How to Gain Your Cats Trust! Cat Behaviour 101

How to Gain Your Cats Trust! Cat Behaviour 101

hi guys welcome back to Relax my cat my
name is Savannah and I’m alone again today as I’m Maya’s not doing to well
but she should pull through don’t worry today’s video is all about ways to gain
your cat’s trust so with that said this week’s video is how to get your cat to
trust you cats are really secret independent creatures and trust for them
is a really big thing as it is for humans in all honesty it can take a long
time to build up that kind of trust with a cat but I guess the main thing to take
away from this video is there’s no surefire way to make your cat trust you
you just have to give them space be respectful and give them time mainly
nothing’s gonna change everything overnight kind of thing with cats it’s
time and space and respect the first thing is don’t be grabby I know it’s so
easy just to want to hold them all the time I’m the worst for it trust me
but the best thing to do is give them space and they’ll come to you when
they’re ready and then you can pet them and hold them but don’t be constantly
kind of grabbing them and pulling them and petting them because they like being
alone next you can also try slow blinking got closing your eyes around
your cats and this basically says I trust you enough not to kill me while my
eyes are shut in cat language which is always a plus
and lastly works with absolutely everyone and everything I’m sure is food
feeding your cats treats and trying to bring them closer to you so they get
used to being around you physically is a really good way and it also has that
kind of reward system ones that close to you they get a treat and it becomes a
positive nice thing to do you know honesty build interest rate of the cat
like I said before is really similar to build interest with a human you just
have to respect them give them space and privacy
and show them that you’re there for them and give them treats but other than that
it’ll happen in their own time just don’t make any like super loud noises or
startle them just be relaxed become another relaxed and calm too so that is
it for this week’s video thank you so much for watching and I’ll put this
helpful and be sure to LIKE and subscribe and comment and all that kind
of stuff and I will see you next week thank you bye bye

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  1. Loved this video. My cats know that if they are eating or sleeping, we will let them be alone. And if we do need to wake them up, we will call their name first. I find myself talking to them all the time. My tomcat love to be groomed. So he will come and ask to be groomed once every day. With a soft natural bristle brush I will give him a light massage. It helps to get all the dead fur off his body and make his coat shine. Both my cats loves music and Relax my cat is their favorite. So we have to play "The Sleepy Kitten Music" every day. That will make them fall asleep. Hope Mia is feeling better now. Hugs from Norway.

  2. Hello Savannah,
    I hope Mia is doing okay. I remember when Kameo was so sick. Hugs to you!!!
    Just know that Mia resides in your heart forever!! 🙂


  4. Hi Savannah! I'm so glad you like to hold your cat a lot. I'm also glad you give her space, also very important! This was a good video and space is very important to remember with a cat, ESPECIALLY when they are sick/dying UNLESS they want to be cuddled of course!

    To anybody reading this, I was guilty of taking my cat for granted at times. I've had him for 15 years and now I have him scheduled to be put to sleep cause kidney disease is getting to be too much for him. Unless you already know this (whoever is reading this) when a cat is dying, whether it's from an illness or old age, most of them like to be left completely alone and won't even look at you. Even my fuzz ball, who always cuddled fiercely all his life. He is in and out, he drifts away like this but then comes back for a while. Coming back to his old self is less and less. I cherish every single time he makes eye contact with me, cuddles, responds to my voice, etc. I'll make this short and say this much: PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE A CAT OR ANY PET AT ALL, ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO GREET THEM, SAY GOODBYE WHEN YOU'RE LEAVING, GIVE TREATS, AND UNLESS YOU REALLY CAN'T CUDDLE AT THE MOMENT… NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER REFUSE A CUDDLE. BECAUSE IT MAY BE THE LAST TIME THEY ARE TRYING TO CUDDLE WITH YOU. EVEN IF THEY'RE YOUNG AND HEALTHY ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. SO PLEASE LET YOUR PETS KNOW ALL THE TIME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM.

    By the way this channel is a blessing and it's been a blessing to my cat too. The music has relaxed him a lot during his bad moments so thank you guys!

  5. This is so helpful!!!

  6. Very important , tanks

  7. Thank you for this lovely video. I hope your Mia feels better soon xx

  8. Ladie:it won’t trust you overnight (something along those lines)
    Me:first day I got my kitten 6hrs later the cat trust me

    Don’t ask me how I did it cause Idek myself

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