Jiffpom – The fastest dog on two paws – Meet The Record Barkers

Jiff is the latest addition to the Guinness World Records family He’s a Pomeranian from Grayslake Illinois but now he’s relocated to the LA area, so we’re really excited about Jiff’s talents So we’ve come to LA to present him in person officially with his Guinness World Records titles Hi, Jiff. I’m Jamie. It’s nice to meet you He holds two incredible records one being the fastest time to cover ten meters on his hind legs As well as the fastest time to cover five meters on his front legs. Well, Jiff is a natural performer. He loves the attention He’s a big ham and that’s why Hollywood is perfect for him Jiff’s favorite place is Hollywood Boulevard He loves nothing more than walking up and down the Walk of Fame and of course he gets lots of attention when he does it So Jiff is a very unique dog. He’s very independent. He has a lot of incredible talents, but sometimes He just likes a good run in the park Jiff the dog is one of the many incredible animal records that we have in this year’s Guinness World Records 2015 edition it’s their 60th anniversary edition and it hits shelves September 10

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