How to Care for Box Turtles : Box Turtles as Pets

How to Care for Box Turtles : Box Turtles as Pets

Box turtles make wonderful pets, even for
small children. Not necessarily to be handled and picked up and cuddled, but more like something
that you can definitely interact with. They like to go outside and go for little strolls,
they love to be left outside if you build some sort of little outdoor enclosure, you
can let them run around. And its fun to sit out there and hand-feed them. They’re definitely
not too shy, they have great personalities, they’re all a little bit different. And this
one I’m particularly attached to because she’s a rescue, and I’ve spent a lot of time with
her and we’ve kind of developed a bond that you can’t develop with a whole lot of reptiles,
but turtles are definitely one exception. If you want a reptile, but you want that you’re
able to interact with and have them interact back with you, you would definitely want to
choose a box turtle. They originated in Eastern central and South Western U.S. They also come
from Mexico, but not very often. Its mainly in the South West U.S. that they originate

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  1. what do you mean why a tank?/

  2. There is a difference between Tortoises and Turltes.. That is nto a turtle.

  3. @crp50403 it is called a box turtle they dont need as much water and spend most of their time on land u shoold learn before you speek. or type i guess

  4. @sawmane1
    I'm assuming you mean "Speak"

  5. @irishbreakfast stoopid.

  6. @irishbreakfast huh

  7. mine doesnt eat when people are watching what do i do

  8. Try Tess Cook's Box Turtles book for good information on how to care for a box turtle. It's in most pet stores.

  9. @Fluffyninjacutie well than why do u post comments if u don't want people to read them

  10. MINE EITHER um you should try to give it digging area so i can dig and hide while eatin

  11. What kind of light is that I'm trying to find one

  12. i can not get mine to eat green things! he was doing well but the last 6 months he only wants berry s and just a few. he did eat a few crickets when i put them in last week. thats all we have seen him eat for about two months. we know everything he eats.

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