How to Breed and Train Homing Pigeons : The History Of Homing Pigeon Races in India

My name is Joseph S.C. Lee. I am the son of
Mr. B.S. Lee. My father had founded the Calcutta Racing Pigeon Club. This was founded in 1953
with a few members. In the first year, they had their race up through Badwan that is only
107 kilometers. Then in the second year, they went up to Gouya that is 553 kilometers from
Calcutta. On the third year, they went up to Alabahd which is 813 kilometers and later
on we increased the distance and right now at present we have raced a pigeon from Delhi
to Calcutta which is 1, 431 kilometers so that is I think the longest distance race
that is raced in India. So in the meantime we have imported a lot of birds also from
England, from Canada, from Belgium and one of the members had imported birds from Scotland
from Mr. Newcomb who was twice the fancier of the yard in England. So when we have sent
our results of our record to them, they wrote a letter back and they said the record that
you wrote to us is not only good but is very very good. It can be compared with our standards
also. So this racing pigeon is very popular in England, in Belgium, in Holland and even
China is very popular. We have in my father’s name, my father had got one pigeon by the
name of Rocket. He has come back from Concord flying with the speed of 1,500 yards per minute
and the distance is 1,017 kilometers.

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