Here’s The Ultimate Guide For How To Properly Pet All Different Animals

Here’s The Ultimate Guide For How To Properly Pet All Different Animals

1. Cats: If you own a cat, or know someone
who does, then you�re well aware of how much they enjoy affection. But, if you want
to come out of it unscathed, you better stick with torso- and back-action only. You can
forget about the paws or tail. And their bellies? Me-ouch! 2. Dogs: Dogs, on the other hand, love belly-rubs.
Like, really love them. Actually, you can�t go wrong when it comes to petting your pup.
Head and ears? Check. Back? Check. Chest? Check! Nothing�s really off-limits; just
don�t play too much tug-of-war with that tail, and you�ll be golden. 3. Rabbits: Bunnies are like little hopping
balls of cotton, and that�s pretty much exactly how they feel to the touch, too. You
can pretty much pet them everywhere, but steer clear of their bellies. Just like cats, those
are the real hop-stacle to navigate. 4. Goldfish: You�ve probably never thought
about trying to pet a goldfish before. If you�ve ever touched any kind of fish, you
know their slimy scales aren�t exactly pleasant. It�s safe to say that they�re not fans
of being cuddled, either. If you really want to go for it, you�ll have to catch one first.
Good luck with that. 5. Chinchillas: Just looking at a chinchilla
makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. These little balls of fluff are super friendly
and they don�t usually have any off-limits areas to pet. The second you pet one, you�ll
want to take it home (and chances are they won�t mind). 6. Hedgehogs: Everyone who grew up in the
1990s will remember Sonic the Hedgehog�the super fast, chili dog-loving, animated blue
hedgehog who collected gold rings in all of your SEGA video games? Real hedgehogs don�t
have a need for speed (or power rings), but they can be friendly, so long as you�re
careful with them. 7. Pigs: Oink, oink! Wherever you�re rubbing
them, little piggies will be happy. These guys don�t seem to have too much of a preference
for where you pet them, so long as they�re getting attention. You might want to avoid
their bellies and their legs, just in case. Everything else makes them go hog-wild! 8. Snakes: These slithery fellows only accept
pets from the bravest of the brave. A lot of people have ophidiophobia (if you�ve
ever seen the 1997 flick Anaconda, you�ll know why), but in reality, they�re far less
scary than their scales and fangs lead people to believe� so long as they�re not the
venomous kind, of course. Still, you�re better off letting them slither around their
tanks on their own terms than trying to cuddle them. 9. Bears: Okay, so these guys may not be the
most appropriate animals on this list when it comes to cuddling tips, but let�s face
it, they are cute� when you watch them from afar. That said, the only bear you should
be snuggling is your teddy. 10. Bugs: Creepy crawlies aren�t really
known for being very squishable, unless you�re trying to actually kill them as opposed to
cuddle them. Thankfully, most of them don�t intend to harm you unless you�re terrorizing
their nests or they�re fond of your blood (lookin� at you, mosquitos). That said,
follow this advice: no hugs for bugs. Best to just shoo them away! 11. Horses: These majestic animals are famously
graceful and they just love attention. They are known to be a bit skittish, though, so
you should stick to where they can see you. Do yourself�and your kneecaps�a favor
and stay away from their backsides, lest you get kicked. 12. Wolverines: These bushy-tailed wild things
might look cute and fluffy, but if you ever encounter one of them in the wild, just remember
that they�re every bit as ferocious as their X-Men namesake. There�s a reason why Wolverine�s
got a temper!

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