Game Critics (Part 2)

Game Critics (Part 2)

– [Dunk] Last time I talked about game critics, they had an embarrassing meltdown on Twitter. Then they plagiarized this guy’s review and described how Star Wars makes you feel like a Jedi. But with this video, I’m shifting my focus to the stupidest and least consistent voice in the gaming community… The Gaming Community. Gamers look at this article and go: “No, this is boring.” Now “Streamer throws cat”: “This is what interests me.” Gamers will sit there and complain about Ubisoft and EA and Activision, to their dying breath, and yet, what are the top selling games every year? Ubisoft, EA, Activision. There were gamers out there defending Metal Gear Survive because we, as a species, are doomed to fail. But before we go any further, we need to go back. All the way back. (Phone Dialing SFX) Back in medieval times, when the internet first came out, people reveled in their newfound anonymity to discuss video games, like this: – [Will Forte] “Fuck you!”
(Tim and Eric Nite Live! – Episode 5) – [Eric] “It wasn’t even fucking fun!” – [Eric] “Put that down!”
– [Tim] “Get the fuck outta here!” – [Eric] “Get the fuck outta here!” – [Dunk] In the modern age, however, we have evolved to a higher form of discussion. Now when gamers disagree with someone they simply refer to the standard template of going: The veil of usernames allows people to make a complete ass of themselves, with zero accountability. Which is why there is such a big disconnect between internet noise and real life. Remember when I reviewed Octopath Traveler? Ooh! Those people were pissed. They wanted blood. They were out here saying: “Dunkey lied about a snail.” “Dunkey is a racist for not liking Octopath Traveler.” This Outrage, of course, brought up the masterpiece video called: “Dunkey is a Bad Critic.” – [Animal Jayson] “This is where a lack of understanding of game design and history” “hurts Dunkey as a critic the most.” “Dunkey doesn’t seem to understand any of this.” “There are plenty of comedy reviewers on YouTube who make more legitimate reviews than this.” “Also, funnier reviews than this.” “Dunkey does not understand game design” “and has not tried to.” “You were… just lying.” “That’s it.” “You lied!” “Admit it!” – [Dunk] If you can’t tell, this kid is probably 15. So, please don’t go and leave him a bunch of mean comments. Clearly, he’s just a big fan of Octopath Traveler, which is why he made two 20-minute videos about how bad my review was. – [Animal Jayson] “I haven’t played Octopath Traveler and I don’t really plan to.” “It doesn’t seem like my kind of game.” “Again, I’ve… have not played Octopath Traveler.” “Again, I… haven’t played Octopath Traveler.” “And, like I said, I haven’t played Octopath Traveler.” – [Dunk] Ultimately, the backlash to my video could be summed up in one comment: “Dunkey, why are you reviewing something you seem not to like at all?” (Laughs) Anime, my boy, I’ll tell you why, because you can’t only review games you enjoy. You need a contrast to differentiate good from bad. Sometimes, when you take a chance on a game you might not like, you end up finding something really unique and special. Other times you end up with a Furby going: – [Bana] “Meh-meh-meh!”
(Xenoblade Chronicles 2) – [Dunk] If you truly want people to stop criticizing video games, then you might as well hand the entire industry over to EA right now. As goofy as this comment is, a lot of people seem to be onboard with this logic, which is why IGN gives nearly every mayor release a 9 or higher. I mean, literally, every… video game released. – [Dan Stapleton, IGN] “Performance on consoles is sometimes dissapointing”
(Fallout 4 Review) “with frecuent frame rate slowdowns and hitches in areas that run smoothly on the PC.” “On all platforms we saw occasional crashes,” “and every so often there’s a quest that won’t properly begin or end due to scripting bugs.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Jonathon Dornbush, IGN] “The storytelling within them feels as simplistic and predictable as ever.”
(Kingdom Hearts III Review) “There’s nothing all that challenging about it.” “It didn’t really surprise me, though.” “There’s definitely a bit of sluggishness to be overall pacing too.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Brandin Tyrrel, IGN] “The immersion is occasionally broken by draw distance,”
(Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Review) “textures that sometimes arrive late to the party,” “or getting terminally stuck on geometry.” “Or maybe a lootable item will become unreachable” “or your tame beast becomes untamed when you die and reload.” (Bears roars) “The bugs are annoying, sure.” “At the same time, it’s padded out with meaningless errands” “that make getting to those strong character moments” “a painstaking gauntlet.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Dunk] But, ooh! On that off day, where that fucking troublemaker Dirt dingus gives Days Gone a 6 out of 10. That is where they go too far. “Fuck IGN!” “This is why I never come here for reviews.” (- Guy who was on IGN right now for reviews.) “Clearly,” “this lady should be fired.” Now let’s watch the review… – [Lucy O’Brien, IGN] “Days Gone kicks off relatively simply:” “you play as a biker riding through an op-”
(Dunkey clicks ahead) – [O’Brien] “…somewhere-”
– [Dunk] Yeah. See- See what she did wrong? – [Dunk] She gave Days Gone a 6.5- I- I mean, this is the guys who did Bubsy 3D. Do you really think those guys are gonna drop the ball? And it has zombies and open-world? Hello? Now, how come I can talk shit on every game and IGN can’t talk shit on any game? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s because… IGN is nitpicking and biased. I win! Bye-bye! Shut the website off. [OUTRO]
♪ “GT Mode 3” – Gran Turismo 4 OST ♪

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  1. Ah yes, the video that turned his subreddit to shit for a month straight

  2. Yes because Fifa players are totally gamers.

  3. This review has a little something for everyone.

  4. but dunkey is literally the funniest youtuber

  5. Nope, you are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye

  6. Dunkey secretly has a stash of turn-based hentai in his closet.

  7. Wait that gave FALLOUT 4 one of the most laggiest game ever got A FUCKING 9

  8. Dunkey is the best critic because when reviewing he keeps one thing in mind

  9. Days gone has a decent amount of government conspiracy and some truth behind its script. The man is stepping in and saying IGN. Slander it

  10. Dont listen to the haters Dunkey

    9.4/10 a little fun for everyone

  11. I T H A S A L I T T L E S O M E T H I N G F O R E V E R Y O N E

  12. It has a little something for everyone

  13. I didn’t come here to hear a smart Dunkey, but I’m glad I did

  14. Sorry ur nitpicking and biased on this review about people who are being nitpicking and biased I win good bye

  15. Guys I don't think Jayson played Octopath Traveler… but I'm not sure


  17. I watch IGN to be entertained, and then come to your channel when it comes to actually deciding if I should get a game or nah.

  18. For someone who takes their reviews seriously, you sure do lack a proper conclusion.

  19. Pause at 1:27
    A lot of jrpgs are made by Japanese people, but I just wish I knew what the fucking j stood for

  20. 1:27 is that guy for real? There's no way he's serious

  21. What would be a criticism of Dunkey? If I were to try and point something out (mostly because he said it himself) he doesn’t have that much of an attention span for turn-based RPG’s, so he’s inevitably going to dislike them. (There are exceptions, of course). But then again, that isn’t really a criticism of his method of critique, instead it’s just me pointing out one of the things that defines Dunky as a critic.

  22. F's to pay respects for all of Turkey's captions authors

  23. "What is a Dunkey" -Taric, the worst League of Legends character

  24. The gaming community is too soft

  25. Dunkey, you are nitpicking and biased. I win, bye bye

  26. IGN make reviews for Americans so they gotta play it careful, stupid masses are ill tempered thankfully easily fooled.

  27. Collab with Zero Punctuation! Come on it’s needed

  28. Honestly though, how can somebody say your review of octopath traveler was bad if they haven't even played the game?

  29. ending music !? 🙂

  30. "there are seven good games" -dunkey.Truer words have seldom been spoken.
    9/10 across the board

  31. Its kinda sad that people get so mad over octopath traveler, I think the game is fun and I think dunkey just doesn't like that kind of game. There's nothing wrong with that.

  32. complains about people defaulting to "you're nitpicking and biased"

    Defaults to the "this kid is 15" argument

  33. “Nope, you’re nitpicking and biased.
    I win, bye!”

  34. This video is nitpicking and biased, I win bye bye.

  35. There has to be bad games, for there to be good games.

  36. Honestly the problem isn't your video game reviews its how unfunny and repetitive your videos are.

  37. wait did he change something in this video? didnt he say "the same people that did bubsy 3d, thats not a joke"

  38. Here after IGN destroyed WWE 2K20 a 4.5 smh

  39. This is literally what’s happening with IGN’s review of death stranding

  40. It's funny how IGN's reviews are on point, but there ratings are awful.

    It's like they just slap a big number on top and THEN decide to review the game.

  41. This is fucking amazing.

  42. welcome back from the ign Death Stranding review everyone

  43. I have a couple friends who are like "why play it if you dont like it, why are criticising this game so harshly?" Its like we want to settle for mediocrity. They dont want games to evolve and get better or have devs put some effort into them. The worst thing is when its called nitpicking. When theres a small issue its passable, when theres lots of small issues with a game, its not nitpicking, its laziness.

  44. O:51- 0:56 what's this from?

  45. Remember when 5 on a 1-10 scale was average?

  46. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

    There's just games out there that are actually at their core developed with the intent to appeal to the gaming industry's biggest audience.

    Look at Fortnite, look at CoD, and a lot of Tripple As. They take NO risk as games to appeal to anyone but the biggest groups of people.

    If you're one of those guys who likes obscure RPGs or Strategy games, that's alright too, because those games were made for you, and you don't have to be a teenager to enjoy those games. There's a little something for everyone out there, but I have to agree that IGN is pretty fuckin' pathetic when it comes to reviews, because the games they review a lot of the time already don't take any risk, and when they follow that logic reviewing a game and giving it a high score regardless of significant shortcomings that really makes mature people realize they're not worth watching.

    Unfortunately Dunkey is right when he says gamers are doomed to fail, because MAJORITY of gamers are fucking KIDS. Actual fucking kids in elementary and high school. There's too much demand for fucking stupid ass zoomers in the market, and not enough for mature titles that take risks and touch on interesting topics.

    Shit sucks, man.

  47. Now I must go back in time to a time before, to kill myself before I can become infinite.

    And you lied admit it Dunkey…

  48. But oohhh! On that off day, where that fucking troublemaker, dirt dingus gives Death Stranding a 6.5 out of 10. That is when they go too far.

  49. Nobody:
    Ign: "It has a little something for everyone"

  50. That outro music sure caught me off guard.

  51. Videogamedunkey is not actually a bad reviewer.

  52. Oh No! Dunkey has been caught in jokers famous trick streamers!

  53. Dunkey sucks and deserves to die

    9.95 out of 10
    He has a little something for everyone.

  54. 4:00

    I guess history repeats itself with Death Stranding.

  55. Do you remember when a company made a review for Uncharted 4, but the guy was playing Uncharted 2 Remastered. And he was a "veteran" Uncharted fan.
    Also when they played Resident Evil 2, only half of the game and gave 7.5 (I think), then when the publisher told them there is another half of the game to be played, they apologized and gave 0.5 extra for the other half of the game :))
    Or the ones that gave a low score for too much water in the game, or why there are no black freakers in Days Gone (it's also explained in the game why).
    I never take in consideration company reviews or how they are called. I watch youtubers, that are passionate about the games and see their opinion and this way, when AngryJoe, or Yong or Laymen Gaming (and a couple more) tell game X is good, I know that me personally I will enjoy it 🙂

  56. "It Has A Little Something For Everyone"

  57. I haven't played Octopath Traveler, unironically.
    But i do like how it looks, even just aesthetically, it does look really nice.

    Games really do have a little something for everyone.

  58. Honestly though I love your reviews and they seriously help me find what games to buy

  59. People loves JRPG, I tried XenoBlade on Wii and after a while… It really not the game for me. Maybe I'll story a walk through if the story is promising.

  60. Hear after IGN's death stranding review. Yeah, it aged pretty well.

  61. *20 yrs later argument
    Other youtuber: Again I have not played octopath traveler, and I don't plant to

  62. I love Dunkey and all (and I liked this video too) but he still DID purposely lie about the snail and how combat actually plays out. Even people who haven't played Octopath Traveler can see this, because it has to do with the game's mechanics and not the game experience itself. That's why Dunkey is getting called by people who didn't even play the game.

    Every major youtuber ends up causing controversy/drama in their career at least once (Even fricking JonTron, of all people, caused one). It looks like that Octopath review is Dunkey's and I hope it's the last time. What do you Dunkey fans have to say about this? He fucked up and there's no excuse for it.

  63. 0:00 "What is a dunkey?"

  64. 15 year old: you're nitpicking, I win bye bye
    Also 15 year old: I haven't played octopath traveler

  65. If I hear "it has a little somthing for everyone" one more time I'll make hirroshima and Nagasaki look like child's play

  66. Coming back here after ign gave death stranding a 6.8 lol

  67. I maintain that you are a fantastic content creator, and a terrible critic.

  68. I actually had the same reaction of "why are you reviewing something you don't like" while watching this. But yeah, you gave a solid point as to why. It sucks when your favorite reviewer doesn't like a game you do but it might just mean you have different tastes

  69. Who ever is that person who said,” Okay, bye bye.” Well ummm… you know what, okay bye bye👋 .

  70. :56 what is this song from?!

  71. U my favorite youtuber

  72. Dunkey all you do is nitpick everything and you're totally biased when it comes to a majority of your gaming opinions! That's why you're one of my favorite YouTubers on this site, keep up the great work!

  73. 0:00 ….
    Please tell me those aren't actual tweets…

  74. 0:46
    1996: Windows XP computer lol

  75. I’m here after the release of the Sword and Shield reviews. This is why Pokemon will never change and grow.

    “it has a little something for everyone”/10

  76. yeah I will admit I'm one who skips to the score in a review. When I see a game score low, I tend to read it however and notice the language doesn;t change much between a game that gets a 6 to a AAA title that receive a 9 or higher….

  77. This happened with Death Stranding before its release. How the fuck are you hating people for disliking a game you didn't even play yet?

  78. I can't defend Metal Gear Survive but I love it. I lose the tower defense aspect. I love recruiting soldiers. I love hoarding. I love getting new upgrades and unlocking things like turrets. I love the Engine, the game plays really fun to me, it's fun to attack through fences, it's fun to dive around.

  79. I actually had someone on twitter say "why do people who hate Death stranding need to tweet it out, just dont say anything" but then deny they're trying to create echo chambers 😀

  80. That guy is just a Octopus Traveler fun, but you are just a turn-base RPG hater

  81. Dunkey you are a rare gem in the videogame youtube comunity. I realy enjoy your vids. Keep it up!💪🏽👍🏽

  82. Dunky, my average on game scales starts at a 5 now because of you. You aren’t afraid to say a game is shit. Remember when big hair was popular in the 80’s? Yeah, just cuz it’s popular, doesn’t mean it’s good.

  83. i’m gonna say it

    there is not a bad video on this channel

  84. Some idiot reviewer on twitter: "Lol what is a Dunkey"

    Dunkey over here with his 6M subscribers.

  85. good woke Dunkey, realy give me more perspective of the situation of game reviews. thanks realy interesting.

  86. fucking masterpiece bro!! LMAO!

  87. admit to the lies this thanksgiving season lol

  88. When you hear a song from final fantasy crystal Chronicles you just know it's gonna be good 🥵🥵

  89. If you dont like it, don't review it.

    If you dont like my review, don't listen to it

    If you don't like my comment, don't read it.

  90. Dropped a like for the Mega Man Legends music. I never expected to ever hear that tone again.

  91. Oh no dunkey watch out the snail is behind you, it has 3 atk power

  92. But u havent played remnant

  93. Imagine if everybody would should up and just play a game if they were interested 🤔 ehhh what do I know
    If want to see a good review go look for it, if you know somebody is going to saying you don't like why watch it 👀

  94. "NOPE, you are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye"

  95. Damn, my dude be dissing sadness and sorrow

  96. It has a little something for everyone.

  97. Seeing the IGN part of this vid and their review of Sword and Shield is just deja vu

  98. what's that clip at 0:50? i need the whole video for… research purposes

  99. I'm pretty sure there's more of a reason as to why the Days Gone review on IGN was hated by the gaming community. It wasn't just the review of the game itself.

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