[Engsub] BL PART 6 | Yandaixie Byway No.10 | 煙袋斜街10號 | Boys Love | Gay Movie 2018

[Engsub] BL PART 6 | Yandaixie Byway No.10 | 煙袋斜街10號 | Boys Love | Gay Movie 2018

– LZ: Welcome to Why Hotel. Why our hearts are beating fast while passing by with each other? Why we are missing of each other just with one sight? This is because love is my dream since the beginning, I hope to bring my love around. I wish to have a long journey with my loved one, I’m ready to travel around the world with him. *Written in poetic way*
– HH: ??? – LZ: Look at this, their advertisement is so well written, I received this message once we arrived.
– HH: Are you “2” (dumb in funny way)? – LZ: It’s really well written! – HH: I’m not talking about that but you, I’m having a mobile phone too. What are you laughing at? Hang Hang! Loot at me! Hang Hang, please wait! Shuai Ge (Handsome), please wait for me! Shuai Ge, how is your body shape? Let me see it. Stop it. – Let me see it.
– Please don’t.
– Just let me see… Welcome to Why Hotel. Hurry up! Let’s go. What are you looking for? Gosh! There is no mermaid in this Mermaid Hot Spring. Nonsense. Am I look like a mermaid? I think you look like a piranha. Stop attacking me. Hang Hang, can we come here again after I’ve finished my novel? Sure. Please sing a song for me. Why should I? I’m not singing. Please. Why don’t you sing. Just sing. No way, my singing is not good. How about you telling me a story. Do you want to sing or not? Open your eyes, quick! Look at them, sexy or not? …Take a look. Sexy~ -_- Eh, look at that one… How is she? Is it your favourite type of girls? Ehh, Shuai Ge. Where are you going? Shuai Ge! Hey you, how can you walked away when there are pretty girls around. It’s because of you, I can’t stay longer at there in that moment. What’s the problem? Please say something. Err…. actually…. Those pretty girls are really good. You don’t like it? I don’t like girls. Don’t like girls? Gosh! Hang Hang. Yes? You must be… You must be being hurt by girls badly before… So you’re disappointed with women. – Therefore…
– Not like that… Actually I… So let’s just forever alone together! Why the light has turned off? I’ve accidently pressed my mobile phone. What you mean? Now you can control on the electrical circuits in Why Hotel with a mobile phone. Let’s have a try. On. Wow, so cool. Alright, let’s put on our clothes and have dinner now. After having a shower, I’m feeling so good now with a cold drink. Why don’t you eat something? I’m not hungry. After showering, you should be hungry… Let me feed you. Hey, look at them. Nevermind, just let me. Hang Hang. Look at there. There is a billiard room. Whose first? Which types of game you want to play? Don’t make it so complicated, just playing in simple way. Okay, you first. Shuai Ge, you’re so professional. Shuai Ge, how you did it? Please teach me. Your posture is wrong just now. Come over here, let me teach you. Like that… Yes, correct, your fingers… Aiming on it precisely… Be focused… Hold it tightly… Correct, and then… Move your legs a bit… Is this posture correct? Correct. Next… Bend down for a little… A little more… That’s too much… Lift up a bit, yes… – Is it okay?
– Correct And then aim on the centre of the ball… Hit on it. Not bad. Try it again by yourself. Hey… Hang Hang, wait for me. Eh? Why are you taking the robes? I thought we have to take it out. You should just put it inside the room. I see, so I’ll put it back. It’s fine, we’re at here now. Let’s check out. Gosh, please wait for me. Hello. I’m sorry, the robes are here. It’s ok, just leave it here. Thank you. Okay, just a moment. Why Hotel is having a good atmosphere. Thank you. Here is your bill. Please sign on here, thanks. Okay. Sir, this is your receipt. Please keep it. Thanks. You’re welcome. Hang Hang, let’s go. Please visit Why Hotel again. Bye. What’s up? Are you looking at me like this because I’m very handsome? Alright… alright… no problem. Just take your time. Shuai Ge. You’re a bit over. – Fine.
– Let’s go home. Yi Xiu, Yi Xiu. Let me bring you to visit Xiao YeZi. Please open the door, Hang Hang. Hang Hang, open the door please, Hang Hang. Shuai Ge is sleeping? Hang Hang, open the door. I don’t mind if I’m freezing to death… But how about Yi Xiu! I don’t want to be like the Little Match Girl. Oh no… Even worse than her. I’m not having any matches with me. Hang Hang, please open the door, Hang Hang. Stop making noise. The neighbours are coming out soon! How come you’re outside? I’m freezing. I’ve completed my novel. Quick, let’s get inside. I’ve something to tell you just now. Tomorrow onwards… I can accompany you daily. And also helping you in the shop. Do you know the reason? What’s the reason? This is because I’m having a lot of inspiration lately. Finally, I’ve finished my novel. So? Let’s have a celebration, what do you think? Your celebration is kinda special. I kissed you because I like you. It’s nothing about celebration. I like you too. If I’m not… I won’t hug with you… I won’t kiss with you… Liang Ze, do you understand what’s my meaning actually? Sure. It’s just like… how I like you. Like to be with you. Playing together… chit-chating… and… and… and… What else? And taking care of the chinchillas together. This reminded me on something. About the chinchillas… Ka Ka and Yi Xiu are funny. They will fighting with each other when they’re together. But they will missing each other when separated. I like you… Just like Yi Xiu and Ka Ka. I wish to… …be with you like them. What do you mean is… Is about what? Hang Hang, you… What’s wrong with me? Don’t tell me that you are… I’m what? Homosexual. If I can’t accept this… Is it you won’t be with me anymore? Not to play with me… and talk to me anymore? (Subtitled by lavalse)

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  1. Thank you for the English subtitles. Is the musical overlay due to copyright problems?

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  5. uh i'm sorry i have to say this… the background music is terrible. it has one melody which is sweet and then there's this suspenseful horrific sounding music that doesn't fit the mood of the scene as well. # justmyopinion

  6. Why this is underrated this is so good.

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