Forget Labrador Retriever! Here Are 8 Most Expensive DOG BREEDS On Earth

Forget Labrador Retriever! Here Are 8 Most Expensive DOG BREEDS On Earth

hello everybody this is animals health care
nowadays dogs and cant become our best friend right but some of them have the
price even higher than a small car and today we have a list of eight super
expensive dog in this world you will be surprised about their price have you ever
seen the movie always by your side of Joan Allen’s maybe not but don’t worry
I’ll tell you always by your side is a movie based on a true story of a dog in
Japan the story is about an Akita dog named Hachiko who has been waiting for
her owner for eight years at the station but Hachiko didn’t know that her master
died of a heart attack when he was a teacher and Hachiko is still waiting for
a station like she always does to wait for the owner
it really steals our hearts or you can watch another movie about Akita breathes
the story of Mari and the three puppies the Akita is a large breed native to the
mountains of northern Japan Akita is a very loyal and gentle dog but you should
also be careful because they are classified as one of the most dangerous
dog bites a female can weigh about 34 to 50 kilograms and the male weighs about
45 to 59 kilogram males reach a height of about 26 to 28 and females reached a
height of 24 to 26 it costs about $5,000 to get one of them
the Portuguese water dog is a breed of working dog is classified by the
American Kennel Club Portuguese water dogs are originally from the Portuguese
region of the Algarve from where the breed expanded all around Portugal’s
coasts where they were taught to herd fish into fishermen’s nets to retrieve
lost tackle or broken Nets and to act as couriers from ship to ship or ship to
shore originating in the Algarve Portugal and made famous by the US
President Barack Obama’s dog called B this fluffy creature is identified by
their wavy and curly coat and non-shedding ability a male Portuguese
water dog waste 19 to 27 kilograms and it is 50 to 57
centimeters in height whilst a female is around 43 to 52 centimeters tall and 16
to 23 kilograms in weight they normally live for 10 to 14 years and it costs
about $6,000 the French Bulldog is a breed of domestic dog in the 1800’s they
were the result of a cross between toy Bulldogs imported from England and local
routers in Paris France the French Bulldog like many other companion dog
breeds requires close contact with humans if left alone for more than a few
hours they may experience separation anxiety
they are 12 inches 30 centimeters tall about the size of a bitch from 19 to 22
pounds 9 to 12 kilograms and a male dog from 22 to 28 pounds to get one of them
has pet we need to pay at least $6,500 the pharoah hound is a Maltese breed of
dog in the national dog of Malta in Maltese it is called calve tall fennec
which means dog of the rabbit it is traditionally used for hunting rabbit in
the rocky terrain of the Maltese Islands from a DNA analysis based solely on the
genes of the grey wolf a recent theory arose that the breed may have been
recreated in more recent times from combinations of other breeds Faro hounds
tend to weigh up to 45 to 55 pounds depending on the sex of the dog and its
eating habits males usually are 23 to 25 tall while females are 21 to 24 they are
loyal and can be trained well making them another great addition to the
family if you can afford it and its cost about $7,500
the Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog regarded this medium to larger large
the dogs were known in german as Rottweiler Metzger hand meaning rot
while butchers dogs with an average lifespan of eight to ten years a weight
of 50 to 60 kilograms and reaching heights of 24 to 27 it would be easy to
judge a book by its cover and labeled the Rottweiler is an aggressive monster
however the Rottweiler is a great family pet due to its loyalty obedience and
overall good nature $9,000 is the price to take him home the ciaochao sometimes
simply called Chow is a dog breed originally from northern China where it
is referred to as song chiffon which means happy lion dog this absolute giant
dog originates from Tibet and belongs to the Mastiff family its original purpose
was to protect sheep from predators like wolves leopards and bears its size alone
is enough to intimidate even the hungriest of predators males can reach
heights of up to 33 inches the original Tibetan Mastiff usually
weighed 55 to 90 kilogram if you’ve got a spare $10,000 and want to make a bit
of a statement then this might be the pup for you second Samoyeds the Samoyed Russian
Samos Casa baka arse a mode also known as the Bell keyer is a breed of large
herding dog that descended from the men it’s hurting like a Spitz type dog with
a thick white and double layer coat it takes its name from the samoyedic
peoples of siberia these nomadic reindeer herders bred the fluffy white
dogs to help with the herding Samoyeds are excellent companions especially for
small children or even other dogs and they remain playful into old age from
these excellent characteristics you have to pay fourteen thousand dollars to get
one of this dog the Tibetan Mastiff is a large Tibetan
dog breed belonging to the Mastiff family originating with the nomadic
cultures of Tibet China Mongolia India and Nepal it is used by local tribes of
Tibetans to protect sheep from wolf’s lepers bears large must alert and tigers
Tibetan Mastiffs are quite bulky at least 70 centimetres high for male dogs
weight ranges from 64 to 90 kilograms with two coats the outer coat is soft
and long and the undercoat is wool like wool it can adapt to all the harshest
weather about its balanced and stately appearance stubborn loyal attacks
especially just listening to the owner only absolute loyalty to a single owner
from these incredible characteristic that build up the strength of Tibetan
Mastiff they make its cost reach to one

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