Facts About Labradors!

Facts About Labradors!

hi everybody and welcome back to
relax my dog now today’s video is all about the world’s most popular dog breed
pretty much and that is a Labrador as we all know it Labradors are so so popular
you see them all the time whenever you’re out on a walk and obviously there
must be a reason behind that I’m gonna get into that in today’s video before we
do get started those let me know down below in the comments do you Holabird or
do you know something that has a Labrador I would absolutely love to them
oh so are a fact the more water which i’ve pretty much already said and that
is that they are the most popular dog food in the u.s. i found over turkeys
they actually come in three different colors they come in black brown and also
yellow like a golden yellow color and i thought it was very is it the first-ever
dog juice sense diabetic episode was a Labrador called armstrong he was trained
back in 2003 to smell the different chemical changes that happen when a he
personal human reaches low blood sugar the fun of a fault leads back to one of
our previous facts and that is they can actually be more than one color within
the litter of puppies so you could have three with the early yellow three that
are grown into the black it really doesn’t matter what the parent colors
are now at number five is that they are very very very dedicated to their owners
they absolutely love them and idolize them and that is why they make great
rescue and therapy dogs just because they are such a caring dog and not do
anything for whoever’s looking after them now if at number six they have a
extremely high pain tolerance which can be positive but also a negative
obviously a positive means they will use a lot back in the day for rescue work
and still to this day but it also means that it can be difficult for owners or
to see whether they are in pain and it sometimes it can even be too late if
your dog isn’t showing any signs of pain it’s just because they might have a
really high now at number seven is all about a world
record I’m sure plenty of Labradors have or do hold a world record but there is
one called Toby and Toby we cycled 26,000 bottles over six years in the UK
by collecting them on their walks which is so so cute so basically he would go
out he’d found water bottles he would squash them up swish them up in his
mouth and he’d hand it to the owner then the owner will put it in the bag so they
collected 26,000 bottles which is insane and then fact number eight is that they
absolutely love the water they are crazy for the water say if you have a
Labrador and you don’t want it to go in the water maybe don’t go to a park that
has pond but that is a it’s fought this piece of video I really do hope you
enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up if you did don’t forget to
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you would like to and me and Milo will see you next week for next week’s video,

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  1. I have a lab he’s yellow

  2. I have a labrador its called scout shes CRaZYYYY

  3. My labrador is more red than gold but is a golden lab???

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    Any tips

  5. No I don’t have a Labrador but I do have a dog that is half chihuahua and half shitzu and her name is Gizmo and she is 5 and a half years old.

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  7. I had a Labrador but she passed away 6 months ago?? R.I.P Millie?

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  9. My bf has two Labradors and they are so cute! The black one just loves water so much he constantly splashes himself with the water in the bowl, lol

  10. MY LAB IS CRAZY FOR WATER!!! like splashes everywhere we even bought a mini pool and during summer she would splash all day ? she’s still energetic to the max and she won’t stop growing her name is daisy and she’s brown ?

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  12. They come in white to

  13. i have a labrador named queenie

  14. Hey I do have a blond lab and he is a bit different XD he doesnt really like water…he loves food and cundles and by love I mean he would give anything to have both and he is extremely friendly ?

  15. Oml,labradors are quite the personality!

  16. stop eating so much food

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