How to Travel with your Dog : Learn About Dog Breeds that are Travel Friendly

How to Travel with your Dog : Learn About Dog Breeds that are Travel Friendly

Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert Village
and in this video series we’re talking about how to travel with your dog. If you would
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So in this short clip we’re going to be talking about travel friendly dogs. What is
a travel friendly dog? I see it as a dog that you can take places that is comfortable with
moving around, traveling and also that interacts with its environment with other people in
an appropriate manner. One of the first things is you want to make sure that your dog is
comfortable getting in and out of and staying a crate. You should have begun this work at
home before you go. If you’re going on a trip, if you’re going on a trip in a car
and you’re going to bring the crate or if you’re going to flying you don’t want
to start training your dog to a crate a week before. They should be something that your
dog is used to at home comfortable with and is secure with. A secure way of traveling
with your dog in the car is to have your dog crated or seat belted. There are some states
where it’s the law to have your dog in some form of confinement if it’s in your car.
Make sure if you come from a state that doesn’t have that law and you’re traveling through
the states that might, you find out which states have that law and which don’t. So
again Ursa as you see gets into the car, she goes in her crate, she lies down, she settles,
she’s comfortable and she can drive in this situation in the crate for quite a long time.
If I’m in a hotel or friend’s house and I need to separate her I can bring the crate
into the house she’s comfortable with that. The other thing you want to have is the dog
who can quiet down and sit by your side… so let’s say I’m going to somebody’s
house for Thanksgiving and I’ve got my dog with me, the dog is well mannered so she doesn’t
have to be crated during dinner but at the same time I don’t want her checking out
all the other guests dinner around the table. I would like a dog who can sit down and just
rest by my side. You can teach your dog rest command that they lie down, stay by your side
until you are ready to get up, it’s quite important. Another thing you want to do is
make sure that your dog doesn’t counter surf. Counter surfing is going around and
jumping on tables and counter tops and stealing food. Any behaviour that might be obnoxious
to the people around you, you want to have your dog trained out of that. Of course these
are all things that you’ll want to have your dog doing every day in your own life
but you just want to make sure that if you’re going to travel with your pet you travel with
the pet with good manners.

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  1. one of my dogs LOVES to go for a ride, but she pukes :p so can't take her any where really. :/

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