Gato |El emperador de los hogares| (Como cuidar a un gato) |Cuidados de mascotas|

Gato |El emperador de los hogares| (Como cuidar a un gato) |Cuidados de mascotas|

one of the most popular pets has transpired thousands of years, cats are pets, this cat was particularly revered in ancient Egypt and is believed through studies genetic dating back to 8000 BC, which attracted the attention of human beings to company or by its ability to hunt vermin such as rats, having more than 70 different breeds recognized today. the vast majority of these cats have very similar care, the key element is to identify whether it is male or female, and although it seems simple it is not because when they are puppies their sexual organs are very similar and has to observe the presence of the penis to sex them to another form is that a 90% of the tricolor cats are females so if you see one is very likely that the this can know that sex is and help you make the necessary care. they must be administered 3 times daily food until 6 months and 2 when exceeding this age, food should be kibble that meet their nutritional requirements and preferably they are not spiked with an excess of salts, this to prevent renal tract diseases such as infections or stones, the problem is that they become somewhat picky when eating and stimulate this kind of addictive they eat the processed food. They are not to give cow’s milk, this is a myth that has grown especially by the media, this substance can release the stomach Mechanical causing diarrhea, especially if they are not used. They must provide them water all the time, but does not seem to drink water these must have their fret full intake of this liquid can be affected regarding their food, if steaming food intake consumed will be less. They are extremely clean animals, bury their needs, so they must have a sandpit to perform their ritual, they put in a sand tray for cats this absorb urine or feces odor and easy to clean, which is should be performed daily and make a total turnover of sand to 15 days normally, but this depends on several factors, especially if several cats live in the same place. this feline does not form groups, but being animal company are involved in living with any congener, which can cause fights between them or most often ignore each other making a mini territory respecting their places. to prevent squabbling, you lowering their aggressiveness, continuously out or are being peeing everywhere, they should be castrated on all males, this will lower your hormone levels and stop marking their territory, His character will become more passive and not come out to play, this is because of performed at 6 months of age, allowing them to mature and develop properly, while females should undergo ovh when they have their first Selo, this observed when started rubbing everywhere, constantly meowing, his vulva swells and try to go outside, this behavior remains one week and stops about 15 days and is activated again, this is because the cats ovulate while mating, making them 100% accurate when they mate. if they are too hairy to brush them once every 15 days, while the toilet is done lick themselves by coming to expel hairballs regularly, but that does not It means that they can not bathe thing can be a daunting task, but if you They require them to do. if cats have a threadbare coat and little care can be an indication that they are sick and they should lead to Veterinarian and never give medication on your own, because they become very sensitive many substances and poisons easy. In addition they should be of worming so Preventive every 6 months and should be vaccinated, not just against rabies but against leukemia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and paleucopenia. not allowing them to go on street, because you can not control what happens outside, where you can fight, being beaten, poisoned or run over. to prevent the claws sharpened with armchairs, where normally they do with the new chair, that to mark their territory, Ideal bring them a special scraper and cut nails every 15 days. to keep them active, you can buy toys or objects to move to they give chase, because cats are carnivores and still have the instinct to hunt even if they require this method to feed. every owner of a cat may claim the next, cats are very independent animals and when they want to be petted approach to its owner, but when they are not humor can reach pawing. Over time the cat will appear to owning the house and allows his human companion to live there by the fact that it provides them food, if cats are just cats. a very interesting pet that has endured for a long time, that every owner becomes a cat lover. I hope the video has been to his liking, if so give me love and share it for more people know this channel, I leave my social networks so that we are in contact, besides that thereby I will make relevant announcements regarding the channel. If you are new I invite you to subscribe and do not forget to leave a comment or a question that you has arisen, thank you very much for watching this video, we’re seeing us later.

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  1. me encantó el vídeo es muy informativo 👌

  2. "¡Meowth, así es!"

  3. excelente video como siempre pero dos cosas la primera es que en el minuto 0:25 dices que datan del 800 antes de cristo pero ahi dice que del 8000 cual esta correcto? a y escuche que en la familia de los felidos existen dos subfamilias vivas los felinos y los panterinos y que en los panterinos pertenecen las especies de los tigres, los leones, los jaguares, los leopardos y los leopardos de las nieves es cierto o como es? sobre todo que excelente que subas videos tan seguido y que hayas llegado a los 1000 subs

  4. Mi gata me dio el permiso de ver este video, y dice que está muy bueno 🙂

  5. Haces vídeos muy buenos, no sé por qué tienes tan pocos subs, ¿has pensado hacer una colaboración o algo? sería bueno que este canal se diera a conocer mejor.

  6. y si le doy de comer a mis gatas como 4 veces al día?😂

  7. Gato ya entrndistes? :V

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