Jenny Slate – Writing “Little Weirds” and Creating “Stage Fright” | The Daily Show

Jenny Slate – Writing “Little Weirds” and Creating “Stage Fright” | The Daily Show

-Welcome to the show.
-Thank you for having me. And congratulations on,
uh, having not one, but two new projects out
at the same time that are getting great reviews
from people who are watching
and reading them. Let’s talk first about the book,
Little Weirds. -Mm-hmm. Um, it’s interesting
because you say you didn’t want to write a book
about, you know, uh, you know, your time in comedy, you didn’t want
to write about SNL. You know,
you-you just wanted to write about your weird little world. And I was like,
“What does that mean?” But when you read it,
you’re like, you have a very strange mind. It is a beautiful mind,
but it is a strange mind, and… I mean, like, you-you write
about, like, the idea of being born as a croissant,
for instance. Sure. Sure, that’s right. Um… yeah, that’s right.
That’s right. I almost jumped on the fact that
you said, “a beautiful mind,” which is, of course,
a movie about a-a… from the ’90s,
about a mentally-ill man, um… Oh, no. No, no, no, no. -No, I just mean, it’s a
beaut… -That’s why I… just -clarifying super quick.
-Oh, no, no, no, no, no. -Yeah.
-A… just a beautiful mind. -Well, no…
-A mind that is beautiful. I should… yes.
Trademark, no trademark. -Undo that. -I mean,
great Russell Crowe performance. -Right. Right.
-He’s in… I mean, and actually, I mean, not to get us off topic
right away, but when I was writing
this book, I was like, “I’m just gonna write, like,
whatever I’m thinking about,” -Right. -“…because
that is what is interesting to me right now.” But as I started to assemble it,
I actually said, “Is this gonna be, like, “in the movie
A Beautiful Mind” -Wow. -“…when he’s like,
‘I solved the problem. Come to my office.'”? And then the people all come,
and he’s, like, in a shack in the woods,
and he’s, like, you know, -tacked up trash to the wall.
-Right. And he’s like,
“Do you see it?!” Because it is. It is a…
it is a collection of very strange stories that I
don’t think anybody has written. Like, ghost pirates.
I don’t think anybody’s written -about ghost pirates before.
-(laughing) This is, like, a thing
where you were just like: Yeah, I’m just gonna write
about ghost pirates and then Valentine’s Day
and my life and this thing and that thing,
and then, like… Like, is…
is that how your mind works? Is that just
what’s always going on? You know what, I do think it’s,
like, pretty, um, various inside,
and-and that is, like, the scope of my imagination,
but part of writing this book was, like, you know,
sometimes if… if you’re… especially if you’re a comedian,
they’re like, -“We want you to write
comedic essays -Right. about maybe the famous people
that you’ve met,” or something,
or-or where you’ve been, and for me, I wrote this at
a time when I kind of felt like I needed to get
to know myself again. And so, um,
I started to write little pieces just about, like,
what I was observing in myself, and the piece you’re talking
about– the croissant– it comes from this weird feeling
that I’ve been having, like, for over a decade that was
just a wish that some… I would be walking
down the street and people would see me
and be like, “She’s probably from France.” (laughter) You know? I don’t know.
I don’t know what that means. -I love it.
-No. Yeah, I mean, it-it means, like,
you know, she’s classy, she’s… she’s just over it. (laughter) I think that is the best
description for a French person -(French accent): I don’t care.
Yeah. -I’ve ever heard. They do generally seem
like they’re over it. -Yeah. -They’ve done it all,
and they are over it all. Yeah, like, Fre… I mean, my…
my feeling about French ladies is, like, oh,
they just don’t care. Like, you have to win
their attention. Whereas, like,
me as an American Jenny, I’m like…
(snorting) -(laughter)
-Like I… like… “Do you want to talk to me? Like, let’s never go to bed.” Like, you know, even when
this interview is over, I’m gonna follow you around
and be like… -Oh. Oh, wow, thank you.
-Like, one more. Let’s talk about the stand-up
as well, because, um, your mind translates
completely differently in the stand-up, and that’s
what I think I really enjoyed, is, like, the book is fun
and it’s quirky and, like, you play with it
and it really is heartfelt, The stand-up has that feeling
but in a totally different way. You’ve done something
that I haven’t seen before. You’ve got your stand-up,
but then you have, like, a documentary that’s happening
parallel to the stand-up. So you’re telling stories,
and then we see the real-life, like, backstory
to these stories. One of the most adorable things
in the special is when we see
your grandmothers, and, like, your grands are just,
like, adorable, and then you imitate your grand,
which is, like, makes you adorable,
’cause you’re doing the grand, and then it’s just, like,
it’s a magical thing. Why did you choose
to do it like that? I think, um… You know what?
It’s sort of an extension of being like,
“Mom, will you come with me?” (laughs): Like, if you’re afraid
of doing something, you’re like,
“I don’t want to walk,” you know, like you’re a kid
in a restaurant and you have to go to
the bathroom, and you’re like, “Will someone come with me?”
Um, I think it was, like, it’s time,
I felt like, okay, I… I’ve been doing stand-up
for almost 15 years, and I’ve never done a special,
because I don’t like the challenge
of having to get it perfect. Um, and, like,
touring the country and just making your material,
like, you know, sort of, like, bulletproof. And I, I’m very improvisational
on stage, and I thought, like, there’s
kind of no place for me. And then I thought, “Well,
there’s a place for me, um, there’s a place for me
to show where I come from.” And that’s what my special
should be like, so, um, I decided to do the set in
the way that I normally do it, which is, like,
there are bullet points, but it’s-it’s improvised. And then to show that, um,
I come from these people who are storytellers and, like, strange, silly
sweethearts in their own way, and that I’m kind of from that, but somehow shot out the side.
(laughs) Has anyone, has anyone said to
you after watching the special, “Hey, we should get
your grandmother into standup as well”? -Because she’s really funny.
-Yeah. I mean, they’re both
really funny. I was just saying
to my parents yesterday that one of the funniest jokes
my nana Connie, -who looks like Nancy Reagan,
-Yes. Right. with eagle talons, um, one of
the funniest things she said was that she turned
to my other grandmother– and they’re both, like,
a million years old– um, and was like,
“Oh, no, Rochelle, we forgot our rollerblades.” Like, okay. It’s just, yeah.
It’s quirky, it’s different,
it’s interesting. It’s-It’s a new way
of expressing yourself. And one thing I find fascinating
is you-you’ve been really open talking about, like, you know,
your anxiety, and how you were struggling
at some point with, like, your place in the world
and just, like… (stammers) -you know, harnessing your mind
and your emotions. -Yeah. Has this helped you?
Writing it out, you know, doing the special out there, has it given you
a sense of relief? It really has, because I think
there’s a sense that if you’re going to put yourself
into the public eye -you have to be really tough.
-Mm-hmm. Or, like, when people hear
that I’m a standup comedian, they’re like, “Ah, that must be
so hard because of heckling.” And, like, I mean,
I hate to jinx myself, but I-I actually
haven’t been heckled. Um, because I’m usually just
a person up there talking, but I’ve kept it
really small scale. And I think, for me,
writing this book, you know, first,
I just wanted to, like, be really, like,
muscular about it. And suddenly I was like, “I just want to write a book
that is sweet, that anybody could kind of,
like, open to any page and feel that they are talking
to a dear friend. -Right. -And that means, like,
a reflection of intimacy and, um, and being allowed
to share sorrow without making it be heavy. And, um, and so
I put this book here, kind of like into the culture
to be like, there’s a lot
that hurts right now. Wherever– Whatever side of
the– whatever line you’re on, like, there’s just
a lot of bruising, and, um, I would like
to just offer a little gift for relief
for myself and whoever wants it. Well, I think you’ve done that
with the book, and the special is just
as fantastic. -Thank you so much for joining
us on the show. -Thank you. Really wonderful. Stage Fright is currently
streaming on Netflix. And Little Weirds
is available now. Jenny Slate, everybody.

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