Is it ok to carry a cat like a baby?

Is it ok to carry a cat like a baby?

Hi, my name is Dr. Uri Burstyn I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver BC and I’d like to welcome you to my series of practical skills for pet owners Hi guys, I’m here with Mr. Pirate and Lancelot’s just hanging out with us to talk to you about something that many of you asked me about on my how to pick up a cat video so I got lots of great comments on that video and one of them was a lot of people are saying that they like to baby carry their cat and Asking that’s okay and just generally sharing with me that they love to carry their cat like a baby. Now I think I know what you guys mean and I wanted to just address that a little but first Please forgive me. If the sound is a little bit uneven on this. I think Mr. Pirate’s bottom is covering my lapel mic So if you hear a little bit sound rustling, I’m afraid that cannot be helped But I’m sure you understand that this cat needs to be on my shoulder right now and potentially all the time so, baby carry My understanding is what people have asked me about whether it’s okay to baby Carry a cat what they really mean is, is it okay to do this? And, hey little guy, Okay That’s over there So clearly the answer is yes. It is okay to baby carry a cat, now Obviously he and pirate have a very trusting relationship I would not do this with any cat that I don’t completely trust and let me show you why See that not so nice if the cat’s unhappy so obviously have no defenses against Feline assault also, if Pirate freaks out and starts to scramble He’s probably gonna scratch me up a little bit. So the cat has to trust me I have to trust the cat and then this is just fine Now the one caveat I would say that if your cat has back pain they may not appreciate this You have to be very supportive on the bottom. And and if your cat has a sore back they may resent this I mean they may not find this superr comfortable but With aside from that one caveat me This is a very good way to carry a cat you trust and a cat that trusts you I probably wouldn’t use this in the clinic to restrain any of my patients and I certainly wouldn’t do this to a cat that I’m not so sure of or perhaps in a noisy environment like on the street where you know Any little sound can startle them and they’ll scramble up because I really don’t fancy getting Getting clawed in the face as you can imagine But there you have it cat baby carry Pirate approves, only for short periods of time though He really doesn’t like to stay like this too long. He’s already looking for an escape path But this is just fine for short periods Thank you very much for watching. Hope that clear that up and thank you for the, all the lovely comments on the videos Please keep them coming Thank you very much for watching please click like and subscribe Feel free to share this video with your friends and if you want to support our good work Please check out our web store. We have some adorable squish the cat merchandise there for you Please give it a look and once more thank you very much for watching my videos

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  1. He's so nice… I am subscribing this channel.

  2. My cat used to sleep on my lap when he was like 2-3 months old and now he is 7 and hates to be carried like a baby.

  3. My cat is totally fine with this. It's the only way he know's how he is carried.

  4. he’s so nice i can’t

  5. With my cat, there is no such thing as baby-carry. She will have nothing to do with that.

  6. this is a good cat man

  7. Toto Wolff is that you?

  8. If cats allow you to carry them like a baby you can do it. Any cat owner that has a cat that won't let you know how impossible it is, I can carry my cat like that for 20 seconds and if it wants off it will get off.

  9. Answer is yes if they trust you

  10. Saw one of your videos on Tumblr… they were reffering to you as the Bob Ross of vets… 100% perfect description of you

  11. My cat doesn't like being held like that. Only way I can hold her is one hand at the shoulder, one at the bottom, cat looking upwards. I don't know why, but she wanted it like that from kitten times on. Holding her like that we do some quite artistic modern dance moves, me singing, cat purring.

  12. 1:33 Oh yes! As a kid I once picked up a friend's cat (with which I was pretty close), and I can tell you:
    10 years later you can still spot two scars on my throat from that idea.
    Even if you think cat trusts you, try it very carefully first.
    Some cats also just really don't like that position no matter how close your relationship is with them.
    (Source: Lived with cats for 12 years, 4 of those with 10-15 cats in the household.)

  13. He really looks like a cat thought

  14. For some reason when i carry my cat like this he rests his paws on my face

  15. I really appreciate this guy 🙂

  16. who are those people, who gives this videos dislikes? Lovely cats, cool optimitic guy talking about them, such a nice cute video

  17. The muggle Newt Scamander

    Also goes see if I can hold my cat like a baby

    I tend to hold her like how an evil villain holds a cat (because she’s white, with just black ears)

  18. My cat likes to go under my shirt and sit there

  19. F E L I N E A S S A U L T

  20. I will carry my baby like the baby he is and nobody is going to stop me

  21. My cat would let me baby carry him for about 5 seconds then he'll climb on my shoulder and just stay there.

  22. my cat loves being carried like a baby, sometimes, she sometimes just turns around instead

  23. Some of my cats are fine with it and some aren't. One of my cats is a total chonker and he has strained breathing if I carry him like that so I don't do it anymore with him.

  24. I just carry them like a sack of potatoes; over a shoulder.

  25. "Forgive me if the sound is a little uneven on this. I think Mr. Pirate's bottom is covering the mic.."

    That's him telling his 650 Thousand viewers that his cat's current position is more important to him than what sound they get.


  26. How do you pick up your cat when it’s sleeping my cat is super lazy and always sleeping and when we need to leave I don’t know what to do or how to pick her up
    Please help

  27. that cat were jealous !!!

  28. My cat never fight against humans

  29. I love this man more than most of my family.

  30. For my cat, literally the only way I can hold her. She just sort of switches off and starts purring. Hold her any other way and she's extremely keen to get free of you.

    But she's a bit underdeveloped and was taken from her mom too early when we adopted her. Never learned to fight either, so if she's unhappy with the hold she'll just gently push on your face with her front paws and you let her go.

  31. Mr. Pirate is the best! Such beautiful stripes, too. <3 Thanks for these videos—I know my cats will tolerate but generally don't like being held, so learning how to make the experience better for them is greatly appreciated.

  32. clicks on video

    me: please please please please please please please please

  33. My cat likes standing on my shoulders, but sometimes she forgets to put her nails away and it hurts, but other than that it's really cute and now she jumps up on my shoulders whenever she wants to

  34. thank you i have cats since i can remember and always love to do that with them! now that i know this is completely safe i ll do it even more 😀


  36. S Q U I S H T H A T C A T

  37. what beautiful chonky boys ;v;

  38. Black and white cat is nosey as hell

  39. Now Just remember !!!!((squash that cat))!!!!

  40. His butt is on the mic.
    His butt.
    A cat butt.

  41. I would die for Mr. Pirate

  42. My cat is my baby, i can do whatever i want, include chewing their cute lil paws

  43. me, reading the title: i hope the answer is yes

  44. Oh this cat, well he's just gonna a hangout while I do this video. ???
    I love your kitties and your videos, keep up the relevant cat related videos! ??

  45. CUUUTTTEEEE!!!! ????

  46. My cat Loved sitting on my shoulder-probably due to my 6'8" frame. He could look out the top windows at his realm.

  47. I had been doing it wrong for life. Thanks for the video.

  48. My cat stays forever on baby carry.

  49. I'm glad it's ok to do so but I still prefer carrying my cat on my shoulder.

  50. love your videos! please make more! lol

  51. I never really questioned if I should hold my cats like that, I just did. Then again, they have an insane amount of trust in me. I can do whatever I want, and they tolerate it. And, if Isil had his way, I'd be carrying him around all day long, but since he's part Maine Coon, he weighs almost 6 kg.

  52. Not only does my cat want me to carry her baby-style, she also wants me to blow raspberries on her tummy.

  53. This gentleman is a combination of Mr Rogers and Bob Ross. I love the respect for the kitties! ???

  54. Our Maine Coon cat loves to be held like this by me. But no petting of the belly allowed. Just carrying. 😀

  55. Thanks so much for the video, ur videos are super educative and very explanatory.

  56. Have two cats, one loves being held like a baby, the other one hates it and doesn't really like being picked up at all, we think it's because she's asthmatic, she will climb onto my lap but it has to be on her terms.

  57. Was it how to pick up a cat, or how to pick up a cougar cuz those are completely different videos

  58. Finally done with the baby sitting

    Now I can get back to the shoulder

  59. My cat can't sleep without me doing it.

  60. I've been privileged to live with 12 cats over my life so far. Only one liked being held this way. Is that similar ratio to what other people find ?

  61. 0:12 Lancelot: "Man I want to be up on that shoulder so bad right now."

  62. Squish tha-

    ”If you're wondering how to carry a cat like a baby, you're not alone. As veterinarian Dr. Uri Burstyn explains on his YouTube channel, one of the most common questions he's been getting from pet owners lately has been whether it's OK to carry a cat like a baby. Considering the adorable trend of people wrapping their kitties in blankets and calling them "purritos," we can't say we're all that surprised.”

    ”Can you carry a cat like a baby?
    The short answer is yes, you absolutely can — as long as you do it properly. The long answer is that carrying a cat the right way means using both the right physical technique and sharing the right emotional relationship with the feline to do so.”

    ”In terms of the actual baby-carrying of the cat, all you have to do is gently pick up the cat, put the kitty on his or her back, and cradle the little darling in the crook of your arm. But the major caveat to this simple technique is that you should only do this to a cat with whom you have a trusting relationship. "I would not do this with any cat that I don't completely trust," Cat.

  63. "feline assault" lol

  64. Hey it's the 'squish that cat' dude!

  65. I baby carry by 50 pound dog

  66. This is my favorite channel ever

  67. This man is like Mr Rogers to cats.

  68. I Love you Dr. Uri ❤

  69. Im carring my cat like a scarf actualy like around my neck and she actualy enjoys it

  70. i am literallt cying. actual fuckiing TEARS in my eyes. i love you, man thank you thannk you

  71. Both of this cats look JUST like mine!

  72. SqUweEzs Da cKAt

  73. I'm so glad that Baby Carrying isn't bad bc I've had a few people question my choice to carry my cat that way. She rarely dislikes it, mostly when shes over stimulated or if there's guests over, which makes sense. But shes a big baby and doesn't mind that I cradle her like a baby most of the time lol

  74. I wanna pinch Pirate's kitty cheeks.

  75. i dont even have a cat why did i watch this

  76. This is so wholesome

  77. This is the quality content I subscribed for



  80. Me see Kat me tap video!

  81. I'm always baby carrying my cat ?


  83. Love this guy! SQUISH THAT CAT!

  84. Seeing this I was so afraid the answer would be no!


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