How to make your cat’s feeding time exciting

How to make your cat’s feeding time exciting

Most cats will have a bowl of food put
down in front of them twice a day. This is convenient for most cat owners and
the cats, but doesn’t stimulate natural hunting behaviors for them or take very
long, so all the extra time they have on their paws can lead to boredom. Providing creative and interactive ways of feeding your cat is known as ‘feeding enrichment’ and is important for mental and physical stimulation and making the most of your
cat’s amazing senses. It’s a real chance for you to get creative too. You can use
egg boxes, yoghurt pots and toilet rolls to make all kinds of toys and games that
ask your cat to figure out a puzzle before they’re rewarded with food. Just
make sure any materials you use are safe for your cat. When introducing feeding
enrichment to your cat, start them off slowly with an easy task, like placing a
portion of their dry food allowance in an egg box. To prevent frustration, you
may need to show them how to solve the puzzle by pawing at the biscuits
yourself until they get the hang of it. Build up the difficulty level as they get
used to each puzzle and rotate games often to maintain their interest and
stimulation. If craft isn’t for you, there are a number of feeding enrichment
products available to buy that will make mealtimes interesting and stimulating
for both you and your cat.

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  1. The primary issue with puzzle type feeders is that they are designed for DRY cat food. Most knowledgeable cat owners know that a dry food only diet is not good for cats.

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