Injured Racing Pigeon / Verletzte Brieftaube / Paloma Herida (2012)

Injured Racing Pigeon / Verletzte Brieftaube / Paloma Herida (2012)

She was twice time first, but this time she wasn’t successful.
She didn´t make the first, but brings the medical card. After removing all the feathers,
we will wet the area well with a cream,
so the skin becomes soft again.
Here you can see the burned skin. Here you see that she exposed to high temperatures,
scorched skin raw … It is a moisturizer
for softening the skin.>Jose:
This was an attack by a hawk.

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  1. poor little bird. Godbless her. How did it happen?

  2. By the looks of it, it's probably caused by falcons or hawks. Those birds eat pigeons alive by tearing a hole in their tummy. :L

  3. looks like a hawk got it
    it happened a few times when I had pigeons
    I lost 4 good birds over the damn things

  4. that is good. Lovely looking bird she is.

  5. what did you put on the wound?

  6. nice video thank you, you reminded me of my beloved pigeon, when somebody shot it with a sling shot and cut the Crop open, and it continued to fly untill it landed, there was no food and no water in its Crop, the cut was so severe it was about 3 inches long, I sewed it with a thread and needle, I did not have antibiotic so I put the needle in fire to disinfect it and it worked the pigeon healed within 3 weeks and started to fly again.

  7. Just great hou you fixed her/him! I hope he/she lives many more years!

  8. thats pigeon called greencell here in the phillipines

  9. Didn't it hurt the pigeon when you sewed it w/o any pain-killers?

  10. Hi, thank u for treating this beautiful animal. But I don't understand why you say it has burnt skin. It looks like a ripped opened skin. What it a moisturer (as in for face or hand) or an ointment with medicine in it? If so, what kind? Thanks.

  11. one of my pigeons hit an airrel cnt spell it and ripped open its chest and when it eat the corn fell out the wound i put it on its own for a week and it was ok pigeons are as hard as nails and i dident sow it up

  12. where can i find it ''the tube/cream''?

  13. Awwwwwww poor thing :"(

  14. Imo you are better off leaving the pigeon recover by itself. One of mine had it's crop torn completely open by a hawk. So much so that the food fell out when it tried to eat. But it recovered 100% all on it's own.

  15. I like your videos bro, I wish I could do that, thanks for showing us the other side of pigeons. I once raised two baby pigeons that I found under a bridge I mouth fed them huhuhu they were too little, I tought them how to fly out of the third floor window and come back, they stayed with me about 3 months, but I decided to let them go so I closed the window and they slept on the cliff for about 2 weeks and then never seen them again,sad ending.

  16. My pigeon was attacked by a hawk and the wound was horrific and because I didn't find out about it for three days it became infected. I packed it with green clay and essential oils. I am sending you the video as a response, hoping it will help others in this situation. The pigeon recovered fully. All the best from France, Pavlovafowl aka Sue

  17. I hope it's okay by now


  19. My dad has had fancy pigeons for over 50 Yea. Notice how calm the Bird is in his hands. Pigeon breeders are very protective of the pigeons and take care of there birds. Its not a hobby to them but maybe a tradition passed down by fathers to sons. I can just tell by the tone and handle of the bird that this guy cares a lot. He reminds me of my father who has nursed back lots of birds that where victims to hawks. So lay off this guy means no harm. He loves his birds.

  20. u just hurt the bid by ripping the feathers and stuff

  21. I feel bad for this pigeon.

  22. ومتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتت

  23. Mashallah Allah will grant you peace for helping these birds and people chillout he knows what he is doing , it might be painfull buy its for its sake of living


  25. allah please help a pigeon !

  26. I had no idea pigeons could recover from such a bad wound! Amazing! I don't own any but I think they are beautiful and cute.

  27. what is the name of the moisturizer used to clear the wound

  28. you fuckin stupid? you cant do shit like that ugly mexican man

  29. Don't worry it's just one small cut…. Holy fart it's huge and ugly

  30. damn.. the pain.. kill it.. give it a painless swift death

  31. The skin that he's removing is dead skin and needs to be removed for new skin to grow over. Its amazing what these birds can come back from after being injured from, yes by a hawk.

  32. I fly Birmingham rollers in Middlesbrough uk and I get the peregrine falcon at my kit most days the have been riped up bad and I must say the pigeon is tough as old boots.

  33. I'm happy to see the remarkable healing. Thanks for sharing!

  34. I am so happy it is well,

  35. can i call i doctor for my pigeons

  36. o shit i think it hurt's like hell

  37. omg poor pigeon,im happy it well

  38. lafsssss only an Aussie would say that …lol….i love it.

  39. Great work man! 😉

  40. why you did not stitch it?

  41. god bless your soul, sir… my favorite bird died yesterday. we rescued him from the wild one and a half years ago and he was my best friend. when i went to the vet yesterday, the vet didn't want to do anything, even give me one piece of advice

  42. excellent…..can you please tell me the name,type of tube cream you used.thankyou.

  43. We doesn't remember more what kind of cream brand we used.
    The cream was against combustion and to give moisture to the skin, because the skin wasn't only torn also it was burned.

  44. i feel it for that bird man

  45. عشان المسيقى دس لايك

  46. Hey you said victims of hawks? I have this one pigeon, who was attacked by a hawk, earlier today. Seems (from what I googled) that the hawk cut her "crop". Do you know anyway of fixing that? My humane society said that they were going to put her down. And my wild life rescue center, doesn't really care enough for me to bring her in. I just want to do something to help this poor pigeon. But if it has to come down to euthanizing her, then I guess I have no choice.

  47. That ain't no hawk. The birds flew into wire.

  48. Don't put cream on internal wounds, just sow it as close to shut as possible with a fish hook and line the bird would survive guess it did anyway. Wish I could take pain like that.

  49. god bless you my friend!

  50. You did a great thing saving that pigeon's life as it's wound healed. A predatory animal attacked that poor bird

  51. donde se encuentra el club en hannover?????

  52. To me it looks like a precision cut and the burn of a big chunk of breast meat, would indicate it hit wires, not hawk strike, if hawk, it would have been much more ratty damage, just sayin…….Good job on the repair, what was the cream you used, any antibiotics in it or just moisturizer as stated in video?

  53. تلاهخ9هععخغن

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