John the Dog Painter -Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

John the Dog Painter -Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

This has become ready as a German shepherd and this has become Doberman and this one Dalmatian. Hey you look smart in this print and color. You too do not look bad, it’s a nice color. Yes friends everyone is looking nice except that the smell of this paint is something odd. Yes now everyone get ready, your lives are going to change. You all will go to nice houses and will eat good food. From today onwards say bye to the litter food of the streets. This person is talking good about us, our lives will change and become better. Boss, you have brought these dogs but if someone doubts their breed then? Till the time someone comes to know our job will be done. It’s not the time for talks but of action. Buy Dogs, foreign breed of dogs with full guarantee. Listen Dog seller, how much is this Dalmatian Dog for? I like it. Not much, take any dog for rupees one thousand only. Ok, I will take it, take this money. I need this German shepherd, John always gets away from me, now this dog will catch him. Take this your German shepherd. Hey I want this dog, rough and tough just like me. You have selected he best dog, looking at you it seems you are a Boxer. And see this dog is called the Boxer Dog. Remember one thing, these are foreign breeds dogs so never bathe them with water. I have twenty years’ experience of buying and handling dogs, If someone wants to know about it ask me. Let’s go we will all meet during morning walk. Patlu look here I have brought this fine Dalmatian Dog. Chingam Sir, Boxer brother, Jhatka, Ghasitaram all have purchased a dog each. This dog does not look like a Dalmatian from any angle. Don’t feel bad about Patlu’s words, he always has the habit of doubting everyone. Come my lovely doggy. Ok, first go and give the doggy a good bath. No, we cannot bathe him, he is very delicate. His prior owner has told us that if we bathe him he will catch cold. Patlu what happened? Why did you scream so loudly? Motu look here your Dalmatian’s color has changed in day time. Sorry Patlu! This is all my fault. We were sitting in the tea shop. Oh! So this way that man tricked you all. Let it be, what has happened has happened no first we will have to trace that person and catch him. Now you only do something, my brain does not work on an empty stomach. Idea! Let’s go to Chingam Sir. Hey you are a Boxer doggy, you also have to learn Boxing, come my tiger. Boxer Dogs do boxing also! Boxer dogs only do biting. Hey what is this? How did its color come off? The same way as our doggy’s color came off. Ok Doggy from today you are a police doggy. Both of us will eat together, drink water together. And we will go on rounds together. You always have to be in discipline just like a police inspector. Both of us are brothers now, I will go and bring water. Oh my god! What have you done? You have eaten my food. You yourself are eating tasty food and giving me a dry bone to eat. Oh my god! This doesn’t look like foreign breeds. Chingam sir did your dog’s color come off or not? I don’t know about the color but the dog’s behavior is not good. Look! The color has come off? Oh my lord! This is a stray dog. Hey my doggy’s color has also come off. Oh my lord! My twenty years’ experience has also failed this time around. I won’t leave that salesman Now you see how a salesman has fooled you all by saying these are foreign breed dogs. These dogs are also good but all of you have been tricked so for that we have to find that salesman. But where do we find him? Listen Jhumruu in these patches we look very bad. Neither will we remain stray nor foreign breed. That man has tricked these people. You are right, these people look good. That man painted us all to make profit out of us. And at the same time he has taken away our originality too. Listen doggies you all eat these Samosas, you all might be feeling hungry. If you just take us to the person who has conned us all than we ourselves will take care of him. Yes and if we find him than we will make a lovely dog house for you all. Listen everyone, let’s take these persons to meet that salesman. We also have back-stabbed them for our own good. Long live! Patlu look the dog is calling us, thank you Doggy. Oh! My doggies have come back to me, very good. The world says rightly that Doggies are the best friends of Humans. My friends have come back to me, now I will paint you again and sell you to another party. Than you will come back than I will repaint you and sell to third party. Like this our business will thrive very fast. We will get 100 percent return on zero investment. Boss, it’s not good to ask for more. Why only 100 % return John, we will give you 200% return. We will give you back with interest. Where did you all fall from? What type of doggies are you? You are attacking your trainer. I had not trained you to do this. John now quickly you tell the doggies in which color would you like to be painted? No! I do not want to get painted in any color, Chingam Sir, catch these doggies, save me, please. John it is impossible to get away from the web of these doggies.

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