Everything about Finches in English || Small Pet Bird

Finches are small, energetic birds that are
best admired from afar. These birds are known for their beauty and
some are able to sing. They are well suited for aviaries and flights,
but a pair can be kept together in a cage. They are not meant to be alone, so you should
own at least two at a time. Most don’t interact well with people, so
they spend a lot of time in their cages. For this reason, you need an adaquately sized
cage with perches on either end to provide them with maximum flying space. There are several different species of these
birds, and they differ mostly only in color. The nesting habits of finches are not unusual. The females of most species build a cup-shaped
nest of twigs, grasses, and roots on the ground or in bushes and lay four or five eggs. Sometimes the female incubates them alone,
but usually the male assists in raising the young. A finch most likely will not be a cuddly companion
(although some hand-raised finches, especially zebra finches, have been known to perch on
a finger) like a parrot. Origin Asia, Africa, and Australia
Size 3-8 in, 10-20 grams in weight Color Differences The different species range
from drably colored to brightly colored. Lifespan 5-17 years
Noise Quiet–they are able to live in an apartment with you. Qualities Small, active, good in aviaries
or flights, pairs can be kept in cages, should not be kept alone, don’t interact well with
people, better for being admired from afar, some sing songs, some species are good for
first-time owners. Abilities they don’t talk, learn tricks,
or cuddle. Interaction/Time Requirements they do well
on their own and don’t usually interact with people.

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