Epileptic Seizure – Pet Pug

Epileptic Seizure – Pet Pug

When you see your pet in this state, rush to a Vet immediately. The Seizures may happen back to back and may cause permanent damage to the neurological system of your pet. Don’t Ignore.

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  1. My shepard had epilepsy for his whole life, and maintained with medication. Until yesterday, he started constant seizures only controlled by IV meds; and when they began to wear off, the seizures continued. 🙁 He lived to be 6 1/2 yrs old…….lost him last nite. I Hate Epilepsy !!

  2. I had a golden retriever who had seizures. It always helped to play a cool, wet towel over his head and back. I think the sensation interrupts the seizure signals.

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