Gummy Food vs. Real Food SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE!! *GIANT GUMMY DRINK* Eating Best Gross Real Worm Candy

Gummy Food vs. Real Food SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE!! *GIANT GUMMY DRINK* Eating Best Gross Real Worm Candy

You guys, this is gonna be so weird this is a gummy food versus real food smoothie Let’s blend it up all right three two one Aye dude I got a gummy burger. Dude I got a real burger. They are both Awesome No, that is not good Definitely at the end of this one you have to put this in the blender and then drink it. Oh wait Why this is a gummy food versus real food smoothie challenge is gonna be so gross, so nasty. Here we go! Burger cheers Hmm I That was a long bite . oh my god bro! I ate like half of the burger too like BOOM, I still have the cheese left. You just can’t eat the burger Whoa this burger was absolutely delicious, but now the time has come to add it now How about you hold it and I’ll take off the top okay yahhhhh yeet Don’t we need that? I was hoping it woulnd’t hit the glass table back there becuase we do need the glass table. For this round as you guys as you guys know, what are you even doing over here? peace sign Oh round number two yes guys. We’re gonna. Do keep it or switch it so Devan Would you like to keep him or switch them right now? I think I want to keep it. I’m good It looks good. I get some good vibes from this one you have good vibes are Delicious oh look at that. I’m like like a praying mantis right now like the sound of a praying mantis yes a Lot of people heat it with your hands, but you can see you can do that alright, so here we go you ready to do what oh My god, it’s like a marshmallo Look like you’re enjoying this how a man with what what sushi is sour – delicious oh, no, this is a tiny little container It’s like a seaweed – I’m a walrus woah hey, what’s up dude? oh dude! You should suck it up like a noodle. Oh, yeah, yeah like spaghetti Dude it tastes like root beer. really? yeah! you try. Nooooo Yeah, if i don’t start putting these in the blender I’m going to keep eating these so I’m going to pop that one in there If I don’t start putting these in the blender I’m gonna keep you eating these. gonna pop that one in there Sushi and a burger is going to be so gross, no nooo. I cannot wait to start drinking my smoothie this looks so good. yeah not so much for me much for me. this looks nasty anyway, do you want to keep it for switching my decision is I’m going to keep it. PSYCH!!! I’ve had Little bit too much sugar right now and like my energy levels have gone launched into space on the roof! My pickles ain’t crisp. Oh look at this you see what you see how the squeeze it You cannot do this to a new fresh pickle! Well Devan on the bright side, you finally got a gummy to add to your smoothie. What? this is the worst gummy to get it doesn’t even smell good, smell it. oh my gosh. I know it’s totally smells like a pickle. I know it smells terrible. If it smells like a pickle And if it looks like a pickle your gummy might tastes like a pickle, so let’s find out right now, so you ready, here we go! Wait wait wait! We actually have got a challenge for you We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel turn on an out channel post notifications video that was out in seven second, can you do it? here we go 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 done and you can do that comment down below Keyper Squad right now! and Devan Let’s take our bites. Y’all, right Mmm. It’s sort of spicy! what? it’s sort of pickley! BRO – Who eats a pickle like that? ME! Your turn Devan, do you want to keep um or switch um? I want to switch it because last time it was terrible. alright we are switching it Here we go – 3 2 1 Yeah You got the real lemon!!! I’ve had it with eating lemon. First on YouTube that on the Disney Channel and then right now, bro I am NOT about this. This isn’t even sour. are you kidding me. This is so sweet. All right here. We go just gonna No, you just kind of eat it dude. Oh that was sour! Alright! Oh come on! What HAPPENED? My lips are burning, okay? I can’t handle it. Oh you did good. You did a good job. you can dump it there now. Dude it’s so sour! owww OK it’s your turn Collins. Do you want to keep it or switch it? see the thing is right now Devan I’m feeling extraordinary!!! what? extraordinary!!!! So I’m gonna keep it!!! OK hahaha Oh 3 2 1 ahhh it’s a pizza!! oh my gosh! the pizza! This is the crispest! yo I wonder if I can spin on one finger? Oh yeah my pizza so good oh yeah look at my cheese! wait wait wait toss it to mine – toss it to mine!!! Ok ready? 3 2 1 – – Oh no oh no we’ll cut that out Never happened never happened See this is what happens guys little life hack when you get a small pizza And you really want a large you just do this with your pizza And then suddenly you’ll have a large works every time what how’s that effective? How did it have you eaten it? Have you had any of it yet none, but I put all the teeth marks around it. Yeah, so now I can’t eat it Yep, exactly It’s a way to protect your pizza. ohhh that is a lot of gummy. It’s so delicious! Alright Alright on to the next one. I have gummy in my teeth. alright it is your turn again Do you want to keep it, or do you want to switch it? I feel like this one’s gonna be a very important decision right now So I’m gonna go DANGEROUS! switch it – switch it. alright here we go – ready? 3 2 1 Nooooooo What are the chances of getting peppers twice that’s why these gonna be spicy? Oh my gosh? I didn’t think about that. We’ll do this again. We’ll start with the green one and work our way down to the yellow I remember this one this one it wasn’t bad. You ready? I mean pepper.. 3 2 1 I’ve kind of oh it is bad. Oh, it’s way worse than the first one! red ones next, here we go oh It’s on fire, it starts out as a nice gummy and then turns into spicyyyyyy. are you ok? Oh my god! why is it so spicy with this gummy mannnn? Spicy town! And last but not least yellow one this one’s the worst, here we go. 3 2 1 Boom I think I” pop those in boom boom and we can leave that one out. ouch… my mouth is burning on fire…I need milk! You need milk – alright – ahhh right oh I feel it Mmm. You have no idea, my teeth are literally tingling. You are suffering right now. So you know what it’s your turn to choose want to keep them or switch them I want to keep up keep them alright here we go… ready 3 2 1 Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love carrots awesome. I wonder if these actually do taste like real carrots? Tell you the truth I can’t really taste anything right now! luckily I got the gummy so we can see if they actually taste like carrots. What’s the verdict? They actually taste like carrots! Really? It’s crazy! Why would you make a carrot taste like a gummy? Alright, I’m gonna pop them in. OOPS I’m a vampire! What? What are you gonna like turn me into a carrot or something? You taste nasty as a carrot Devan! My turn was still actually kind of delicious, yours on the other hand does not and this round was suggested by the instagram Keyper of The Week So if you wanna shouted out as the instagram Keyper of The Week check the description box down below, but again congratulations And let’s find out what you suggested here. We go 3 2 1 Hey, it’s a hot dog. I have never seen a gummy hot dog before…look at these buns! that looks so awesome like even the attention to detail is like the yellow mustard on the top of it Oh my gosh. I’m ready here. We go 3 2 1 Whoa, I think this may be one of if not the most tasty gummy I have ever tried in my entire life. You one guy right now. Yeah, I actually really do this one is so good Wow mm-hmm Wow oh you bit it now I can put in my drink, oh well, I guess we’re brothers so We’ve forgotten whose turn is to switch or keep it, so, I’m making the executive decision right now that Devan’s gonna make the executive decision – right now, which one is it gonna be? iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? the executive decision on my end is he’s keep em! I’m cool with that, alright? Let’s do it… all right? 3 2 1 – YESSSS!!!! Ohhhh NOOOO! What? that was the worst executive decision ever!!! I’m so not happy about this never happened never happened First try yeah, no that was the first try okay We’re definitely not gonna leave the other fails in there – exactly! I would if we can like pre-scramble an egg by doing this with it… cuz I have to drink this egg. Don’t crack it! I’m gonna crack it into my mouth… mmm Ok here we go – 3 2 1 oh it didn’t work! OH it’s just dangling!!! Your strategy didn’t work! It couldn’t have gone worse! That was sooooo gross! I literally almost through up brooo ok. ok. put the egg in there. Alright, ahhh, it’s on my finger now! ewww This one here is looking a little bit suspicious Devan Hmm you want to keep it or switch it I’m gonna take a risk and actually keep it. Alright here we go. I’m probably gonna regret this! 3 2 1 AAAHHHH it’s a watermelon!!! Oh my gosh, the only thing better than watermelon is a watermelon gummy And the only thing better than a watermelon gummy is a water melone on a stick It’s got like a little bit like a different kind of smell to it as well Wait check this thing out “Coughs” wait I chocked on my watermelon the stick won’t come out! You must try harder! Hay it came out!!! YEAH!!! No one eats the rind – yeet! Where did it go? It disappeared! Oh I’m going to pop my water malon in here! I’m hoping this is going to add a little bit of water To the base of this smoothie because it’s a really dry one. So we forgot whose turn it is again. I’m gonna rock paper scissors to decide – – – Rock – Paper – Scissors – Shoot YEAH!!!! and on that decision I want to keep it! Here we go… 3 2 1? No This is a even-peeled fam! My corn is super Harry Brown my corn has never shaved a day in his life Look how hairy my corn is. You know my corners delicious? oh
Let’s see what happens if you spin it like one of those things you like wind up and spin…and the hair just went everywhere! What if you crack a corn in half – oh Wait, I wanna try! It just juiced on me brah! No, not gonna happen. Give it a good old chump. Alright! Chop-a-lomp! Dude it’s not it’s literally just corn hey needs to be cooked. Oh, yeah, I forgot about not a fan of that. Oh god I should have been cooking oh I got a piece up. It’s all stuck to my fingers! Right Keeping it switching it right now. Okay, three two one Yeah Wait so that’s Turkey and so that was luckily a turkey leg yeah, I guess! Cheers! Yeah but it’s Turkey, yep. It’s gummy! Alright we are going to add it in. There we go boom. You have no idea how hard that is. Boom, Alright final one, here we go This final one Devan you want to keep it or switch it I’m feeling good with keeping it was what I’ll let you know I’m getting great vibes from my end So I’m very happy you’re keeping it. oh really you are? Yep. 3 2 1 Yeah Your kidding me Mooohhhh All right, that’s enough cool. Who’s gonna put the whole thing in man Oh, just just gotta make sure you got to eat your mustaches kids I’m gonna be eating those like a week man coming up right now guys about to pop a top on and blend them up so let’s do it. what happened to my top? hey wait, what did I do? Top??? Yeeet!!! hey, it’s back over there! Oh Yeah! Ya, I’m gonna pop my top on. alright time to blend it Nothing! Mine’s not do anything! I know what we’re missing. I smell smoke! pickle juice oh, oh Oh, oh that looks really gross. oh my god, I’m not excited about this drink. Oh that’s enough! I’m just grabbing water for mine. Okay wait. I’m using that pickle did I mention that I am ready – cuz I’m ready. Are you ready Devan? Nope cuz I’m getting water! That’s dripping everywhere! Your dripping everywhere! 3 2 1 Look at it go! Alright I gotta shake mine! mine’s a little blender who could! oh my god, yours is probably broken! OH my gosh, mine is actually smoking out of the back! Can you see the smoke coming out of mine? I can see it and I can smell it! Dude – mine it actually coming out of the back! Dude – We gotta open up a window, that smells! Alright Well mine didn’t do anything so I got my my spatula here, NO why are you doing that at the same time? All the sushi stuff! Oh my gosh. I can hear it, and there’s a burger all the way at the bottom. Oh, that’s why it’s not blending Yeah, all right well. Let’s try this Ahhhh it’s working!!! Gotta go deeper, bro There you go! There we go! It’s working! It’s working! Yo this is so gross! Nasty but this is the gummy food versus real food smoothie! And comment down below What are some other random foods you would love to see us make into a smoothie! Cheers! Oh my stomach is already churning Oh my gosh 3 2 the little hair sticking out of there bro! – 1 All I taste is all of the gross things… none of the gummy’s… where did all that gummy’s go who put them out? Hey guys click on another video – click right over here and also I dare you to click right over here in 5-seconds. Do it over here 5 4 3 2 1 Like when you bite into a pickle man you want that crunch cuz you want to know that it fresh to deaf! What are you some like pickle, aficionado?

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