How to Set Up Rabbit Hutches & Cages | Small Pets

How to Set Up Rabbit Hutches & Cages | Small Pets

Hello, my name is Jill Phillips, and I’m co-owner
of Squeals on Wheels, a traveling petting zoo and pony rides. My name is John Phillips. We have horses, miniature horses. We have miniature llamas and alpacas, chickens,
ducks. We have bearded dragons. Our website is It is an important decision to get a rabbit,
and it is also important to find the right size cage for your rabbit. So the ideal size, the minimum, is to get
a cage that is four times as large as the rabbit is stretched out so that they have
plenty of room to stand up, jump around, and run around. Also, you can have a flat-bottom or wire-bottom
cage for rabbits, but it is important that you have hard surfaces for the rabbit to lay
on because wire surfaces can be very difficult for rabbit’s feet. It is preferable that rabbits are kept inside
at an approximate temperature of seventy degrees. They also like to have their cage in the corner
because they are an animal of prey, and if they have a wall behind them, then they always
know what is behind them. The items that we place in the cage are always
a water bottle with fresh water daily, a ceramic dish usually attached to the side of the cage
because rabbits are very good at pushing their bowls over and spilling their little pellets
all over the place, timothy or orchard hay, a litter box with a little bit of kiln-dried
wood shavings in there which have been multi-screened so that there is no dust to get into their
lungs. We have fresh vegetables and we always have
one or two ceramic tiles we you can pick up at any kitchen place. We put a variety of toys in the cage. They have chewing toys. They have hiding toys. They also like little digging toys. They use their paws quite a bit. So you can purchase a variety of toys. They also like to push little plastic balls
around the cage with their nose. They like to have fun.

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  1. i like your lop eared bunny

  2. can rabbits play with toilet paper rolls?

  3. That cage is too small awful.

  4. awesome vid make sure you get a big enough cage for your rabbit depending on what kind of rabbit you get if you get a mini lop get a one-story case if you get a holland lop there more bashful so get a maybe to store cage or just get a 1 strike

  5. no you can not have wire cage that give then sore hawks

  6. hi im getting a rabbit soon and having a hutch and could u put a hut in it : like in the pet store : would that be ok

  7. NO WIRE CAGE U WANT DAT POOR BUNNY TO GET SORE HOCKS oops sorry caps but like come on if you know how to set up cage know which cage to use!

  8. U should feed ur bearded dragon more

  9. I created something like that thanks to the Stodoys instructions.

  10. Mine works too. I used woodprix plans and build it without any problems.

  11. Great dog/rabbit cage! I have an extra large dog cage with a 3 year old rabbit,I just wanna say a few things about this dog cage,1-please have a solid and not a wire bottom,just to prevent sore hawks,2-once the rabbit gets bigger I would consider a bigger dog cage.

  12. U know nothing about rabbits
    1.Ur cage is too small
    2.A water bowl is better than a bottle they do not get enough water from the bottle
    3.Wired cages are bad for their feet they can develop sore hawks

  13. They can’t have wood shavings and wired cages are bad for there paws

  14. Omg this is all soooo wrong

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