modern technology ambience doesn’t seem fit with pre historic zoo. But that’s just what I feel, cause I really like the kind of wild rainforest concept of the first Jurassic Park . Nothing against the new one though, I still look forward to watching it.

  45. I really love when Triceratops tackled the tree log and HOW THE ANKYLOSAURUS RAN AWAY, I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S RUNNING OR HOPPING HAHAHAHA

  46. Peter Quill found Jurassic World?

  47. hope the movie is good

  48. A trailer for the trailer… what a time to be alive…

  49. Why is he running like that?
    Looks so funny

  50. At least it has a good director

  51. I believed you when you said it would be out last Thursday, I won't make that same mistake again

  52. Theres gonna be so many memes now

  53. Let’s use unlikely, stupid predictions for this one: Time Travel!

  54. After so many movies you'd think they would have learnt their lesson and stop opening dinosaur theme parks.

  55. esta muy pasada de lansa la peli si o no raza

  56. If you keep tapping the left side of the screen to skip back 10 or 5 seconds at the start, you can see the guy dancing

  57. oh look, another scene where they run from the dino's only to find a huge object to hide behind. Haven't seen that before!

  58. There better be Raptors with Automatic weapons!

  59. Hablo solo español y vivo en u.s.a

  60. Apparently Jeff Goldbum is making his Jurassic Park return in this movie. Anyone else excited?!?!?! ???

  61. Wait, is this the new jurassic park movie?

  62. Bryce Dallas Howard is so hot. Such a sexy white women.

  63. Where's her high heels ?

  64. That opening…Chris Pratt would make an excellent Indiana Jones.

  65. why do I feel like I'm gomna be upset during this movie? whenever dinosaurs die I cry. I know lame but true.

  66. Ermagherd, it’s that actress from that episode of Black Mirror

  67. Seems Like This Trailer Will Be Lit because there’s lit volcano ?


  69. So glad this isn't a nostalgia driven rehash.

  70. OMG! It's good they postponed the trailer because of the infinity war trailer so it can get more views. I'm a huge fan of both movies and love the change they are doing with both movies; they both are getting more darker

  71. Oh no, starlord is in danger :0

  72. ayyy cool can't wait

  73. good thing that she is not wearing high heels #JURRASICFAN!

  74. Bet there going to release like 20 trailers of this movie, to the point where we already seen the movie ?

  75. Is anyone else replayng this all over again just to hear the run!!!!!!!!!!

  76. i hate those comments 
    you guys ruin any good movie seriously

  77. Anyway compare exciting relative issue briefly drum curve particular surprisingly.

  78. chris pratt is just too funny of a guy to not look at and just smile

  79. Apparently when Hollywood says sequel what they really mean is ripoff of the previous films.

  80. I wonder if they will run away from a dinosaur in this film.. I really hope so, havent seen much of that at all

  81. I hope this one has dinosaurs too

  82. Am I the only one who remembers Pratt`s character less… funny?

    Just look at him running. WTF is that? He was in the freaking navy, and now he is shaking his hands like a complete coward. I just can`t take it seriously.

    I`m disappointed so far.

  83. With title like "Fallen Kingdom" I hope to see a bunch of reptilian warriors

  84. You would think the director would had done another take and not use the one where Pratt’s voice cracked like he’s hitting puberty lol

  85. Is that the girl from black mirror

  86. Wait why does it say trailer Friday when every other sneak peek says Thursday

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