Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

Introducing Bengal cat to a new kitten for first time

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  1. Silly music from the Benny Hill show?

  2. Introduce = initial = first #grammarpatrol

  3. I see a lot of grown ass men typing like 9. Year old kids???

  4. Aww this is way too cute

  5. Well his 9 now or dead

  6. 9:27 už Veľký Priaťelia?????????????

  7. Love this enchanting video!

  8. This is so Interesting! I have 4 cats and one is a Bengal. He is always dominate. He is related to 2 of the other cats. The one he had the most trouble with is another male unrelated to him. I would be petrified to bring in a kitten!

  9. This is one very aggressive kitten!

  10. The end was so cute <3


  12. I play Piano still love it

  13. 9:04 – How about a face full of my feet? Now, I gotcha! LOL

  14. Such a heartwarming video, at least if you watch the entire thing

  15. Freya: be grateful that I am showing you my soft side..

    Teego: is that a threat?? I'll have you know all the kittens worship me, I am their GOD! They will come to me and fight for me Freya.

  16. actually the owner had no idea what Teego's body language was telling… actually she was trying to attack and frighten freya.

    she left her safety place to downstairs bcos her sensors had already told her about the intruder's presence.
    actually it's Freya who is humble hearted afterwards…Teego just tries to be boss even though she can't.

  17. 9:50 when you ask your girlfriend if she’s alright after your fight and she says yes:

  18. 1:58 "slippery floors can be awkward" thunk

  19. Love it! Great stuff! Animals should rule the world – lets face it, we humans haven't been doing a very good job. Wars, bombs,abuse,politics et al. Love the energy of animals!

  20. I'd SPANK that bengal! There certain things I allow!

  21. Freya…Leatn to BE NICE!

  22. I don't know why freaya growls so much. Even during playing

  23. Ugh freya, stop playin with your food

  24. How delightful and precious! Thank you so much for sharing the joy that is yours.

  25. Bengals' seriousness and Orange Tabbies' buffoonery make for such a fun household dynamic once they get used to each other. Me and my boy Roy lived with a roommate and her bengal for a year and a half and they became the best of friends.

  26. I love cats and kittens. My last kitten is 1 1/2 yrs now and she would ride in the car with me to the grandkids. She is so fun. I have an ancient 25 yr old tabby. She doesn’t do much but sleep and eat. She’s had a long life.

  27. I wish I would have watched this video when I was introducing a kitten to my cat! It really helps explain a lot of the body language!

  28. In walks a dog, then what happens?

  29. The voice over and Winifred Atwell backgound music were both annoying (suggests the name of an Elton John Album) …a nice view otherwise the kitten is a delight…but that piano is soooo naff

  30. That boisterous kitten brought some freshness and life back to that old curmudgeon.

  31. The music is perfect with thes bouncing cats. What is it ?

  32. 9:04 Holy shit Teego hit that combo tho

  33. Ears back and screaming is not a sign of play fighting… It's a sign of real fighting… Freya is pissed at that point

  34. Music sounds like it's from the game Cooking Mama

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