How To Wash Fleece To Keep It Soft- Laundry Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

How To Wash Fleece To Keep It Soft- Laundry Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

how to wash fleece to keep it soft hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have any of
the softest fleece blankets in the world but sometimes you need to wash them and want them to stay soft look this
one got a big old dirt spot on and so I want to get that off you should always
try to wash your your garments or your clothes any time it gets a spot on it to try to
get it out as soon as possible so I’m going to take some of my liquid
detergent I’m going to rub it right on that spot
and the rest of the blanket isn’t really dirty I’m not going to add any
more soap to my machine I’m going to load in my blanket
because it’s fuzzy I’m not putting anything else in the washing machine with it
I don’t want the fuzz and lint to get on something else and I don’t want any
other things to rub against my blanket and roughen it up and make it so it
isn’t so pretty anymore and I’m going to put it on cold delicate on the shortest wash
cycle there is and i’m going to add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse
cycle because that is going to help it be fluffy make sure there’s no residue
in it and keep it soft because I’m only going to dry it for just a few minutes
I’m going to fluff up my fleece just for three to five minutes and then I’m going
to hang it up to dry the rest of the way so the fleece will stay soft and fluffy and just the way I
want it so if you have nice soft fuzzy fleece blankets jackets or vests or clothes
try washing them on gentle with white vinegar and see if they don’t stay nice and soft and fluffy like when they were new longer learn more at please
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  1. m going to try this method just dont want is to make it rough

  2. Would this work for a minky blanket

  3. What if you did wash it? how do u make it soft again?

  4. what if you don't add white viniger would it still work

  5. Would this work with a north face jacket

  6. would this work with sweatpants? I just bought these expensive Adidas pants that were so soft and comfy for one day then I washed it once and that went away:(

  7. Thank you so much. I've had this Steven Universe blanket made with 100% polyester. I haven't had a need to wash it until now since my baby brother spilled fruit juice on it. And I take very good care of my belongings no matter how old or new they are.

  8. Thank you so much!

  9. Do I put the vinegar in the detergent compartment?

  10. Do u put it in the dryer?

  11. Thank you, this was very helpful!

  12. Will Apple cider vinegar work as well ? 😊

  13. Do you add any detergent or just the half cup of white vinegar

  14. Thank you thank you so much this really helped me out big time do you have any more cleaning tips

  15. Can i use brown vinegar?

  16. Thanks, Granny. I sub'd, liked, and COMMENTED (big times!)

  17. Is there anyway you can restore a blanket like that, if it has hard soap spots?

  18. I love videos like these because I have autism and I hate the texture of certain things and these videos help alot thanks

  19. No fabric softener?

  20. Dose anybody know why fleece smells in a new dryer and im allergic to the smell of wash powder with fragrances I struggle to breath thay go in the dryer cleen then smell like burnt coconut iv tryed it on low heat its not as bad .why why why

  21. Would this work with a fleece blanket that used to be soft?

  22. Does it smell like vinegar

  23. Hi There. I also have a front load washer but it only allows, maybe 3 ounces of fabric softener
    to move through the machine. Where do you add 1/2 cup of vinegar so it will make it into
    the Rinse Cycle? Thanks so much!

  24. alaskan granny is hot granny

  25. How would you do this to the inside of a sweater .. It looks like it’s Sherpa lined or something but says 100% polyester inside . the outside is a dark grey and I want the white fluff inside to be white and clean again without ruining the sweater it’s a 200$ sweater I’m scared I’ll mess it up

  26. How do you fluff something into the dryer/washer and will this work on sherpas?? Also one of my blankets has a dried fabric softener spot on it how do I fix that and make the blanket soft too

  27. where do you add the vinger? just on the blanket or where you put the softener in this drawer?

  28. Hi! What about drying it? I have lots of fleecy blankets but one I just bought recently is my favorite right now. So how would I dry it? Low heat in the dryer or hang it up?

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