How to Groom a Cat : How to Clip the Fur Around a Cat’s Eyes

How to Groom a Cat : How to Clip the Fur Around a Cat’s Eyes

Hi I’m Carolyn and I’m going to demonstrate
on how to cut around there eyes and you need to do this on a lot of breads. What you do
its is not necessarily true if you cut there whiskers off they bleed because I have done
it accidentally and they don’t bleed. This little eye here gets in there eyes and it
cause infections and little matters. Say you want to hold the ears back and he is just
a baby so he is going to give me a little trouble but that same kind of hair that I
can see through it from the table to there I’m not going to go like this. You know look
straight on there is no telling what I do. I’m going to turn him side wise and scissor
really slow and real soft cause I don’t know what he is going to do. Since he is a baby
and since he is a cat. I’m going to turn him this way and you want to hold him still. Right
there and I’m scissoring real soft and slow cause I don’t know what he will do. Then we
got that eye here there off. Sometimes you might to go back a little further. Then you
would come it back like this and right there looks like it could come off. This is good
to know you know like if they have cold or something that helps for that matter to get
all up. He is mad look at him frown. But you don’t want to cut there whiskers off. You
know accidentally something else but I never had one bleed.

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  1. what happens if you cut their wiskers off?
    one of my friends told me they can die
    is it true?

  2. I use small scissors with blunt tips. I show my cat and do it at the show.

  3. Poor kitty, it's in HELL!!!

  4. Ye but it would be in more hell if it got an infection or something

  5. Why cut off the whiskers? :S

  6. Haha, poor kitty. He doesn't understand what's going on. x)

  7. I wish i could do that to the witch too! sure the kitty is dead!

  8. Poor cat. This fucking lady is retarded,

  9. This lady is insane. poor kitty 🙁

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