How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

How small a hole can a mouse get through?  Experiments.

my mouse maze from last year had this 19 millimeter hole that the mouse got through without problems, but I wonder
how small a hole can a mouse get through. And if that most makes it through all
these holes I can just slide that over and force the mouse through even smaller
holes. I put some peanut butter in front of the holes as well as in the holes and
in the compartments behind. And I’ve got my Raspberry Pi 2 with a camera module watching it Now I just have to wait for a mouse so the critical diameter is somewhere
between 16 and 17 and a half millimeters so have to make some holes of those
sizes and I’m using my pantorouter for those odd sized holes I know the mouse can get through that one. What I’m testing is half a millimeter smaller and one millimeter smaller than that I’m adding more peanut butter to make it
more tempting for the mouse so it’ll actually try those holes finally it went in a hole but I already knew It could do that one it seems the mouse wasn’t even trying the smaller holes but added more peanut butter just to make sure the mouse kept coming back Oh no no I’ve been infiltrated by a mole but actually it’s just as shrew, but still
not what I was looking for well I guess this one’s a little bit too
big to take away the mouse bait and the mouse is back but I think that
most has just gotten lazy or maybe I fed or maybe I fed it too much already well at least that shrew is trying to get
into holes that hole is too small just give it up holy crap I wonder if it is
make it back out no way the mouse never tried to go through that hole I left the experiment running for a few
days after that and the shrew kept going through the same holes but never the
smallest one

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  1. is it just me are the mole and rat are cute ō-ō

  2. Now we know shrews are more persistent than mice, lol, and can apparently fit through smaller holes! I think the spiders freaked me out the most!

  3. You guys think rats have bones? Well no, Rats have no Bones but have all Control on their Body. Cats wouldn’t eat Rats if they had Bones, now don’t be dumb. Learn more.

  4. Absolutely loved the sound effects!!!??

  5. 5:04 shrew music intensifies

  6. 2AM in bed watching this video

  7. Cute little buggah

  8. Your mouse is a fat one …

  9. "Now all I have to do is wait for a mouse"…uuummmm…wtf did you just say?

  10. Put the hole against the bottom or side. Like a half-moon shape.

  11. What a Cute Pest didn't know he/she is in a experiment???

  12. That's not a shrew that is a vole

  13. Those sounds 10/10

  14. What if you used a rubber surface or sand paper or something else that would allow the mouse to push against the floor as it wriggled through?

  15. that thing shitted so many times

  16. When the shrew shows up ???

  17. why does the shrew have a sinister theme tune though?

  18. great sound affects

  19. The mouse got fat from eating and could barely move! 😉

  20. geat video to fall asleep to.

  21. Convincing a mouse it's fat.

  22. The rat cant go through holes BECUZ EVERYTIME HE GO THRU THE HOLE AND EAT THE RAT GO FAT!!

  23. Here's a tip you can get mice cheap at petco

  24. Depends on how big the mosue is

  25. Lmao at him putting his lil foot on the glass to try to help push himself in 3:23

  26. I love the sound effects.

  27. That shrew had some serious determination and got all the food!! It was actually fun to watch him/her go through that last maze as fast as it did. Lol

  28. How did you manage to get the rat into?

  29. I love how they both have their own theme song

  30. So I guess the whole "mice can fit into holes as big as your pinky or pen" is utter bullshit.

  31. Isn't the determining factor the size of it's head/skull?

  32. Dont eat ur own shit!

  33. Thats funny but very educational video thank you so much

  34. Kok tikusnya nggak masuk?

  35. Goddamnit it's the best work on sound I ever seen

  36. I like how the dude feel the need to add licking in the background when the mouse eats ?

  37. The sound effects as the shrew is going in and out had me dying lol

  38. How small a MAUS can get into a hole.

  39. holy crap im 26m th viewer ! 😀

  40. your mouse is getting chubbier by the minute!! you feed it far too much. so its no wonder it gets less and less able to squeeze throuh the smaller holes

  41. How many pests do you have in your home cause these are not pets

  42. Why am I watching this? lol

  43. This video is awesome LOL DUDE I Love your video with the SFX's and Music.. IT makes something so simple into a opera of fun xD;

  44. The poop is so cute ?

  45. i wonder how he made the effects

  46. Thet are getting a little to chubby from the peanut butter

  47. Now trap him inside and burn him up for eating all ur peanut butter and leaving u turds to clean up lol

  48. Pretty sure it’s not a Shrew, but a Vole, a hard working vole.

  49. It would be interesting to test the reverse experiment. How big a gole can a mouse get through ?

  50. Did you put laxatives in the peanut butter?

  51. This is a fun video haha, great stuff! I had a little mouse in the house (found him in the bathroom, caught with a towel and let free) and now I know how he came in.

  52. The sound effects had me glued! Great job! lol

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  55. Notice how the mouse treats the spaces like washroom stalls

  56. I like how you make the shrew seem like the bad guy with all the scary music when it's on and happy music when the mouse is on the screen

  57. OMFG THERE WERE SPIDERS (I know it's an attic but I have arachnophobia….so…) ewwww

  58. That was fun to watch! And the Sound effects were awesome!!

  59. Petition to name the shrew Gerard, reply to sign

  60. Holy Shit! Can’t believe the Shrew made it through the second one?…. LoL, I think the mouse just got spoiled and or full.. gave him too much for free.

  61. that mouse was enlarging those holes with its teeth

  62. Honestly… I can't believe I watched the whole thing… Lol. Must've been the sound effects. 😀

  63. I guess you could say
    Shrews are shrewd


  64. Когда скучно, можно играть с мышь ????????????????

  65. The mouse be like : Why can’t I get through this hole am I getting fat?!

  66. What if you put a hole just big enough so the mice can fit through then load it with a bunch of bait so it gets fatter and then can no longer escape

  67. Mouse is lazy and m..l is hard worker

  68. We can safely say the mouse would fit in the 17mm hole if the shrew did.

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  78. So glad you posted this. I’ve always wondered.

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