Fast action ratting with terriers

Fast action ratting with terriers

[Music] There is a certain person who has been obvious
by his absence in the last few weeks. He has been off to warmer climes parading his budgie
smugglers around the pool and working off his tight buns. Who writes this stuff on the
farm. Well he is back this week. Not with pigeons, but with fast action terrier work
on rats. It is Andy the Crowman Crow. Andy has had a few problems with rats this
year. When the guys laying concrete in his new barn
broke the door it was an open invitation for the local Rattus norvegicus population to
over-winter in straw destined for the burner. Air rifles have taken care of a few of them,
Andy’s fancy footwork others, today the question is going to be who let the dogs out? Who,
who, who, who? First of all where’s he been? We’ve missed you Andy. Where was I last month? Um I was here I suspect
fertilising or something . Gambia. Gambia, oh that is right. Yes I was fishing
in Gambia. I had to pay for that, you get yours paid for including flights. Anyway end
of… that is where I have been. I have been flat out doing field work. I am all up together
now so the plan is we are going to extend the wall over there with some more grain walling
so they have got further to run. We are going to blanket off at the back either side and
I have got a bit of moving about to do so if I get that done you can speak to John.
He is a mate of mine he has brought his terriers along. Inside the barn Andy is creating what looks
like a five-a-side football pitch. If things go right we can expect a few rats to come
charging down the wing. John owns the dogs. They are all shapes and
sizes. So, what makes a good ratter.? Boldness. One that doesn’t make off. These
have been at it … this one is 12 now. She has been at it for a long, long time. They
are just keen. Stay … What do you think about rats? I quite like them to be quite honest. I have
got great respect for them. They are world survivors. You can have them in a cold store
where they grow a longer fur coat. You can have them as with Andy’s in the grain store,
plenty of food and they will then breed to the food source. If there is a shortage of
food source they won’t breed. Sorry, they have gone … John is no stranger to cameras. A few years
ago he appeared on a BBC documentory with Martin Clunes looking at different dogs breeds
and their roles – the film also featured a young Crow. So how was Doc Martin with the
ratting? After the initial shock he warmed to the task
shall I say. With the arena coming together word is spreading
and we have a reasonable team building. Andy Jnr is up aloft directing traffic, three with
sticks, and five hounds. Contestants ready – Gladiators ready let’s start moving those
bales… With half the bales gone, things start livening
up. The rats are starting to run out of space and we get some screamers. Richard intercepts
this one just before hitting the camera – then the dogs run out of space – Andy even leaves the cab for a bit of goal
keeping. He steps in and blocks the runners, and the dogs and sticks do the rest. Let’s
see that again – a great team effort there. It really does start to get frantic – sticks
waving – dogs running and chewing and eating …argghhh – no accounting for taste – it’s
wall-to-wall action with the dogs doing well. Even the youngster gets his first rat – it
really is built into the DNA with these dogs. I was expecting a lot more than that. There
is a small hole that goes into the walling up the side there, centre partition up the
middle there. There is a small hole in that so we have lost quite a few in there which
is a bit of a pain, but hopefully you got a bit of footage. Like I say I was hoping
for a few more, but every dead rat is a good one so. Exciting isn’t it. Yes, it is exciting stuff. There are several
nests of youngsters we got as well. Got seven or eight in some of those. I think there about
five or six lots. Dom I love you … You are late. I didn’t realise it was going to be such an
event. I have never seen this much excitement on the farm. It is amazing. Nor have I. I have never seen Andy drive a loader that
fast either. It normally takes him about two days to move that many bales. Even though Andy says he is a bit disappointed
it’s been great fun… Yes, it was brilliant. Proper good. Good dogs
know what they are doing. Think they did very well. I am very pleased
with them. First time. Missed a couple myself, but he got them so that is ok. When you see that first rat run out. That
is it. All the inhibitions go and all you want to do is chase after it and get there
before the dog really, but unfortunately the dog gets there before us. They think it’s all over, except John who
is trying to smoke out the escapees but he’s had a blast too. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it
it still gets the adrenaline going and as you can see the dogs don’t need any encouragement
at all. Ratting – a great method of vermin control
and as good as a five a side kick about anyday.

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  1. Wowzah..
    Them doggos love a bit of Rat!

  2. My neighbours Chickens have just caught rats…
    Any advice?
    I have an air rifle and 2 spoiled cats..

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  9. Wild rats like those are a pest. They carry all kinds of ill shit, and they damage propperty. A rat bread in captivity that are clean, are a different story. They are intelligent and strong. Thats why most rats are a pest, and at the same time make a great pet. Better than rabbits. These rats however are bad rats.

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  20. That is one way to remove them off your property. Dogs and cats are great natural hunters to get rid of these pests. More humane than poisoning.

  21. One thing I notice with these rat videos is that people are living like tinkers. Junk and crap everywhere. So little wonder you get rats. Rats are an indicator of lazy untidy human behaviour.

  22. All his dogs are eager, the oldest went first too lol

  23. The one in his hand reminds me of my dog so much lol nuts

  24. “And as good as a 5-a-side kick about any day lol

  25. Great stuff lads just started this myself a little video of my own

  26. Why do you call this a sport? There is no competition. I agree that this is a good way to control rats but it is not a sport and neither is fox hunting.

  27. Great video thanks. Every year, rats destroy 20% of the world's human food production! Try reading my new Kindle e-book, 'The Diary of a prefssional Rat-catcher, 2015 -2018', by Greg Ross. available from and, for only US $5.99. A complete guide to trapping and poisoning rats and mice. You are bound to pick up some good rat-trapping tricks and tips from this book. It's a war.

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    PS always tuck your pants leg in your boots or the squirrels will run up your leg and have a ball.

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  46. I got a yorkshire that was passed down to me, every so often it catches the scent of a mouse and goes ballistic until it gets the kill. When I get involved it'll back up and look at me waiting for it to run out when i move something, considering its been in my family since it was a puppy it's literally in these dogs DNA

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  48. there is a really good book about this subject.
    "tales of a rat hunting man"

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  59. As a boy on the farm I had a dog, half rat terrier and half fox terrier who never met a rat he liked and never missed when going after them. Best hunter I ever had.


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  64. i used to keep jack russells before my work accident . Uses to work them at the local farms . a farmer never turns away a jacks , free vermin maintenance! afterwards i used to get a knock on the door asking if they could borrow the dogs . it was a great local service and great exercise for the dogs . i miss them . great dogs .

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  79. Great video! Great hunting! Well done! Rats are one of the very worst
    health hazards. The best way to control rats is to use a combo of
    methods: shooting, trapping, cats, and poisoning etc.. THE
    RAT-TRAPPER'S HANDBOOK, by Greg Ross, available only as a Kindle book
    from and . This e-book is the rat-trapper's

  80. Please speak English at 0:40

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  82. My grandfather came from Cornwall England to the US in the late 1800's and during prohibition he would get paid to rid the blind pig of rats(it was by a river). he would catch a rat, put it in a cage, douse it with gas and set it on fire, put out the flames and set it loose. It would run screeching and all the other rats would leave the house.

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    And btw great job dogs.

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  94. I understand how this may look cruel to some, but this is by far the most humane way to dispatch vermin. Terriers were born to hunt, and that's exactly what they do as soon as they spot a rat. Lock on, catch, kill. It's better than having a rat ingest a poison and die in agony. Not to mention, terriers are working dogs. I can assure you they're never happier than when they're ratting.

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