Episode 2: Pure Breeds “The Cornish Rex” by Graydon Sheppard

Episode 2: Pure Breeds “The Cornish Rex” by Graydon Sheppard

Pure Breeds Episode 2 Cornish Rexes Is it Rexes?
Rexums? Eew! That doesn’t sound right The Cornish Rex Hey! Cut that out!
Stop fighting you two! The thing you need to know
about these cats is that they’re motherfuckers, literally! The first of this breed was born
to a regular old barn cat His name was Kallibunker
He had a velvety, soft undercoat,
a freaky, funky face bat ears, skinny legs
and a rat like tail The owner figured
she was on to something special so she bred him back to his mother That’s right! One night, Kallibunker
and his mother Serena got really drunk and took some Ecstasy and they made
sweet incestual love But whatever!
I’m not going to judge Now the breed is really playful,
and they’re chatty and they’re curious
and affectionate and they’re such a great breed
that even Marilyn Manson is a fan and he’s like totally a freak So that’s the Cornish Rex A little piece of heaven!

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  1. Omg that was funny.

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