How To Keep Fancy Pigeons HEALTHY And ACTIVE? | Pigeon’s Diet and Free Flight Tips | (Hindi)

Hey Guys welcome to All About Pets. Today I’m gonna talk about how to keep your pigeons fit and healthy! Before proceeding further, I’ll try to bring them to the ground floor So I just put some rice on the floor , hope they’ll come down soon. Anyways let’ move forward. People always complaint that their pigeons looks fat and they also they seems unfit. So let me make a point clear to you that if your pigeons are not getting a balanced diet and a regular flight exercise they’ll beckme lazy. the word *lazy* here means that pigeons will just feed themselves and they’ll go back to their flight cage by flight cages we mean big cages where many pigeons live together. We don’t have flight cages for our pigeons but we do have 5-6 portions ar the top of our roof where our pigeons live and lay eggs, I’ll show you those portions letter. Anyway let’s talk about the seed mix or mix feed you need to provide your pigeons. I’ll make a video on their seed mix soon but before that let me show you the portions in which my pigeons live We’ve kept those portions such a place where no cat may tease them or harm them. Secondly people have doubt in their mind that how many times they should take out their pigeons and give them flight So guys I prefer to take them out of their flight cage 2 dimes in a day 1-2 hours and Let them preen and clean theirselves And whenever you take them out of their cage, do give them a flight so that they remain fit and healthy. If they eat a lot of seed and doesn’t exercise they’ll become lazy Now let’s talk about their seed mix. I’ll just provide you a list of things you need to give your pigeons, a detailed video will soon be uploaded. First ingredient in seed mix is bajra, second is corn you can provide them pulses, chickpeas or garbanzo beans Mustard seeds, etc…these are 5-6 things you can mix together to makeseed mix for your pigeons. And this is enough for today. I just want to tell you that if you offer your pigeons a healthy diet And give them free flights regularly, they’ll stay healthy and active. If this video is informational to you, press the thumbs up button and comment *yes* if you want more videos on pigeons And if you’re new to our channel,dont forget to subscribe. Keep supporting guys. Thankyou 🙂

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