Hamster |La primera mascota de muchos| (Animales domésticos) |Cuidados de mascotas|

Hamster |La primera mascota de muchos| (Animales domésticos) |Cuidados de mascotas|

one of the first pets that most of us have had, have been a hamster, this rodent Plump and googly eyes was the first approach to an animal, which has a very simple and requires very little space to keep them care, but still there are always doubts to keep them in optimal wellness. There are 19 species where most serve as pets, which change their size and character with people, but their care are very similar or if not identical so the video will be taken as a general way to them. The first is to have a cage, this must measuring about 30 square centimeters base, a height of 30 centimeters, this will allow you can walk enough to exercise or place objects you want inside, but if a larger size is much better. the material must be easy clean and important, they can not gnaw such as an aquarium, a cage which are the most economical choices, which must have the bars very close, because they can leave for them, by having a collapsible skull, allowing you through narrow places; also it can be plastic, which must have adequate ventilation and can not bite the hamster. to the floor the best thing can make is wood chips, because they tend to gnaw anything and if newspaper puts them can ingest lead-containing ink, food is placed in a fret preferably of metal which do not run out and water in a dispensing trough. this pet has been implemented you a lot of toys that can be placed inside enclosure, such as wheels, where they spend the most time walking them, taking into account to be avoided that may clog them a leg on the wheel, plus they can put a maze through which roam without fear, which amuses them. they feed hamster or pelletized for large seeds of different types, which can be acquired in places where they sell food for birds, which tend to eating store inside his cheeks, giving a curious look even more tender. not allowing them to be alone in a room loose, because it they can hide and its small size, it is very difficult to see a return time, plus if you find a way out or a hole they shall go to him. They are behavioral Variable, often they tend to be aggressive and do not allow the load, biting fingers and trying to flee and some others are docile, keeping quiet in hands of people, this depends largely on the species and how they fence driving especially at an early age, being animals that require supervision an adult when handling a child, this because being small can give If you see them as toys and hurt when performing abrupt actions, besides not I leave them with other animals such as dogs or cats, because they can see prey and eat them or kill them. They are the pets most prolific there, because in a very short time, if you have a partner, procreate as fast that space will be insufficient thing to take into account, reach the sexual maturity of 60 to 90 days depending on the species and only 15 to 18 days gestation, the mother gives birth to 5-8 pups per litter in a range of 20 to 30 days, It is one of the most prolific species as pets. Pups are born hairless and mother fed for 30 days, a very important thing is not to touch the young while feeding on the mother can ignore this because the smell of his progeny and resort to cannibalism because their offspring identified by smell or separate the father from attacking the young to not eat them. in many Sometimes homeowners realize that the 2 hamsters they had were female and male, at the time when they see small babies in a nest that make moving the chip their habitat. having a life expectancy of three to four years, being pets not longevas, but with a high reproductive rate. They are become ill from breathing problems if they stay wet too long or is not constantly cleans habitat, It accumulating large amounts of ammonia, especially if they are put in a bowl. HE sick stomach from eating foreign objects or foreign food, rotting or to buy them because they can come contaminated with rodent droppings or urine sick, which is due to attend a veterinarian at the time any condition is detected or something out of the ordinary. one of the biggest myths, It is that these rodents are as many transmitters of rabies if they bite and infect you of this disease, which is a lie this, you need to start being bitten by a animal carrying the virus, which is very difficult because they live in a space closed where it can hardly get a wild animal; and if it happens, most likely kill the hamster before contracting the virus, and another is that rodents go through the symptoms of rabies, so fast that before you can delete the virus through saliva, flowerpots inpidiendoles biting muscles are paralyzed, so you can manipulate your hamster with confidence without fear that you transmit rabies if you get a bite. being one of the first pets that great of us we have had in our childhood or that serve us learn how caring for a living being, that is the hamster. 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  1. si por fin el video de los hamster sisisisi

  2. si por fin el video de los hamster sisisisi

  3. si por fin el video de los hamster sisisisi

  4. si por fin el video de los hamster sisisisi

  5. si por fin el video de los hamster sisisisi

  6. si por fin el video de los hamster sisisisi

  7. recuerdo a mi hamster, un día escapo de su jaula abriéndola y no volvi a ver sino un par de meses después cuando mi mamá me dijo que lo vio en un hoyo en nuestro jardín, sobrevivió 2 o 3 meses a perros, serpientes, sapos, tarántulas y quien sabe cuantos animales más habían ahí. todo un duro de matar

  8. muy bueno tu video

  9. Me encantan los hamster ❤

  10. Buen video, pero tienen varios errores;
    1-. Las medidas mínimas que das son las incorrectas, las medidas mínimas para los hamster son 70x80x50.
    2-. La viruta de madera es muy mala para ellos, ya que contienen unos químicos llamado fenoles, que les causan problemas respiratorios a lo largo del tiempo.
    3-. La comida, lo que dices que comen, en parte es cierto pero en parte no, porque ellos necesitan una alimentación variada, no sólo comer pellets y semillas grandes.
    3-. Te faltó decir que los hamsters no son GREGARIOS, osea que NO pueden vivir con un compañero, porque no les gusta, son animales solitarios.
    Solo como tip, deberías investigar un poco más.

  11. Impresiionante como se extienden los cachetes, WOW

  12. tenía 2 hamsters, pero uno se comió al otro… desde entonces tengo un ligero trauma con los hamsters.

  13. Me gusto mucho el video esta genial

  14. Mi novio es el encantador de roedores, el dice que están más cómodos en de 3000cm² a 2500 cm² por hámster y de preferencia en la mayoría de especies estar solos, y la rueda de 15 cm a 20 cm, y con esos consejos no he tenido problemas con las diferentes especies en especial los que en México nombran chinos (enanos de chambell), lo único no tan lindo de los hámsters es su espectativa de vida

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