If ALL Mobs Could Be Pets – Minecraft

If ALL Mobs Could Be Pets – Minecraft

Golden Armor Mojang Resort Hey Jeb you know what You know what my dream is? Look at those squids Imagine You could pet one And surf on it Ya add hostile mobs too And make it possible to ride them Alright People! Listen up! We decided to pimp Minecraft! From now on you can tame EVERY MOB! That inculdes… Irongolem, Magma Cube Squid, Wither, Magma cube, Blaze, Toilets Many more but also… The Enderdragon Pet There is only of a kind! The owner will be the most powerful Good luck and have fun! Did we tame it? You won’t tame anything today Hi big guy! I know what you desire Is that pizza? It sure is What the heck? Oh didn’t you guys know? You can tame any mob easily With Pizza! It’s over for you You have nowhere else to go I win No, I won’t die a noob! You will never kill me! With the new Mob-Pets update Igot myself the best pet In Minecraft A SQUIDPET! So long Loser! Where are you going? Told you I win Hey guys! Please let me be your friend We can play prince and princess together! We can kiss each other and stuff! No Please guys pleaseee No go away! You are not going anywhere! Please stooop Leave my friend alone! OMGit’s my friendy!! He came to save mee What’s wrong with its face? Kill them dragon Kill them! Well this is what would happen to the guys in the video :p

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  1. I saw hero brine

  2. I could tame a dragon with beef but it can attack from distance

  3. How they can every mob in minecraft

  4. Hero brine was in 3:16

  5. Pls at the next version of minecraft pls add albino animals exception for birds

  6. My brother would be dead if I got a pet wither

  7. Hewobine undew da twee et 3:30 I meant do sey hewobine es undew da twee et 3:19 lol what do you think guys on how I speak do you think it's funny if it is thumbs up my comment and say yes oh yeah and subscribe to @Golden armor

  8. I saw exploding tnt youtuber

  9. I saw herobrine behind a tree when the noobs were fighting each other

  10. 0:54 iz dat exploding TNT

  11. you know some versions of minecraft have already herobrine

  12. 3:19 herobrine is here

  13. Who sal exploding tnt at 0.54

  14. 3:20 herobrine is watching

  15. Herobrine spotted

  16. Golden armor I had app called Addons and I got pet creeper addon

  17. If diamond and iron disappear

  18. Yo golden armor I spotted herobrine

  19. Hey there is exploding TNT

  20. Can we tame either storm

  21. Thats my brother sorry guys ;-;

  22. I saw hero brine when the noobs were fighting

  23. I saw Herobrine at 3:18 behind the tree when the noobs where fighting


    You idiots

  25. Lol who's watching this when ravager was added?

  26. pls mojang do that update

  27. I've always wanted the ender dargon to be my pet…

  28. 1:36 what was that music

  29. I don't know your it just said golden Ar…so your Chanel is great I watch this at first time date:20.month. Year:2019

  30. And also I saw herrobrine noobs were fighting and when the noob chase the noob I saw herobrine at 3:18 TO 20

  31. I saw herobrine at 3:18

  32. If you saw Herobrine comment on this or like

  33. if minecraft had heroes

  34. I spotted herobrine in this

  35. So,all mobs will pet minecraft!

  36. 99%: I saw herobrine when the noobs were fighting!!
    1%: normal comments

  37. How the flip does notch have the dragon egg already he said there was only one of a kind 1:12 listen to his speech

  38. I saw Herobrine when de noobs is fighting!!

  39. that song from notch and jeb is in roblox tower of hell

  40. 0:54 who else saw ExplodingTNT?

  41. I have seen herobrine in old version playing ? and I kill him?? but ge returned again????? then I was a proo???????????????

  42. I saw herobrine in 3:18

  43. Wait,did Jeb just said U can tame toilets

  44. 3:19 I saw Herobrine in tree

  45. I saw the herobrine in 3:18

  46. wow i wish you can train a ravager

  47. I saw herobrine next to the tree when the noobs where fighting

  48. on 3:18 minutes u can see herobrian next to the tree

  49. Behind the tree is herobrine

  50. its impossible to not find comments about herobrine in the comments


  52. I did spot herobrine

  53. I saw herobrine in 3:18 above the tree

  54. I saw hero brine if you saw him leave a like

  55. A noob ender dragon seriously

  56. It will be cool if you have a pet ender dragon and 2 wither and 10 dogs

  57. Did u see herobrine in 3:19

  58. Saw herobrine at 9:11– 9:12

  59. Hey I would pet enderdragon

  60. I wasn't even looking for Herobrine and I saw him

  61. Iron golem is pet. Because you can use leads on them.

  62. Friend:i killed your wolf lolz
    Me:(tames ender dragon and hits friend)STONKS

  63. Why is everyone talking about herobrine under the tree no one cares its just a hidden easter egg that no one has to be super excited about

  64. I saw herobrine when the two noobs were fighting with shovel behind the tree

  65. 3:19 H E R O B R I N E!

  66. When the nooobs were fighting I SAW HEROBRINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG

  67. i also see herobrine!!!!!!!

  68. and.. i have bad news i can only hit da ender dragons TAILLLLLL…..

  69. Okay, so no one sees the freaking herobrine in the vid?!?! THIS IS A MINECRAFT DISCOVERY!!!!!

  70. Yeah herobrine is at 3:01

  71. I mean herobrine is at 3:18 under the jungle tree while the noob chased the other noob

  72. I saw ExplodingTNT at 5:9 while notch and that guy was telling them the New update

  73. I mean i saw explodingTNT at :54 while notch and that guy was telling the New update

  74. In 0:54 who saw exploding tnt


    9999999%: herobrine behind the tree

  76. I'd have a ravager as a pet

    So I can clear snow easier

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