How Big Do Teacup Pigs Get? | Small Pets

How Big Do Teacup Pigs Get? | Small Pets

Hello, my name is Jill Phillips, and I’m co-owner
of Squeals on Wheels, a traveling petting zoo and pony rides. My name is John Phillips. We have horses, miniature horses. We have miniature llamas and alpacas, chickens,
ducks. We have bearded dragons. Our website is I would say that the average-size miniature
pig is under 30 pounds. Some, obviously, get much larger and some
may end up smaller, maybe even under 20 pounds because there has been a lot of selective
breeding with the different breeds of miniature pigs. You really have to do your research and go
to a reputable pig breeder if you’ve decided to go to a breeder or any of the miniature
pig sanctuaries or rescues. It’s always best to see the parents of the
little miniature pig, or at least have a picture of the sow and boar, the piggy’s parents,
so that you can see exactly how tall they’re going to be. Most of the little miniature pigs might to
10 inches tall at the shoulders, or the withers; some, up to 14. So there’s no standardized term to define
the size of miniature pigs, so you really have to do your homework if you’re looking
for a very small pig.

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  1. It's a cute pig…but this really didn't answer the question at all. Go do your research? what was the point in watching this? :/

  2. did you not pay attention?
    average = 30 pounds.
    But it depends on the breed so go look at the parents of the mini pig as an example of how tall they will most likely grow to be.

  3. Do you vaccinate adult pigs and if so for what and how often and how? Thanks

  4. Only by going to a breeder and seeing the piglets parents will you have any idea how big it will get. It's no different to buying a cat or dog – you look at the parents to get an idea of personality and physical characteristics. Since pigs as mini pets is a new thing, lots of people scam off a piglet as a 'micro or teacup' pig when it's not. Also, a minature pig isn't the same as a specific breed, its a broad term and there is no official size since there is no official breed.

  5. Except pot belly pigs grow for five years and are fertile at like six months or a year so a parent pig can still have four more years of growing to do. Looking at the parents then does little good to tell you how big the offspring will get.

  6. I think they had been on Wife Swap?

  7. Wouldn't spaying or neutering the piglet keep them from getting as big as their biological parents? Maybe it won't prevent said growth spurt by that much, but unless the pet owner plans on breeding them then it is probably a good idea to do it anyway.

  8. anyway of getting a pig of yous?

  9. so they stay smaller then an average dog? thats all i wanna know i dont want a big ass pig lol i want something about average size of a normal dog 

  10. lies, these things can get to 150-200 pounds easy. have you no shame?

  11. I love animals and I am going to call you

  12. Looks like my dinner tomorrow lol

  13. Average under 30?


    Average is under 70 pounds.

  14. I really want to get a baby pig on Christmas my dad says maybe if i be good I can have one and that calls me the pet lover because I have two Gerbil's and I take care of two German shepherds candy is the girl and hooch is the boy and I take care of Leo the turtle yes my mom named him that before she passed away.. Anyway I'm the pet lover I'll love anything yet till I die mice ,dogs, birds you name it 😉

  15. WHen you are bored with the pig as a pet can you eat it?

  16. It s a disaster to not know an adult size… It would be so easy to name an adult pig less than 30cm : "micro pig". And why not giving the cm on an adult age? If breeders are so that stupid to not giving a F…g breed Name to a pig? The chihuahua is a breed. Do the same and if breeders are idiots : give the adult cm full size of that 15 years old pig (just to be sure it's adult ; as I have already seen stupid breeders giving the adult size of 1 year… The animal has not finishing growing) !!! It s so easy.

  17. I have a Teacup Juliana Pig. she is 6years old and weighs 25lbs. So……they are real!!!

  18. the teacup pig is about as real as a teacup horse they do not exist, there are minuature pigs

  19. Some of the commentators are right, teacup pigs don't exist. There are miniatures when mature, that weight from 50 -100+ pounds. Others saying differently either are benefiting from spreading this lie or have been duped themselves and are looking for company. A genetic company in China is selling lab pigs bred to be small but chances of you getting one are slim. You're already on the internet, you might as well google the facts and educate yourselves.

  20. People are so stupid! Those are all baby pigs in the video. Healthy mini pigs grow up to around 50-100 pounds and they don't stay tiny and soft. They get big and look like regular pot bellied pigs! Do proper research people.

  21. not 30 lbs 100 pounds

  22. The "piggies' parents" can be bred at only a few months old, giving totally the wrong impression of eventual size.

  23. That bearded dragon looks horrible you should not be allowed to own him or her

  24. do you know any good breeders for miniature pigs

  25. When she says the pigs grow to 30 pounds, she is lying. They grow to over 60, easy.

  26. the information provided here at the average size of the miniature pigs is highly misleading.

  27. Most miniature pigs will NEVER be 30-60 pounds. 99% of the time, that pig will be at 120 pounds and stand at anywhere from 15"-18" tall at the shoulder blade. However, that's still REALLY small compared to average sized hog, which is why they are still mini-pigs. Because they mini compared to their cousins. They typically get to be the size of a medium-sized dog with height and length, but they do get quite a belly oh them XD

  28. There so cute I want a teacup pig 🐷🐷🐷 😍😘😍😘❤️

  29. what is a good website to get out of these

  30. 0:37 bitch knows shes lying.

  31. I think this woaman is begging very kind to tell us that we need to look at the pigs parents to see how tall and big your pig can get. In the other videos I watched it said do not buy a teacup pig because they can get big. thanks for sharing this video to us and for all the unformation to know how big pigs can get. thank you😄

  32. if it gets too big I might have to kill its ass and eat it

  33. I know some people are saying there is no such thing as mini pigs. I think there is. Although mini pigs can weigh alot,they don't weigh as much as other breeds. Also some people are saying that's a baby pig on the video. Of course it's a baby no way it's an adult. Anyroad,Thanks squeals on wheels I'm looking forward to adopting a mini pig. Possibly Arnold.

  34. Also If you're looking forward to getting a teacup/mini pig,got to their site:squeals on wheels. The pigs are super cute there! If you live on Maryland you should be near them. I think most of them are 950.000. Cheaper than most. The pig you were holding was so cute

  35. Do you turn your pigs into bacon and ham because they are my favorite animal and I want one SO bad so I think that's sad if you do

  36. Alright we get it teacup pigs don't exist….but yea they actually don't so please do not get booty tickle people that lady speaking went bankrupt after customers scampigs I mean teacup pigs grew a shit load more than 30 pounds


  38. Mini Pigs are not at average 30 lbs. They can be that small but that is extremely rare. The real average is maybe 70 or 80 lbs. Remember Mini Pigs are only mini to regular 700 lbs pigs

  39. When you only understand the metric system and can’t understand shit

  40. Do they need to have a forage place ? I mean can they not live inside?

  41. The closest to a miniature pig I would say would be a potbellied which weighed from 150-200pouns I dont think a pig can weigh 30 and under.

  42. No such thing as a mico or teacup pig. It's called people starve the living hell out of them and they are malnourished in order to keep them "small and cute". Educate yourself before owning one please

  43. you could get the runt of the smallest pig breeder you can find. i bet it would make it smaller

  44. this is technically all a lie, if you want a real tiny pig you'll have to get a fake one, or some how they find a way to make them smaller

  45. probably better if you look at the parents when they are 6-7 years old, then you could probably get the accurate size you see on the pig.

  46. Okay crazy bitch lmao

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