Erik the cat retires as ‘rodent control officer’

Erik the cat retires as ‘rodent control officer’

[women’s voices]
Hi Erik, good boy. Gonna go back in?
Are going back in up on the table? [Voice of Amber Laurie]
Erik actually came to us. He was a stray, originally. He followed our ship keeper, Steve Read, home one evening home, home to the ship and he kind of stayed ever since. He helped control the
rodents. He would bring mice and then he would bring them to the bottom of the
gangway or, just, he would leave them out for us as a little gift. They think he’s between
18 and 20, that’s what the vet’s estimating. He had some cataracts in his eyes. They actually surgically removed the other one just this past year. [Speaking to boy]
His name’s Erik. Everyone has smiling faces when they see Erik. He’s been a pleasure. He definitely visits a lot of the waterfront. He’s kind of been a waterfront icon.
He would go into the Summit building. And the Visitor Information Centre, they used to knit him up vests or little things over the wintertime. So he’s kind of been a mascot for the waterfront in general and definitely CSS Acadia, as well. At the end of last year, he went home to Steve’s
house, his winter winter quarters, and he stayed with him over the year, and that’s where
he’s for most of the year. He’s come back for his special retirement party, which we’ve had today. There were a few tears among some of the visitors that we had, and I know that a lot of our staff are gonna miss him, as well. He was really nice to have aboard the ship and, yeah, but it’s also happy for him, too. He has a lot of it admires here, and he got a lot of gifts. He’s got some treats [sound of bag being squeezed], which I know perks him up a little bit. Yeah, he wakes up for those, and he’s been enjoying these. I think there might be catnip or something in here. He definitely actually opened his own gift in this little purple bag, which this was inside, and then we had an artist of the day in. He drew a nice picture of Erik. Oh, he definitely likes the treats. [sound of cat chewing treats] I think he’ll have a good time being retired. He’ll have some rest and relaxation, some R&R, which he definitely deserves, and he also has some lady friends at his winter quarters, I’ve been told, lady cat friends that he can enjoy and have fun with, as well.

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  1. Erik will be missed by many. What a cat that was. I shed a tear myself. Sleep well in clam Mr.Red. Never forgotten.

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