Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time

Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time

This is the first time they’ve seen water. It’s natural to be nervous, but these kittens are born water babies. It’s time to show them the real reason they’ve
been brought here. Long whiskers detect vibrations from fish
moving in the shallows helping to gauge the exact striking distance. Then it’s the kitten’s turn. For now, it’s only water-plants that need
to be afraid. This could take some time!

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  1. Ok..they see water for the first time..but what where they drinking till then?? Beer?

  2. 2 hours ago i was eating salmon and chicken liver. My cat was on tha table and desperately tried to enter in the bag with bread, he love to play with bread… The only thing that i eat and he is sometimes interested in is icecream, lol.

  3. My cats hate water.

  4. The mother says "pussies!!"

  5. River clan cats be like

  6. 2:39 "I will die alone"

  7. Cats are super awesome❤?

  8. Such sweet, cuddly ittle murderers

  9. How do you know it’s the first time? Cool video anyway ?

  10. I wish I had these kitties! I tried to bathe mine & they beat the crap out of my arms & legs, never again!

  11. Pet the kitties instead of filming, selfish basterd

  12. Domestic cat needs to learn much on how not to be afraid of water

  13. Keliru cing sing kok jupuk..??

  14. 0:16 When you try to determine if water is wet.

  15. So they’ve been drinking only milk?

  16. I love them. They are beautiful!

  17. Wohoo cats not afraid of water

  18. U know what's amazing from this? How thw sound maker timing their dub sound to the moves inside this video

  19. Mama Cat Teaching there Kids ???.

  20. Cats that like water…hmm Thats new

  21. There are tasty things in the water! =^[.]^=

  22. Wow..great footage!! Never even heard of a fishing cat

  23. Wait, so if they have never seen water before, they never had to drink it? How are they alive then

  24. So you’re saying the kittens have never drank water before and is the first time doing so?

  25. Cats… that like water.

    Cats… that like water

    But it’s not a tiger or a Jaguar.


    What documentary is this?

  26. Look ma! I caught a salad!

  27. My cats don’t like water!!

  28. I doubt very much that this is their first encounter with water.

  29. First time meet water ? How can they survive without drinking it. Haha btw nice video, so adorable.

  30. 2:38 That's the look of a real Tiger mom: "Why you no catch fish? Very disappoint!"

    Inb4 "That's not a tiger!" comments. You didn't get the joke.

  31. aren't these cats endangered?

  32. 1:52 “Are you serious??”

  33. So their whiskers can detect vibration to fish. Now I know why I got a mustache for.

  34. I'm speechless about the filming effort done here..

  35. The camera work on this is absolutely astonishing! ???

  36. 0:27 Those Eyes saying
    W T F ❓ ❓ ?

  37. mama cat had some huge feet

  38. One of a missing piece for my cat collection… amazing WATERCLAN CAT??

  39. One of a missing piece for my cat collection… amazing RIVERCLAN CAT??

  40. Kitten, what's the part about the workers?

  41. Mother cat be like you are joking I have not brought you here to play water, I brought you to learn how to survive this harsh environment of police brutality ??

  42. Wow, look how forward facing their eyes are!

  43. I just love nature and shit

  44. they havent drank any water until just noooowww??? fvck me sideways

  45. Fishing Cat cat fishing!

  46. titah ngala lauk.. malah ngala eceng gondok .. hadeeh..??

  47. Mother is envisioning feeding kittens for life and clearly unhappy with the prospect.

  48. Be careful you will drown in that

  49. What is a fishing cat? A leopard, a jaguar, what is that feline

  50. 2:40 "Fuck is you doing… disgrace"

  51. Mama Cat: Great. My kids are idiots.

  52. Oh they are so cute!

  53. There is me who thought they totally extinct ?? #precious

  54. Pure nature is a paradise

  55. what a lovely cat with straight "Ancient Greek" nose merging with forehead!

  56. I never know cats can catch a fish like this …

  57. Aku punua byk ide kl mau liat sendiri !diakun facebokku yunita kusuma wardhani dan yuni seblum ada yg ngaku2 dan nyuri itu soalnya aku gak pernah dapet apa2

  58. Kitten: Mom, I have to tell you something
    Mom: Ok, what is it?
    Kitten: I'm a vegan

  59. Note webbed feet at 0:16. At the EFBC (CA, USA) they had a tame fishing cat named Princess which posed with you to raise $10 per pic.

  60. Goddam this is the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day.

  61. Where are the parents [edit my cat has long wiskers

  62. I don't see wild, I only see cuteness.

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  64. When people say cat hates water. Show them this video.

  65. Holy shit those claws are like razors! Even the babies could slit my throat!

  66. 2:39 Mama cat is like "That's not a fish son".

  67. Is this in bangladesh?

  68. Can anyone say what kind of big cat it is? And where was it filmed?

  69. Very dangerous species

  70. is this in Sri Lanka?

  71. Seriously mind-blowing videography

  72. That's SO cool!!

  73. I've seen one attacking my foot in a cage

  74. what did you do to your arm

  75. Wildlife documentaries should always be narrated by a British person, anything else just sounds horrible.

  76. a wet pussy get wet for the first time.

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