Flatcoated Retriever Dog Breed Guide

Flatcoated Retriever Dog Breed Guide

For me they’re intelligent, their a good challenge.
If you like a challenge to train, this is the dog for you. Once they’re trained, they
are absolutely perfect. They’re wonderful. Great companions. They’ve got a huge sense
of humour. If you don’t have one, then you’d better not have one because they’ll get you
into all kinds of scrapes, they’re great with people. They love children. They’re great
attention seekers, so if you don’t give them attention. Eventually they will make sure
you give them attention one way or another. Flat coated Retriever, slightly lesser known
than the Labrador Retriever or the Golden Retriever, but it is actually closely related
to the Golden Retreiver. Golden Retriever first came from Flat-coated Retrievers. In
some respects, they’re slightly lighter built – slightly racier – and they are very wifull.
The Flat coat Retriever is a gundog. It’s a joyous gundog. Often with a joi the vivre
and a love of water. They love mud. If it’s slimy and stinky, there
more of it there is the better really. They love being wet and muddy. So don’t expect
a dog that’s not going to go out and roll. They also like to lick and they will lick
everything. They will lick people, they will lick the furniture, they’ll lick the cupboards.
Just learn to live with dog slobber basically. Yes – dog slobber. Hmmm.
They are called Flatcoated Retrievers. Originally they were the wavy coated Retriever. They
have got a lot of feathering as you can see, around here – it’s essential to give them
a good comb through at least every couple of weeks because they get knots behind the
ears, this can get quite knotty, and if you’re working them, and you’re out in the countryside,
and they love being out in the countryside, they are going to pick up thorns, they’re
going to pick up brambles – so yes, you do need to certainly run your hands through them
every couple of weeks. Flat coated Retrievers – lovely handsome dogs
– usually nice natured. Medium to high exercise levels. Because they are quite intelligent
they’re usually easy to train and enjoy the extra training. We would just look to rehome
them with a nice active family. Older people – they might be a bit boisterous
for. They don’t just want to sit on the couch all day long, so you’ve got to be active.
You’ve got to train them, and if you don’t do that you’ll have a nightmare on your hands.
You’re thinking about lots of early training. You’re still thinking about the gundog side
of things, of picking things up, so if they do pick something up in the house that you
don’t want them to have, don’t grab it, think about swapping it again. So that they are
rushing up to you going “look what I’ve got” – and you go “oh thank you very much” – have
that instead. The more you train with a flat coat the happier
they are. For the average pet owner, they need to bring home their lovely fluffly puppy,
and start training from that moment. Lay down the house rules and stick with the house rules.
Don’t let the dog do something and then laugh and say that’s lovely – because tomorrow it’s
going to do it again. So you need to seriously train from the get-go.
They need quite a lot of physical and mental exercise, as an adult, and gundog training
is super for them. You don’t have to take up shooting – you can do things with dummies
– but find a nice gundog club and have fun with your Flat Coat.

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  1. I love Dogs! 🙂

  2. Flat coated retrievers are absolutely incredible. They are like the perfect dog in every single way, other than one…cancer and early deaths 🙁

  3. I expected something cringey but this is amazing! Keep up the good work

  4. My parents had a dog years ago that was always mistaken for being a flat coated retriever, but he was actually mixed with some golden retriever in him. Goodness me, his personality was pretty much identical to all the FCRs I've seen on YouTube; very affectionate and social, playful all his life, intelligent, and definitely loved water and mud, lol. Thankfully he lived to be thirteen. He succumbed to kidney failure and his condition worsened so fast that he was put to sleep a few days after he started to weaken. It was clearly his time to leave this earth…but he lived a very good, healthy life and didn't have to suffer in his old days, very happy about that =)

  5. I love em I have one too!

  6. I have one flat coat retriever I want breeding any one have female dog in noida

  7. My flat coat has these long things behind his ears and no one seems to know what they are .. Even his Vet.. I got him a little Beagle Hound as a friend and he chewed them off ..I found them lying in the floor one day.. It didn't seem to bother Buddy that they were gone.. Now about 3 months later they started growing back and are about 4 inches long again.. Bobo, my Beagle, has gotten out of the chewing stage so he hasn't bothered them so far.. Just wish I knew why he has them and I haven't seen them on any others… in pics or live,..

  8. I have a FCR and is amazing. Pure joyful energy. He is a fundamental part of my family and Life. I highly recommend this breed to dog lovers. I regret it's not popular in Italy as deserved.

  9. Flat coated retriever are awesome dogs i have ever seen

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