How to get CUTE PUPPY PICTURES | Pittsburgh Farm Vlog Ep. 1

How to get CUTE PUPPY PICTURES | Pittsburgh Farm Vlog Ep. 1

Stefanie: We’re at the farm again. Caleb: We got our Pittsburgh farm Vlog again
today, showing you guys around the farm. Check it out. Stefanie: Hey you. I’m Stefanie. Caleb: I’m Caleb. Stefanie: This is honey bear and our message
is simple; You are loved beyond measure. We’re so grateful you’re here. It means so much to us when you click that
button down below and subscribe, like, comment. We love hearing from you guys. It really encourages us to keep making fun
Vlogs. Caleb: Yeah, definitely. Our comment of the week this week comes from;
Professor Heather Austin. ” Wow, that was an epic gingerbread house
challenge. Great stuff!” Caleb: Thank you so much for checking that
challenge out. We had so much fun shooting that challenge. Really appreciate your comments, really appreciate
the love. Stefanie: I’m gonna get you next time. Caleb: Yes. No, actually, that’s not going to happen. Stefanie: I wanted to give you an update on
our nest bed. I told you I would and we love it. We obviously aren’t sleeping there now, ’cause
we’re in Pittsburgh on this Vlog. Caleb: Yes. Stefanie: We slept on it for a couple weeks. Caleb: Yeah. Stefanie: Right away, we just loved it. Caleb: It’s amazing. Stefanie: We slept so well. Caleb: Yeah. Stefanie: We can’t say enough good things
about it. Caleb: Usually my back starts hurting, but
it as not hurt. It’s been amazing. Stefanie: It feels so much better, ’cause
you’re back was hurting before. Caleb: 100%. Stefanie: Anyways, people have been asking
how we liked it and we wanted to update you and we say two thumbs up. We have no complaints, it’s amazing. Caleb: Today our secret mission is to get
a picture of Callie and Honey Bear at the same time. I don’t know if that’s possible. Callie is Stefanie’s sister Christina and
her husband, Daniel’s dog. It’s an Australian Shepherd and it’s a very
cute dog, but she is very hyper and Honey Bear doesn’t know what to do with that. It’s going to be tough to get a picture of
them, but I think… I mean Stefanie says yes. I’m saying, it’s gonna be tough. We’ll see. It could happen. Mission impossible on the farm today. Let’s go. Caleb: Come here Callie, come here. This is Callie. That’s Honey Bear. They’re playing. Who is that Honey Bear? Honey bear, come here. They play. Honey Bear doesn’t… Honey Bear as her tired face on, ’cause she’s
been chased by Callie for the last 10 minutes in our mission to get the perfect picture
of them two. Stefanie: How do we do it? Caleb: It’s the Christmas miracle. Callie and Honey Bear got a picture together. Stefanie: We got it. Caleb: Wow. It took some coaching. Stefanie: We’re matching right now, kind of. Caleb: We are matching. Man, dang boo. Okay. Okay. Wow. Stefanie didn’t like my victory dance at all. But it’s all good. Caleb: There’s Honey Bear, she’s traumatized
from the Callie taking taking a picture. But it was awesome, have to admit. Goal today, accomplished. Caleb: We are walking at the farm .I don’t
know if you guys saw our video back in November, October. We were at the farm in Pittsburgh. Stefanie: We’re having such a good time. It’s really muddy so I’m watching where I’m
walking. Caleb: It’s really cold. We’re like we’re going to go for a walk and
it’s really muddy. It doesn’t get muddy in California. Stefanie: Not that often. Caleb: Not that often. Not really. Honey Bear is enjoying herself I think. She’s like, what is all this mud? We’re going to go for a walk around the property. We checked out this really cool property over
the hill. Stefanie: That my parent’s just bought. Caleb: Yeah. That is cool .Always cool when people are
able to get property. Stefanie: Look how pretty it looks over there. Caleb: That’s where Daniel hunts from. Stands on top of that thing. I don’t think I’m brave enough. We’re walking through the back road trails
right now. Stefanie: A coyote. Caleb: What? Where? Speaker 3: Callie. Stefanie: All right. We think we just saw a coyote. That’s why Honey Bear had to get picked up. Caleb: She had to get picked up because of
the coyotes. Gotta watch out. Stefanie: I’m sorry if it’s shaky because
there is some crazy ground. I have really nice boots from my mother in
law, but I didn’t want to wear them because I didn’t want to get them messed up. Caleb: On a mad search for Callie right now. Stefanie: Come on Callie. Caleb: Hopefully she comes back around. [crosstalk 00:05:35]. Honey Bear is just hanging out. Speaker 3: Callie girl. Caleb: There’s a camera right there on the
tree. Stefanie: Oh my God. Caleb: Which is to see the different hunting
that Daniel can do. Caleb: Hey guys. This guy right here, this red one; that right
there, that’s the man. That’s gonna be the father of all the cows
and bulls and everything. He’s chilling. That’s Calvin right there. What a guy. Caleb: This is number six and that’s number
four. Caleb: Calvin, what’s up my dude? You’re not feelin’ it? Okay. Stefanie: This is Stormy and Honey Bear is
meeting Stormy for the first time. Caleb: Hi Stormy. Here’s the pig. He’s cute. This cow is a bad baby, as we like to say. This is number three and he keeps getting
out of the other fence. He was in there and we tried to trap him in
and now he’s stuck in here because the electric fence is a lot better. Stefanie: What’s up? Caleb: We are really to get one more day on
the farm. It was really nice to come out and get to
see number three and our family and everything else. It was a great day. I’m really happy we decided to make it out. Aren’t you boo? Stefanie: Yes. I love time with my sister. Caleb: It is a great time. We are happy and sad that we have to go, but
we love family and we love Pittsburgh. It’s awesome. Stefanie: We’re going to miss it. Caleb: We hope you guys really like our Pittsburgh
farm Vlog. We got to come back to the farm, we’re so
happy. It’s been so nice. Stefanie: Yeah guys, thank you so much. Please like, subscribe, comment, turn on that
little notification bell and you are loved beyond measure. Caleb: Well see you guys in the next video.

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