How to get your cat to eat new food

How to get your cat to eat new food

Hi. My name is Dr. Uri Burstyn,
I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver B.C. and I’d like to welcome you to my series
of practical skills for pet owners How to get your cat to eat new food Today’s video is going to be a little tutorial
on how to get your cat to eat new food Now, we often have to change cats’ diets
for a variety of medical reasons and, as most cat owners know,
cats can get pretty finicky about their diet The way vets describe it is that cats develop
food affinity, or food addictions, quite easily Now, cats typically get obsessed with food
if it’s the only food they’ve had for a long time They’re neophobic, they don’t like change too much,
and while taste is important to them, they actually get quite particular
about texture as well and unfortunately, when we have to– Oh, hi Unfortunately, when we have to change their food
for medical reasons, we often don’t have a lot of choices
in terms of taste and texture Food is a tool, like any drug or surgery, that can be used to maintain
the health and welfare of our little patients Yes And unfortunately in some cases
a food is the most powerful intervention we have, such as kidney disease, diabetes, obesity So, if you’re lucky and you have a cat like this
who’ll eat anything You simply take the new food
that your vet prescribed, you put on the table And voilà. And this is always worth trying Now a lot of people talk about
gradually transitioning foods And, sure, if you’re just changing foods at home,
gradually transitioning them does make sense When we’re talking about clinincal diets, where this is a tool that we’re using
to manage a specific health condition I don’t bother with doing
the slow transition if it’s not necessary Put the food down, the cat eats it You just thank your lucky stars
because your life just got a heck of a lot easier Now, if you’re not so lucky and your cat doesn’t want
to eat the one food that will save its life What do you do? Well, there’s a couple things you can do The most important thing to realize
when you transition cats is that cats don’t like change,
so you’ve got to take it slow and easy with them You give yourself lots of time, you make the diet change,
which is what we call it: a diet change, you know, a two-week, three-week,
month long project. It’s a project There’s no specific timeline, we should do it
as fast as we can, but we’re not going to be rushed What we wanna do is:
we wanna give the cat some choice We also want to get the cat used to the new food and a classic way of doing that is to just start a little bit of the old food,
and start mixing in with the new food You could be changing from wet food to kibble,
kibble to kibble, wet food to wet food It doesn’t really matter what you’re changing from and to The basic principle is:
you add 10% new food, 90% old food on day one On day two, you go up to 20% new food, 80% old food And so on and so forth, by little 10% increments until, at the end of that,
your cat’s just eating the new food Now, if we stall anywhere along this process for example if the cat
eats the food when it’s fifty-fifty but once you go over that they start sort of
turning away and being a bit off their food, you can always just take it back one step going back to fourty-sixty,
and then push it up to fifty-fifty again This is what I mean by taking your time
and making this a longer term project So, gradual mixing-in of the new food and the old food
typically does the trick for most cats Now, there’s certain things you can do
to speed the process and make the food a little bit more acceptable We don’t want cats to ever starve so
sometimes we offer two dishes side by side One has a mixture of new food and old food,
one has just the old food So if the cat really turns their nose up
they can just eat from their old food dish And then you slowly decrease every day,
you decrease the amount in that dish until it’s no longer enough to keep them full
and then they’ll hopefully pick at the new food dish, again, having had time to get used to the smell
and the flavour and the texture of the new diet You can also try to disguise the flavour
of the new diet and we have a couple tools for that One that I really like to use is:
you simply go to your local supermarket and get tuna in spring water Now, tuna is typically sold in spring water or oil,
not the oil one Tuna in spring water, and you use just the water from that can to sprinkle it on the food.
Most cats love that flavour and it helps them accept the new– (laughs) helps them accept the new food a little easier In terms of other ways to flavour the new diet
that makes it a little bit more acceptable we don’t have too many options, and to be honest with you, typically in these cats you don’t want to feed them
anything other than the prescribed diets so you are gonna be a little bit limited with it but in some cases it’s okay to mix in
some other protein like tuna or lean chicken meat to flavour the food Often that’s unnecessary and you should
only be doing that if the vet says it’s okay because in many conditions where we use diets,
such as kidney disease, feeding a high-protein meal like that
is actually quite harmful, so you don’t really wanna do that on your own Always check with your vet
before you make any changes like that So another thing you can do to flavour the food that is typically okay in most health conditions is a product from Purina called FortiFlora I’m not, just– Full disclosure I’m not sponsored by Purina,
they’re not paying me to say this This is actually something I use in my practice
all the time It’s a probiotic powder,
it’s hydrolised protein, so, it’s okay to use in cases where you have
inflammatory bowel disease or food allergies and cats seem to quite like the taste of this
so if I sprinkle this on the food it does really encourage Mr. Pirate to eat
as well as many of my patients who are reluctant to try a new flavour Normally I don’t need to encourage Pirate to eat but I do use it sometimes with him
if he’s on antibiotics or if he’s having tummy upset.
It’s quite good But we also use it for encouraging cats to eat adding a little bit extra flavour
that they typically quite like Some cats don’t really like this that’s because they’re cats
and that’s the way cats are they’re all weird, they’re all individuals,
and all have their own preferences So we talked about a few things:
we talked about gradual mixing of the food, We talked about flavouring the food
with something that’s gonna make it really acceptable to the cat,
something really tasty and then, again, we talked a little bit
about probably the hardest thing which is to have patience and of course not making any significant changes
without consulting a veterinarian first if you’re trying to change the food
for medical reasons to manage some health issue because there could be factors
that maybe not everybody’s aware of,
that your vet should be aware of So, with this approach, I find that I can get
just about any cat to eat just about anything There’ll always be the odd one that just
will refuse to eat the food you want them to eat In those cases you just have to find a workaround or do without that one really powerful tool
when managing their health But I would say, what do you think, Pirate? 90% of cats? 90% of cats plus can be gotten to eat anything
if you use this kind of approach Anything else? What do you think, Sir? I think that’s it Please click like and subscribe Feel free to share this video with your friends And if you want to support our good work, please check out our webstore we have some adorable “Squish the cat” merchandise there for you Please give it a look And once more, thank you very much
for watching my videos

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