How to Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks

How to Prepare Your Dog for Fireworks

– Condition any dog in the world. (high energy music) Exercise first, that dog
is going to be hungry, don’t feed him yet. Now come and meet my pack! (dog barking) – YouTube family, my goal
this time in this video is to make sure that we understand
how to be more proactive in Fourth of July, how to
make sure that we understand why dogs develop flight
or fear or even panic, and why many dogs often
escape from their homes. Fourth of July is one of those
stressful days in America even though it means Independence Day. It’s a very proud day for American people. I’m proud to be an American. It’s something that I understand,
and I’m very proud of it. But, at the same time, I
heard how many dogs escape from their homes and I also see how many sad pet parents
feel right after that day. So Fourth of July is 243 years old. And so my goal is to
make sure that we prepare for Fourth of July. That we make sure that we
embrace Fourth of July. That we make sure the
whole family embraces and agrees how to be proactive with a dog, so all dogs in America, every
single dog around the world, understand how to be around firecrackers. Because humans, we like
to celebrate with that, and it’s something that we
want them to eventually enjoy. Some dogs do get to enjoy it. Some dogs get to understand
that the human likes that stuff. And so they will learn to
sleep right next to you just like watching a
basketball game with you or some kind of sport. You know, dogs don’t understand
that is a basketball game. What they know is you
like it, you enjoy it, and sometimes you scream
when your team loses. So I think we put a really
nice piece of content for you guys, especially for your dogs, and for once and for all, to
understand how to prevent, how to be more proactive
on Fourth of July, and how to make sure that
all dogs in America learn and enjoy a Fourth of July with us. Because, after all,
they are family members, and we’re very happy
for them to be with us. We want to make sure they
enjoy everything we celebrate. And honestly, Fourth of
July without a dog is not too American for me. Dog learns symbolically
these flags on Fourth of July means this is about to happen. – [Peter] So they hate Fourth of July? (laughing) – They don’t hate Fourth of July, it’s because the human doesn’t
understand firecrackers to a dog is the same thing
as missiles to a human. See no one will try to
feel okay when a missile just passed by your house. And then the explosion. – [Peter] So they pick up,
let’s say the owner enjoys the fireworks, does the
dog pick up on that or no? – Yes. -The energy of us? Okay, so it’s more
normal, it’s more normal Peter, that the dog have
flight in the presence of something he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know firecrackers. Even though you like them,
you still have to introduce the fact of flight is not an option. – [Peter] Oh I see.
– You understand? It’s almost like saying, “Peter,” “if a missile comes right here, don’t run!” So a dog has an ingrain
reaction to something they don’t know, such
as fire and loud sounds. (mimics explosion) is
fire, you understand? So the eyes is like “how do I?” (mimics explosion) And it’s really loud, or really
(mimics screaming firework). So you gotta get to the
point if you wanna enjoy Fourth of July that a dog
feels about those sounds “happy go lucky” or “calm surrender.” So that is the destination. Any other brain outside
that is gonna have trouble, because it’s gonna be
fight, flight, and avoid. It’s like if you see a meteor, and it’s coming (mimics explosions). Yeah, you’re not gonna be like “Ah.” (laughs) -They did it again!
(laughs) – You know what I mean? So you have to understand how animals look at Fourth of July. Cats, you’re never gonna
find cats anywhere, but they go and hide. Everybody knows that cat
is gonna go in somewhere. And there’s no cats like “Oh my god, it’s Fourth of July again.” You learn something? – That’s it right?
(laughs) – Well, Peter, documents everything I did. You never had a dog. This is the first time you work
with someone like me, right? – [Peter] Yeah. – There’s not too many of me anywhere. – [Peter] Only one. – [Cesar] It’s the truth,
that’s the truth here. I can’t hide that. Listen, but what do you learn right now about Fourth of July and dogs? – You learn that they learn and see things differently than we do. And we need to prepare for that. – Yeah, I mean everybody,
even our culture changes the way we see things. You see, we have to be respectful of, not just the animal in
you, the human in you, but the race in you, right? So we have to respect race,
how you Filipinos see life, and how we Mexicans see life. We have to understand that part. So if we know that about ourselves, we should know that about human to dog. How does a dog experience Fourth of July? This is instincts. This is conditioning. So a name is a sound that they learn that conditions them to know that that gives them food, water, going somewhere,
affection, you understand? It’s outside learned experience. This is inside programming. The data is already here. You get it? So animal dog breed is first before name. You’re not introducing Fourth of July to the name of the dog. You’re introducing Fourth of
July to animal, dog, breed. And so, if you wanna do something perfect, focus on the animal. This whole animal will fight,
flight, avoid, surrender. A chicken will fight,
flight, avoid, surrender. All of them, they will do
fight, flight, avoid, surrender. It’s not the species, so
if you don’t wanna focus on the rest, just take care of the animal. Keep the animal calm. So if the animal in them
is calm, the species in them is calm, the
breed in them is calm. If you understand instincts are calm, the human in you is calm, the Filipino in you is calm, and the Peter name is calm. You understand, your instincts are calm. So you have to make a separation
of the intellectual world and just keep a dog instinctual,
emotional, and spiritual. The intellectual is human. That’s rational. Satellites, what you
have on your shoulder, and the backpack, my
bracelet, this glasses, that’s an intellectual creation. Dogs will never make
glasses for another dog. You see what I’m saying? So you can’t use intellectual to connect or teach the instinctual,
emotional, spiritual. It won’t work. – [Peter] They Google what a firework is. – The can’t Google (mumbles) How do you condition any
dog in world to be okay with Fourth of July? Exercise first. That dog is gonna be hungry. Don’t feed him there. Wait until the sound and see
what reaction that he chooses. Fight, flight, avoid is which one, right? If it’s in that state and
then you wave the smell, because he’s gonna be hungry,
and he’s gonna be tired. That’s the first day. You wanna make sure the body’s
tired and the mind is hungry. So if fight, flight, avoid
comes into the picture, you can wave a piece of liver, a piece of, something that’s really freaking primal, you know what I mean? It’s like something like– – [Mesa] Like a smell they can’t resist. – Flight with food. So how do you do it? If the body’s tired, the mind is hungry. Don’t bring boxed things, you know. Crappy kind of treats, those are later when the anxiety or the
fear is not as high. So what you want to do when
a dog is focusing on fight, flight, avoidance is redirect to something that can take to “happy
go lucky/calm surrender.” So yeah, because 60% of
the brain is controlled by the nose, so never go
after the eyes or the ears. Eyes is 15, ears is 25. Why would you go after the
lowest thing on the planet? For me it’s “Okay tire, hungry, nose. Tire, hungry, nose. Tire, hungry, nose.” Then what? Happy go lucky, calm surrender
then I give them the food. So then that sound is ignored because he’s gonna get food for being happy go lucky, calm surrender. At a certain time, you play the
music, you know what I mean? So at a certain time you bring the smell. So what you’re playing
is with environment. You are the director of that imprint. So that day has to be
Spielberg, you know, perfection. – [Peter] Can it take every
owner a day? To put an imprint, you would say, or longer? – I would say it would take about an hour. – [Peter] An hour?
– Yeah. It takes about an hour. Listen what is gonna take long is the walk you’re about to do. Okay, so that walk, okay, so
most people walk 15-30 minutes, very few one hour. But if that day before the Fourth of July, okay before Fourth of July, you go for, at least, 2-3 hours walk. Watch what happens the Fourth of July. You know what I mean, because normally he doesn’t have the stamina, the strength. So you gonna take him
farther than their usual, so by the time he comes
home, his body is gonna say “Hey, go to rehab. Go to restore.” And he’s just gonna go. So by the time he hears Fourth of July, the body is not gonna let
him get up, you understand? The tired is gonna be so heavy,
so if he gets a little bit, you bring a little food,
he’s gonna go do this. So the preparation is easy. The thing is can you make the time, because your friend needs
more than 30 minutes? Fourth of July is about to show up. And we all knew it, but
nobody planned for the dog. (laughs) So dog has to go out to drain energy, come back, and now you
expose him to things that are more likely for
him not to be natural, not to feel natural. Which is Fourth of July. No other species in the
world uses missiles. – [Kim] So let me ask you this, if I don’t have 3 hours to walk my dog, can I introduce him to, if
I never take him swimming, can I take him on a different path that he’s never on that will
change his energy level? Because he’s excited to
be on an hour long hike or he’s swimming for the
first time for 45 minutes? Is it the same thing? – [Cesar] Well if anything
new is going to challenge the mind more than ever, obviously. So if the dog never swim in his life, 50 minutes of trying to
survive in the water, because that’s what they’re gonna do, you know what I mean? When they swim they go
through that process of I’ve never swam, I’ve never swam. A good way to use the brain
is when you challenge them into new things where the
brain is gonna go through fight, flight, avoidance
and recover, you understand? So in gymnastics, right,
so you go, you train, and you get to a point where
it’s like “I wanna quit.” Right? “I wanna quit.” “You can’t quit. Give me another tumble.” (huffs) So that part is more draining
that 4 hours at the gym. And that’s what makes that kid better. Get it, so challenge is healthy
especially Fourth of July. That’s my point. If you’re not gonna challenge
the dog the rest of his year, Fourth of July has to be
the most fulfilling week of his life. His body is gonna be taken care of, his mind is gonna be taken care of, and his heart is gonna be taken care of. He’s gonna go to sleep
like a baby everyday. And he’s gonna hear firecrackers
before he goes to sleep. So that way he’s like
“Damn, Fourth of July feels so special.” (laughs) My humans take a vacation,
so I can do exercise, discipline, affection and go to different parts of L.A. or America.” That’s how you change the
frame of mind of anybody. Because a week before,
he’s getting the best time of his life, because throughout the year, the human walks him 15 minutes a day. He’s comes back home
super tired, depressed, anxious, angry, frustrated. So that human is not
gonna want to do anything. He’s just gonna wanna give him a cookie, a toy, open the backyard
throw the ball a hundred time, come back. Boring, boring, boring. And then, get ready for Fourth of July. “I can’t! I can’t, we
haven’t done anything!” (upbeat music) – So very important, if you
gonna use this kind of tool, which is the thunder shirt. Yeah, to be introduced, you
know, before Fourth of July, they have to learn to wear
this tool, this foreign stuff. It’s normal for them to be playful, that means you did it right. It’s normal for them to try
to take it off, it’s normal. So what it does is it
tightens around the ribs which it makes the breathing slower. This is a nice side effect. This is really good because
she’s playing with it and she’s actually digesting it. You can see how she’s
“How do I feel about this?” “How does this make me feel?” So the whole point of the thunder shirt, that’s what we want. The whole point of the
thunder shirt is to help your dog breathe slower. So if you exercise your
dog, you’re dog is gonna go into a tired state, so
it’s gonna be easier for you to introduce this tool. Especially when it’s the first time, because it’s not gonna have
so much physical energy to try to remove it. So he’s gonna enter quicker into resting. Because the whole point of
this tool, this thunder shirt, is to breathe slower. And when you breathe slower,
your heart rate goes down, you go to sleep. You have to lower your heart
rate for you to go to sleep. But you will have a good
sleep if you exercise and accomplish something that
day and you love someone. Now you can go into a resting state. So what we want dog to identify
with a thunder shirt is two state of mind, resting
state or sleeping state. Then the shirt is doing its job. So the tools that human invent,
pass me a backpack, Jaimito. So this is more outdoor tool, okay. So the thunder shirt is for indoor tool. So that means you already
went for a long walk and, thank you, come here,
we need to sell backpacks. Come on, come on, Junior, good boy. So this, the backpack, is
gonna serve the purpose. So if you’re the kind of
human who only has walk for thirty minutes a day,
this is gonna give you access for making those thirty
minutes to one hour. Of course we’re preparing
for Fourth of July. We want to make sure, at
least, two hours on that walk. So one cool, awesome way
to do good long walk is when a member of your
family drops you guys off two hours away from your house. So the, not the project. Yeah, the project is that you
and your dog are dropped off two hours away from home
and you walk to have to come back home. That is super exciting to a dog. Talk about explore, talk
about adventure, you know, talk about you taking the time and also being creative to make sure that your dog is prepared
for Fourth of July. So imagine two hours with the
backpack on to come back home. The dog is gonna say “Wow,
somebody drop us off in the wrong place, but
we managed to come back.” “Thanks to both of us!” “Yeah!” But because you’re going
to give those two hours an extra challenge, by the
time the dog gets home, he’s gonna be tired. So again, it’s how to be
creative, how to understand how these tools were meant for, you know. Why humans invented backpacks,
why humans invented, you know, thunder shirts,
why humans invented CBDs… CBD yeah? Yeah, why humans invented CBD, or why human invented anything? Anything that’s “invention” is outside. First you have to go spirit, heart, instincts, body, mind, right? And so that way the
preparation is well done, and the outcome is exactly
what you’re looking for which is a dog that understand that this is the whole point, to feel safe. Thank you Junior, you were a great model. So they’re doing an activity right, that has nothing to do with this. I’m gonna capture the nose
so that she can come to me, so I can put a leash on her. (dogs bark) So what I did right now,
as she was passing by, I waved the smell and I redirected her. So instead of her keep going with her, her nose is coming to me. So after I got Sofia, Stella comes in. Sofia was creating that whole commotion. (mumbles) (dogs pant) – Yeah, so now we have Sofia on the leash. – Watch now that we have
the source of excitement in my personal space. So when you have a pack of dogs one of them is gonna become
the strongest energy. It can be fear, it can be anxiety, it can be excitement in this case. So that’s the one you put a leash on, but before you put a leash on make sure the nose comes to you. So once the nose came to you, now they’re in a willing state of mind. Nose, eyes, ears, then you put the leash. Make sure the leash and the
brain is calm and attentive. Then that leash becomes
that, as you can see, right now, her state of mind
is still happy go lucky. But is this happy go lucky next to me versus happy go lucky away from me. She is still maintaining
that state of mind but now she’s practicing next to me. In order for us to do the
activity that we want to do which is everybody quiet
before we bring sounds. (wind blowing on speaker) – I’m gonna begin with some sounds that most people don’t
get nervous or anxious. (calm music) – Now we’re gonna put on firecrackers. (fireworks explode) – So here, Mika is telling everybody else just by the way she’s
looking at the speakers that it’s a sound that is
making her feel uncomfortable. So if we don’t address that,
if we don’t realize that right away, she’s gonna tell
the whole entire family of dogs that it’s something to be concerned about. So it’s very important
to introduce the sounds at this level, my iPhone
volume is all the way, so that’s the biggest volume
I can provide right now. So can you imagine on
Fourth of July with a sound and the lights at a higher,
higher, higher intensity? If they’re not conditioned before that, they’re not gonna know how
to respond in a calm way. Let’s go back to this sound. (calming music) – So this sound keeps the brain that way. (firework explodes) – Let’s go play again and see. (calming music) – See this sound makes
everybody chill and relax. That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying,
use a sound that is more likely to have an effect on you prior to practicing this. So most people in their
lives have listened to sounds or music or radio station that
is for relaxation purposes. So that is already
ingrained inside of you, you already know how to take it, you already know what to do with it. So it’s important that
you do it with them, you do it with them, so they also feel some kind of guiding of
how to react to sounds. So YouTube family, I’m
always going to ask you, what did you learn? I just want to know exactly
how much you absorbed, how much you learn, how much it healed you all the information, you know. Make sure everybody around you, even people who don’t have
dogs, watch the channel. So subscribe. Make sure young generations
watches the channel. Make sure everybody around your
family watches this episode. It’s very important
that even your neighbors understand how to help your dog. It really takes a
village to raise a child. It takes the whole community to help a dog that might have the
developed the wrong reaction to Fourth of July. But at the same time, if
we all unite, you know, if all global citizens of the world unite, to help dogs, we will know what to do. So we will all be more
proactive as a community helping a dog, we will all be walking doing pack walks together
before Fourth of July. Introducing sounds, you
saw the different ways I introduce Fourth of July sounds versus the relaxation sounds
versus dancing sounds. And you saw how they vibe with me. You saw how they were
able to connect with me. So that kind of connection is something that we have to do before the
real Fourth of July happens. So instead of them taking direction from Fourth of July sounds, they’re taking directions
of how do we feel. And then they learn to
imitate how we feel. And that’s the safest, most peaceful, most loving way to introduce
any dog around the world with you. The dog have to know how to feel, and you have to be the
teacher on those feelings. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. I think that is going to
clarify a lot of things. Thank you Rio for being so awesome on Fourth of July YouTube channel. Tell people to subscribe. If they have birds,
they can subscribe. They have rodents, they can subscribe. If they have lizards, they can subscribe. If they have guinea
pigs, they can subscribe. If they have ferrets, they can subscribe. If they have spiders, they can subscribe. If they have snakes, they can subscribe. If they have squirrels,
they can subscribe. They can pretty much
subscribe for everything. (laughs) – This is an animal channel, people. Energy is about animals. Energy is the currency of
all species around the world. Energy is our currency
but what’s your energy? My energy is calm,
confident, love, and joy. My formula is exercise,
discipline, and affection. I love structure. I think a beautiful place with structure and clean is the ideal home, you know. I think having the right formula and the right rituals
and the right symbols, it allows you to stay focused. So my goal for everybody around the world, no matter what species you have, that we all develop the same trust, respect, and love with all animals. And eventually humans. Because my goal in life is
better humans, better planet. (upbeat music)

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    Love to hear more on pack mentality 🙂

  38. Our 2 labs snore through the fireworks. It doesn't bother them one bit.

  39. I wish I had watched this before the the 4th. My sons ( who was visiting with his family from another state) poor 1 year old goldendoodle got the snot scared out of her this year with the fireworks. I have to say though, most dogs would have because it was literally my backyard neighbors that had the fireworks. Totally unexpected, they did not even start out with little fireworks. They started out with this HUGE BOOM then immediately followed by lights that lite up the sky for 3 blocks. Thankfully, the door to the house was open and she ran for her life, if it had not been I know we would have been searching all night for a lost dog. We eventually found her in my bedroom in my bed. I really felt bad for her she was petrified. Thanks Cesar for posting this, it will help a lot of dog owners!

  40. Thank you Cesar. I wish I could have seen this video before the 4th. I have 3 toy poodles. Coco loco has always been skittish and underlying anxiety . She got out of the yard that night. She ran out of the yard while I was away and ran into a neighbors truck as he was getting into it. He put her out back if his yard. I was a mess all night. She ran back home in the morning and somehow managed to get out of his yard too. I wasn't home but out looking for her. She ran into my neighbors cAr as she got into it. I walk them almost everyday but here In Az is so hot. So I'll walk them 1/2 hour or so. Coco has lots of energy. Now we just had the monsoons weather start today with lots of thunder and lightning. I came home from work but had to Leave shortly after. I could tell she was anxious from the thunder. I have a cage with all three dogs that is up against a doggy door so they have access in and out. When I left I waited by the side of the house and sure enough Coco was trying to scratch and get out of the gate. I felt so bad. So I came back inside for a while and put a little lavender on her collar. Coco also had her brother running around anxious. Now I don't know what to do because it will for sure storm when I'm away at some point. I don't want Coco to try and run out. She has never done this Before. Was thinking of introducing storm sounds with rain in the house? Thank you for everything you do. My dogs are 12 and 13. But still act like puppies😘thanks again.

  41. This guy! Cesar Millan, so full of wisdom! So much respect for him! My hero!
    Have to meet him one day!

  42. My dog goes silent for hours after hearing fireworks and also thunder. She lays in my room drooling and shaking so I put headphones on her and play quiet music cause idk what else to do, people think I'm crazy but idk how else to help her 😂

  43. My Malamute is really scared of fireworks & they have gone off out of no where, while out walking in the middle of the day & he bolted!

  44. This year I just took my 12 year old dog to the fireworks show my city had she did fine her first time too.

  45. I thought Nicole Concilio was going to pop out…hey how you doin lol

  46. My dog isn't scared of fireworks anymore (I live in Finland so we only hear them at new years and even then not so much) but thunder still makes her feel scared, even if there is no thunder sounds. She seems to be scared even if the weather seems like it might thunder… But I will definitely try the sings with the sounds you did in this video! I hope it will help, but does anyone have an idea what else I could try?

  47. Always had good results simply by projecting happy positive emotions when anything "scary" is happening around us. If it is really bad, I will stop whatever I'm doing and play with my pup while the scary "thing" is going on. Course this sometimes backfires on me when thunder and lightening happens in the middle of the night and my pup thinks it's time to play. Good thing I'm retired and don't have to get up in the morning to go to work =p

  48. When I first got my dog he didn't like going out for walks (probably because of the new environment) and I did the drop off/walk home method to get him used to walking and it worked great! He's also not afraid of fireworks because I made sure his first experience was positive. Thanks Cesar!

  49. My Malamute does not mind fireworks. I have squatted down next to her with my M1 Garand riffle and fired 8 shots as fast as I can pull the trigger at a target and she just watches with amusement.

  50. Cesar, you lost me when you started talking about race. I thought I was watching CNN for a moment.

  51. Hello Cesar, thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us… I would like to know about zhitzu dogs, how to change his behavior when he is out, and first he "ladra" everything we go outrank second sometimes try to bite people, not everyone…. But kids, or older people, bikes and bicycles. Thank you!!!

  52. This is so helpful! But I’m also wondering how would you prepare your dog for an earthquake?

  53. Oh my. That Sophia is the sweetest and funniest of them all. Cutest thing ever. And a little smarty pants. LOVE her. Love them all really. Been a big fan of Junior's since Daddy was still here. Love you Cesar. You are one remarkable human being. God bless.

  54. I wish I'd thoughtt to search for how to help my dog severall weekks ago, just before the 4th of July.
    This is fascinating. To support the theory of walkingng the dog so they're tired before the fireworks, I remember someone saying, "A tired dog is a good dog." In other wwords, don't let them gget bored. A bored dog is destructive. They need mental stimulation justt like we do.
    Cesar,, I love your videos and your insight!
    Interesting way of explaining the thundershirt. I'd heard it explained differently: dogs like and need deep touch, and the shirt/backpack provides that close contact.

  55. Cesar, what are your thoughts on the idea that comforting a dog when they're afraid can increase their fear?
    My guide dog is eight years old. I've tried the thundershirt, putting her in her kennel during storms annd fireworks (I was thinking quieter,, darkk, safe den space). Neither thing worked.
    This past 4th of July, she sat in my lap and trembled. I felt horrible and helpless!
    I'm blind, so any visual things in your videos, I can't use unless someone explains them to me. How are you redirecting them with food? Is that not rewarding fear? I'm genuinely interested in this, because I want to help my dog, and any future dog, not be so terrified of thunder and fireworks. I think redirecting them is a wonderful idea, but I don't know how to do it in a way that calms them.
    Thanks to anyone who can offer suggestions/thoughts.

  56. Swiss national hollyday on first of august; Jack and I will take a very long walk along the Rhône River and he will receive a nice reward that smells good to celebrate with us and enjoy the fireworks. I sincerely hope that your advice will bear fruit, but I have no doubt about that. Thank you for all your advice, bisous Florence, Genève, Switzerland

  57. Swiss national hollyday on first of august; Jack and I will take a very long walk along the Rhône River and he will receive a nice reward that smells good to celebrate with us and enjoy the fireworks. I sincerely hope that your advice will bear fruit, but I have no doubt about that. Thank you for all your advice, bisous Florence, Genève, Switzerland

  58. My brother has two pitbulls that are terrified of fireworks. They run to hide under his bed and become very stressed out. Every 4th of July week they go crazy with the fireworks, that nothing seems to calm them down. I will definitely share this exercise with my family so that they can practice it prior to the 4th of July week. Thanks Cesar!

  59. You actually need a permit(that comes with a short and pricey education) to use fireworks where I live now. If people didn't insist on using them totally plastered right in the middle of a neighborhood or right next to housing, maybe things would be different. 😛 But hey, great for the animals!

  60. Hola Cesar!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS por aclarar que los fuegos artificiales en sí, no deben ser eliminados, porque aunque personalmente eso es algo que deseo, no lo veía posible y me hacía padecer, pensar que los perritos sufren.. jaja.. pero a la vez no entendía, cómo algunos perros de pueblo están tan frescos, en fiestas. Gracias SO MUCH!!!

  61. My sister rescued a great dane mix from the pound when he was 2 years old and he was very anxious. On fourth of July they always took him on a hike and fed him early so he could go to bed early. When fireworks started, he would go to his dog bed, in a dark room and stay there for the night, he felt secure and safe in his bed. They never locked him in the room, becasue they had other dogs who were not so anxious that liked to go check on him. Although he was always anxious, he adjusted to her family well and was an amazing dog for their family for many years

  62. Thank you! Such great information! I loved seeing how the zen music calmed all the dogs.

  63. My dog loves to watch fireworks with me☺️

  64. What about severe thunderstorm fear? My dog's fear is so bad she cannot be left alone during storms because she ends up harming herself in flight behavior.

  65. What I learned – more exercise!

  66. Hi looking for advice, my dog is very anxious with fireworks, sirens and extreme weather. I’ve tried the long walk technique and not feeding until the time but she is not going for the food as starts tembling right away. Tried this with toys and no reaction, I’m unsure of what else to do? She is a happy playful dog otherwise xx

  67. My dog has full-on panic attacks whenever there is even a thunderstorm. Loud noises (or even noises that aren’t too loud but are very bass) terrify him and I can never seem to calm him, even with melatonin treats. He refuses to eat.
    Advice? I feel so bad for him.

  68. That is a wonderful idea l will pass it on to the dog owners in my area

  69. Does anyone else want to sell their home, quit their job and go live on Cesar's ranch among the animals…….just me. 🙋

  70. Our dog used to be afraid of fireworks.
    Thank you Cesar, for giving me the tools to have a happy, balanced dog.

  71. I tried so many things with my border collies. One year I sat with them on the sofa. Both tried to crawl into my skin by putting their heads under my chin and pushing. Not knowing any better, I held them and tried to comfort. I couldn’t understand how that didn’t help. They got worse instead of better. Of course I now know that me trying to baby and cuddle them was the wrong thing to do. Another year we shut them inside the walk in closet trying to buffer the sound. Another year inside a bathroom. Still another time we tried to let them roam loose in the house. One of them remembered the bathroom and we found her standing between the wall and the toilet with her head pressed into the corner, just standing there. Nothing ever seemed to work until I started putting their leashes on and keeping them beside me. That helped some, but the battle was never won. I now have one remaining older dog who can’t hear well, so she gets through it. If we ever get another dog, I will certainly follow your advice. Thank you!

  72. My family had a pit bull that our neighbors thought it was funny to shoot him with fireworks we quickly got him inside and away from them drunks and he seemed good but a few days later the neighbor came to the door and the dog bite her tummy and would not let go for a long minute we had to get rid of him it took us a few weeks to let him go. But we did. So 5 years has gone by and the new owners had to give him back so we had to keep him hidden but they know who he is now and they are scared if he’s out. He is a really good dog we don’t want to give him up again the only thing he does that’s not good is he will bite if your mean to him but it’s just a little bit but on my 3 year old grandson that’s bad he was pulling his tail though. I got on to my grandson told him we don’t hurt our puppies and I got the dog and put him in the crate and he stayed there and outside for a few days but now my grandson is almost 4 the dog stays right by him he seems like he has adopted his human he loves him He cries if he leaves so I been letting him go home with him and he loves it. I just worry a little about him biting someone else. My daughter said she was getting on my grandson and the dog looked like he might bite her so idk what do you think 💭

  73. Outlaw fireworks in subdivisions… They traumatize our dogs and cats even if they are inside.

  74. Peter got caught up getting a lesson from Cesar in the beginning. Like that old uncle at the family BBQ giving out sage life advice. I love it!!!

  75. Cesar, I would love to see a video about how to drain energy and provide exercise for dogs who are disabled and/or how humans can provide exercise if they have mobility issues.

  76. Junior and his ball 💗

  77. I don't even have a dog, why am I watching this?

  78. Shared. You always give good advice.

  79. Cesar Millan, I REALLY hope you read this! First of all, my husband and I cracked when you said walk them for 2-3 hours! We live in Tucson, Az, I ain't going nowhere without air conditioning for me or my dogs in that weather! Secondly, what about the jerks who randomly shoot fireworks off (like they did last night) and the damn guns that get shot off at the [ark down the street, or the planes flying loudly sometimes from the base I live right behind, and our monsoons??? I have 1 dog where if the wind picks up she starts shaking! I have 4 dogs. 2 of them are off their rocker! I can't even watch tv in my own damn house because god forbid an animal come on! They bark at the tv and sometimes try to bite my screen. My one dog redirects at my other dog that could care less about the tv then a fight ensues. I have 2 young granddaughters and they don't drive me as crazy as these dogs do! I hope you read this!

  80. I have experienced several times of Chinese New Year in China. It is not a one day event…but basically 10 days of daily fireworks. What is astonishing that I have seen many dogs walking their owner outside and not caring about any noise. I have not seen any dog with any fear. It was really amazing.

  81. What about fish? Can I subscribe with those?

  82. Cesar ya se te subió lo gringo q ya no hablas español

  83. Obviously its past the fourth of July. What I learned was how much exercise puts a dog into a calm state. Not just a 30 minute walk but a 2 to 3 hour walk. I have an American Pit who had a vet appointment today. I dread the vet as much as he does because he is or was TERRIFIED of the vet. This time I did something different. We went on a 3 hour hike before his visit. Ceaser, he was a totally different dog! Thanks for the tip. It made what normally is a horrible trip an enjoyable experience for both of us!!!

  84. I want you to know how much we appreciate you & the wisdom God has given you concerning animals & dogs in particular. I am 67 & have learned so much from you & I make reference to you & tell others to watch you whenever they have an issue with their dogs. Thank you again for all you have put into all of us. May God continue to bless you & your family.

  85. Cesar or Pavlov? Omg the psychology behind the sound-association is on point.

  86. Does it work if the take them to doggy daycare?
    Where they have different activities and interaction?
    Normally canine guests get home tired after a day or days at the petboarding

  87. I don't have a dog living with me (yet), but everything works just as well with cats. Watching your videos always makes me feel happy and positive, and believe that there can actually be a better world, where man and nature can live as one. Thank you!

  88. as a metal head this will be useful.

    Another is to have him tired and inside a bunker where he can't feel the explosions.

  89. Patience. How to calm anxiety. And how to help dogs not panic over fireworks. Love you

  90. You teach so much good about our dogs, I have 5 crazy little ones and they are all very secure because we dont stress over things around us, we make everything a calm ,good experiance.. They are spoiled but in a very good way, they know that we wont let them get hurt in any way.. I always learn so much from you and it betters my kids lives..
    Thank you so much..

  91. I have learned so much thanks to Cesar. I don't just watch his show I STUDY what he says & does with dogs.
    Unfortunately, I Just still have not conquered teaching my boy to greet people nice & quietly. It is Still full steam ahead, barking, hair up. But the moment you (not me) say his name it's like ok, jokes over. Completely my fault he thinks this is how you say hello.
    I'm still working at it though.

  92. Oooh my goodness but I was laughing my butt off!! "You redirect the dog through nose" and he has the entire pack on him sniffing and seeing what he wants so they can hopefully get a treat. I have some learning disabilities and watching how Cesar teaches everything actually reaches my brain and sticks. Wish I'd had his videos with my third Malamute Nakita. Vet insisted she had wolf a ways back in her line but if I'd had this info back then I know his training methods would have worked for her!!!!!

  93. "You have to make a separation of the intellectual world and just keep a dog instinctual, emotional, spiritual. The intellectual is human, that's rational. Satellites, what you have on your shoulder, the backpack, my bracelet, these glasses, that's an intellectual creation. Dog's will never make glasses for another dog, you see what I'm saying? You can't use intellect to connect or teach to instinctual, emotional, spiritual." – Cesar Millan

  94. This was really awesome. I am looking forward to implementing this in my pack.

  95. train your dog with a ball it's that simple snap their mind out of the state it's in simply say where's your ball anxiety over lmao

  96. this guy just really loves dogs their his best friend he loves what he is doing so he is doing it rite

  97. The only the my dog dislikes about fire works is being locked in the house, she honestly sits in the garden and watches them

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