Funny Doberman Dog Compilation NEW

Funny Doberman Dog Compilation NEW

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  1. To all of you who think they are cute and want one, keep this in mind please:
    1. They are very active dogs with energy for days, so you need to exercise them daily
    2. They are extremely loyal and will follow you room to room and never leave your side. They get upset if they cannot be in your presence.
    3. They are highly intelligent, and need stimulation like a job to do, even if it’s fetching a stick or learning a new trick. They are fast learners.
    4. Maybe this is the most important. They are highly emotional dogs. Scolding them sucks, they get clingy, and will relentlessly harass you for attention and affection.

    So in a nutshell, they are active, intelligent, loyal, and emotional dogs, that require a lot of commitment, so please research these guys before getting one. As in all working dog breeds, they need a job, and it’s not to sit there and look cute

  2. From the first clip I was dying laughing!

  3. 4:13 *wines*…………*looks*…… OOOOOOOOOOH what dat, dat look tasyeyyyyy

  4. Love this video and love my doberman ❤️?

  5. Доберманы стайные

  6. Полицейские ссуки

  7. Вот когда пол задницы откусит посмотрим какой он милый пес

  8. I have a dog like that’s he’s so cute but old 9 years if wondering

  9. To all of the people that crop their dog’s ears…PLEASE STOP.

    It’s not right to hurt your dog for beauty. They are beautiful just the way God made them. Please its inhuman to do this.

  10. ppl: wow dobermans are such an intelligent, elegant breed 🙂
    dobermans: 5:01

  11. Only idiots put a dog in a bird cage!

  12. My Dobie likes to stick his face in his water bowl and blow bubbles through his nose

  13. I don't know what it is about Dobermans but I love them only known one Doberman in my life and it was my friends he was a sweet dog not violent at all

  14. 2:08 my dog does that too.

  15. Самая любимая порода!!! Они лучше людей, а как с котами дружил!!!)))

  16. That doberman on the bed screaming and then bearing it's teeth to the lady owner? Yeah that's not normal at all, lady if you don't know how to take care of an active and athletic guard dog don't own one. The psychological scarring you've inflicted on that dog will likely yield very bad results…..for you!

  17. Доберманы – это нечто !

  18. Доберманы ещё не люди , но уже и не собаки .

  19. 7:54 Clearly, this Doberman is a reincarnated cat.

  20. 1:50 – 2:11 Leo got a big huffy.

  21. Я русский и счетаю , что доберман самая лучшая собака ,

  22. 3:18 is so funny and when the Dobie falls off the bed!

  23. Me trying to pass a test
    Me giving up on life,

  24. why was one of those dogs ears all bandaged up please don't tell its because it had its ears cropped at that age.


  26. Русские есть?

  27. Amazing that still ears and tails are cut…. Like circumsiging a boy. VERY stupid!!

  28. 4:39 lol so funny

  29. I can’t count how many times my Doberman(Blaze) cried because I left his side. It’s so sad since they want to be by you 24/7!

  30. I have an albino Doberman pup who jumped into the pool cuz he thought my brother was attacking my dad?????

    Edit: also one time I was holding his leash (11 mon. So pretty big, I’m decently small sized) and I didn’t notice that the leash was about to run out but it did and he was running at full speed, pulled me so hard I was in the air for a good bit?

  31. Is it necessary to crop the ears and dock the tail of this breed?


  33. Making fun of dogs is degrading.

  34. Im in America and I didnt do the tails or ears…he is my my big baby…I went to a music festival and he cried for days to my wife and kids about me being gone

  35. а в гости не пойду. Затискаю собакенов!

  36. one great breed. i love them. silly and goofy babies.

  37. Бл на меня такой напал на даче хорошо каким-то образом увернулся таких ласковых в клетке держать))канешн не все такие

  38. 7:46 was like hey mom ,vroom vroom,vroooom

  39. You dont need anything else to eat

  40. Let's hope Brooke Houts doesn't find this video

  41. Brooke Houts would like to know your location

  42. Man, I've been having a bad day recently…

  43. You are a shame abuser of animals … hopefully you rot in hell, lose everything and save that dog from your damn hands … bitch !!! the lies are short and by mistake you uploaded the whole video was seen to the abuse you did …

  44. 5:43 Manz named his dog Lebron??

  45. Brooke houts anyone??

  46. Anyone heard of Brooke Houts???‍♀️??‍♂️?‍♀️??‍♂️

  47. Whos here after that dog abuse video

  48. This makes me feel better after that brook Houts Incident

  49. 1:58 Scooby Doo? Is that you? ?

  50. Классс такие няхи. Я тут одна русская

  51. Stupid Girl @brookehouts Youtubers alleged video influencer mistreats his dog when he only wants to play and give affection. My concern is that she kills the animal for the complaints ALERT @AnimalesBOG @AnimalPlanet @greenpeace_esp

  52. This was reccomended to me after the brooke houts drama/scandal

  53. My heart just burst. Thanks a lot, that's going to be expensive to fix…

  54. My doberman is so weird because he doesn't sit when we say 'Sit.' But he listens when we say 'Sentar' and he doesn't even know Spanish

  55. Hide that dog from Brooke Houts.

  56. Who is here because of the crazy girl video who used to beat her dog ?

  57. Who came here after Brooke Houts' animal abuse video?

  58. Take the freaking box off of its head it can’t breath 5:00

  59. That's a pretty dog

  60. I hope Brooke's doberman seriously hurts her, she deserves it .

  61. They also love attention

  62. Who wants to bet all of these dobermans get beat? Poor sphinx…

  63. I love you doverman

  64. 7:42 what is that song though ??????

  65. Wow, so many bastard dog owners…

  66. 3:50 a vegan dobby

  67. 4:50 I can't. No, really, i can't.

  68. "Leo sit"
    leo: FINE. but I'm gonna complain the whole time

  69. Есть русские??

  70. 1 like= 1 less owner like Brooke houts

  71. 2:33 that one kind of scared me. It's face looks more like "take one more step and I'll maul your face" than "I missed you"

  72. 7:18 please never let your dogs bite balloons. If they pop in a dog's mouth a piece of rubber could fly into their throat and choke them

  73. 7:53 Giving that wooden floor a run for it's money!

  74. Puros perrimamis y perripapis
    mamidog and daddydog

  75. Мне все равно нравиться больше нимецкая овчарка

  76. @3:23…. please, what is on that dogs ears.? I mean, I know it looks as a bandage, but why.? It is to effect the way the ears stand.?

  77. My Doberman passed away more than 30 years ago, and I'm still in mourning. I haven't been able to get close to another dog since. My best friend ever.

  78. Dobermans are me as a dog I’m FLIPPING energetic and yeah

  79. Check out my vodeos

  80. A doberman is such a mood.

  81. Maldita gente que le corta las orejas y la cola

  82. Эта член сими родила 11 и прожила 12 лет Брава класные ..Прода вешщ

  83. I NEED ONE (and yes I've done my research, my mom is a professional breeder) ?

  84. 3:42 taped ears. Tf you did hooman

  85. Can someone please tell me If ear cropping is bad? (I’m just asking I don’t plan on getting a Doberman). Some websites say it’s cruel and some say it promotes hearing.

  86. I hope Brooke houts Doberman finds another home

  87. Nice onw 8:00 There Playe someone Red Dead redemption in the background you hear it!??

  88. How do youtube knows that I love Dobermans ? in recommendations

  89. Блядь, русские в комментариях есть????

  90. I grew up with a red Doberman, and tbh she was the best, greatest family dog one could have. Very loving, followed everyone around, always wanted to cuddle and play. It’s been about 3 years since we had to have her put down (her legs gave out, she had problems with her hips), but I still miss her every day.

    Rest easy, Holly. You made your whole family happy, and provided us with some of the best stories to tell. ❤️

  91. As a doby owner I am glad to see I’m not the only miserable dober dad. Thanks for the laughs

  92. Give that doggo pasta right now ?

  93. Dobermans are creepy.

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