Giant Monster Godakus and His Pet

Giant Monster Godakus and His Pet

(Godakus Roars) Godakus: Hey there buddy. How’s it going? Are you hungry? Let’s see what we have to eat. Hey! Where are you going? Don’t go into the ocean. I will go get him. There’s nobody here. It’s very cold out here. What did I say about leaving the island? It’s very dangerous. You might get hurt. What did I tell you? Godakus: I’m sorry for the intrusion. We will be leaving now. What is your prob… Alright. (Snow monster roars) (Godakus roars) Hey! Stop or I’ll bite. I told you. It’s hot out here. Where are you? There you ar.. Listen you’re not the first extraterrestrial I’ve had to deal with. Alright let’s get this over with. Let’s go home.

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  1. An estimated 3,029 pictures were taken to make this project.

  2. It's pronounced Go-da-kus.

  3. Dude! This is pretty sick. Cute concept, cool effects

  4. i would like to use you as a partner in my animation you can make my animatics and i will help you apply your traditional skill to blender which is a 3d animation program i usually use and i am an animator but i need a partner no matter how good he is in animation

  5. What material did you make Godaku's skin out of?

  6. 2:35 finish him, Godakus wins

  7. It's been three years already!

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