How to Get Non Alolan Regional Variant Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

How to Get Non Alolan Regional Variant Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna be talking about how to
evolve regional variants and breed regional variants in Pokemon ultra Sun
and ultra moon Pokemon olzhas on an ultra moon has a total of 10 different
lines of species of pokémon that have regional variants including ratata
Sandshrew Vulpix Diglett Meowth Geodude and Grimer those
seven only have regional variants for their entire evolutionary line as
opposed to execute Pikachu and cubone those three pokemon have evolutions that
go one of two ways for regional variants which I guess is what they do now
instead of like Poliwhirl evolving in nepali wrath or politoed but I still
think poly tone is a lot cooler than Poliwrath also alone Raichu surf so
that’s pretty cool but today I want to go over a couple of really interesting
pieces of information that every pokemon trainer should know in regard to
breeding these Pokemon first thing I want to go on record and say is these
seven Pokemon right here Geodude mouth Diglett Vulpix sandshrew
Rattata and Grimer can not be obtained and their none’ll Olien forms in this
generation you can by no means whatsoever get these seven Pokemon in
Sun Moon ultra Sun and ultramoon if someone tells you otherwise they are big
smelly liar however you can get yourself a Pikachu
and execute or a cubone that evolves into Anna not a lowland ride you
executor and marowak and I’m gonna show you how to do that today I’m also going
to be going over breeding the nominal lowland forms and if you haven’t done a
lowland how you would go ahead and breed them to be not a lowland that way you
can trade those on the GTS and get your hands on them
great first I’m gonna stop in Olivia’s jewelry shop right here I’m gonna pick
up a thunder stone gonna need one of those and gonna need a leaf stone great
awesome bought both of those things let’s get out of here so the first point
we’re gonna be going into detail about is how to evolve these
canto nyan Pokemon into their can Tony and evolutions if you take a thunder
stone and drop it on a Pikachu by the way for the record the cat Pikachu’s
cannot evolve under any means whatsoever they cannot evolve they it says it won’t
have any effect as opposed to in pokemon yellow where it’s like Pikachu hit it
out of your hand or Pikachu turned away if you use a thunder stone on a Pikachu pay attention to the music you’re gonna
get yourself in a lull and ride you for whatever reason if you want to get
yourself a Kanto nyan ride you what do you need to do is enter the ultra
wormhole if you enter the ultra wormhole they’re obviously gonna be entering a
place that’s thousands of light-years away also I’m gonna be pretty non
spoilery obviously you know there’s an ultra wormhole since there may have very
well been ad on this video that showed off the ultra wormhole and team rainbow
rocket and a whole bunch of things that I try not to talk about cuz the spoilers
but Nintendo is all like hey these are the biggest changes of the game we want
people to see that those changes so spoilers thanks in your trailer when
you’re in the ultra wormhole you make her way through this is where you
encounter a whole bunch of legendary Pokemon and an increased chance to catch
science shani pokemon up to seven percent i believe if you want some more
information about all the legendary pokemon in the ultra wormhole there
should be a card in the top right corner right meow OOP two thousand eight
hundred light years away now the fun fact here is we are two thousand
whatever light years away light years are a measurement of distance not time
as we learn in Brock’s gym and pokemon red blue green and yellow so since we
are technically not in a lola anymore you come on in here take this thunder
stone and with this thunder stone we drop it on pikachu and you notice that
the evolution music is different it’s a regular evolution music as
opposed to the lowland evolution music which is in a lower key and boom right
you why you would want to go ahead and get yourself a can Tony and Raichu over
in a lowland Raju I’m not too sure it’s new typing is great it’s new stats are
great maybe maybe the eyes and the cheeks freak you out I don’t know
also same thing goes for execute you could drop a leaf stone on him thanks
you gonna drop a leaf stone on him and with that you’re gonna be getting
yourself a Kanto nyan executor which I just want to talk about some here for a
second so in Pokemon Sun it says Aloha is the best environment for this Pokemon
local people take pride in its appearance saying this is how executor
ought to look now what’s funny is you going into the ultra wormhole and
getting yourself a can Tony an executor is basically stunting its growth and and
allowing it to not flourish as a floor as a a plant a flurry in species and I
don’t know how you would say that now subject don’t want to talk about is
breeding diggity as I mentioned before if you have in a lowland Persian in your
game there is no way to get yourself a can Tony and Persian you would need to
actually get yourself on a can Tony in variant of that Pokemon same thing goes
for Grimer Vulpix ninetails all those pokemon yeah
if you happen to get yourself your hands on a Kanto nyan Vulpix or whatever
Pokemon like that you can actually preserve their regional variants and the
trick to that is to actually give them a never stone now every stones are not
hard to come by at all I already have one I didn’t even try to look for one I
actually think I got one raagh and Rolla and bull door I don’t know how to say
their names I’m probably saying I’m wrong but those two Pokemon actually
have a 50% chance of having it as a held item and they have sturdy so it’s it’s
one of the easiest Pokemon to catch anyways now that my Vulpix is holding
the Everstone i can give it to the nursery lady over here alright I’ll take
care of your Vulpix for a while come back in a little bit great oh that did
oh and Vulpix get along pretty well oh hey there see your arms are crossed
oh hey I have surprising news for you Pokemon was holding one an egg it’s
total mystery right right sure is now I’m just gonna come here real quick I’m
going to take my Vulpix out of the nursery I’m going to remove the
Everstone and I’m gonna put the Vulpix back in now Vulpix is back in there
without the Everstone along with dead oh thanks ditto someone I want to go on
record to say is when you have a Pokemon that’s holding it every stone inside of
the nursery wall brooding there is a 50% chance that that Pokemon is going to
have the same nature as its parent so that Vulpix has a 50% chance of having
the same nature as the Vulpix that I put in there so now as you see I have my two
eggs in here also I have a Pokemon with flame body to heat up the egg process
talonflame is in here this egg was made with the Vulpix holding the Everstone
and this egg was made with the Vulpix without holding the Everstone oh so you
hear that that high pitched sound this is probably gonna be our can Tony
involve –ax also the background is very different
so taking my Vulpix I was able to get myself a can Tony and N and a lowland
Vulpix using the same Vulpix I’d said that I’m getting redundant sorry about
that so let’s go ahead and seek ourselves out a Vulpix and as you see in
here there are a whole bar oh that is a shiny
can Tony invol picks I mean they’re asking for a legendary and that’s a can
Tony Vulpix I search for a legendary oh and asking for a you be great and asking
for another you be and a legendary and a legendary guys this is this is not how
to use the GTS oh so like right here we have a Ken Tony Vulpix asking for a
scissor well that’s not right level 91 no I don’t think it’s so much that the
GTS is just the worst place in the world I just think that all of the reasonable
trades go quickly unlike this one which this can Tony and Vulpix is asking for a
porygon to know a level 91 Blaziken so uh this is a
horrible example of what I’m talking about
but with these exclusive can Tony and Pokemon you can ask for somewhat
slightly rarer Pokemon so say for example you need a Pokemon that’s not
available in your version of the game like like a path simian or something
like that great way to get your hands on them not so much a level 91 young mega
No so guys hope this video was helpful on regional variant Pokemon how to breed
them how to get them how to get non-regional varying exclusive Pokemon
and everything else if this video was helpful be sure to drop a like if you’re
new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time
Austin John out be sure to LIKE this video and subscribe I’m gonna be giving
you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days and weeks till next
time Austin John out

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