Evolution Problems – Small Animal Bias

Evolution Problems – Small Animal Bias

The theory of evolution really supports small things and I think both the theory and the evidence I think upholds this. Evolution works with generations so it’s like each
generation is building on the last so the more generations the more things
can evolve. For example people getting flu shots
every year because, not me but some people do because the
banks keep evolving or like super bugs are starting
to evolve now because they’re using antibiotics too much things like that but and yet larger
things like people and animals, they may be evolving but so slowly
they can’t keep up. It actually to makes things a little bit
dangerous because in the future who knows some super bug might take
over the whole world and in which case the evolution would be
working backwards rather than creating things, it may
eventually destroy the planet just because the the
cockroaches or the bacteria might win at the expensive
everything else. There actually is a little bit of
evidence for this not just that bugs are evolving but also the largest
animals on the face of the earth are long
extinct. I’m talking about the the dinosaurs of
course and they’re gone you know and into they haven’t evolved back, I mean if if evolution supported large things
where are the dinosaurs why haven’t why didn’t they evolve back after they
were wiped out, we’re not even seeing anything
happening in that direction, you know, I mean as it stands now you’ve
got people trying to save the whales really both in theory and I think the
evidence supports that as well evolution favors small things and it
could be that the world is heading towards…

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  1. Like that little 'bugs' programme you invented when you were at school…that was cool.

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