[eng sub/cc] shirai yusuke is a new breed of cat

[eng sub/cc] shirai yusuke is a new breed of cat

Oh, that’s adorable! Look at these ears! Definitely a white cat, right? You won’t fit in there! Other cats are going wild here. Shirai-san, Shirai-san! What a sight! This is Nekorobi’s mascot, Shirai-nyan – Shirai-nyan!
– Yes. I see… Hey, don’t put that on! – It’s gonna break
– That’s just in today! A customer gave that today! Well, however… – He can’t take it off!
– What are you doing? – Don’t put it on from the start! So now… So first, count how many times we’ve been in an event, etc. That’s important too. Is he okay? – What do we do with him?
– Come on, hurry up and write!
– Leave him be. Alright, aight, good boy. Even if you say that… A cat is… There’s Tora-chan there. Be careful. Tora-chan is strong. Ah, he’s coming here! Sorry. – Say something.
– Let’s translate his cat language Say something Can I have beef jerky, please? “Beef jerky,” he said I want to eat Tengu’s beef jerky… I’m-ah! What? What happened? So for today… Everyone–ah! Oh no! He put them on! – Ah!
– Does he feel sleepy when he put them on? This is bad! – Ah!
– He’s coming! That guy’s gonna… He’s fighting it! – He’s fighting it!
– I’m not gonna lose! Today, I’ll hold him in! – This is a first!
– Yeah. Yeah, give them a lot of treats! – Like that!
– On himself? Come! “What’s he doing?” Come here! Please! I beg you! Tomorrow I’ll work hard! Please! Oh, oh! Oh! – Oh!
– Put them all on me! Oh god, I’m so happy! Come on, climb on me, everyone! – Here, kitties, here!
– Come here! – Oh, they’re on me!
– A sight to behold. To think last 5 mins of broadcast is a chaos like this. You can put it on my chin too. Treats here! It’s a cat! I’m in heaven! Wait, wait, no, there’s a gross cat here! Gross cat, it’s a gross cat! Uwah, it’s so gross! I’m not soothed at all! Gross! and it tickles! Stop! Woah, no, there’s another one! Another one… woah, this one is rough! Uwah, stop! stop! I don’t need these cats! Okay, then… Yoshiki is the “human” role, then? – Yeah, yeah.
– Oh, okay. – Because I am human
– Ah, I see. – Then first…
– Execute! Your legs are going to bend! Your legs. – What do we do next?
– This is Nekorobi’s mascot, Shirai-nyan. No wonder, I see no Shirai-san at all. – Scary, scary!
– It’s off! The ears’ are off! Huh? – He’s a mess.
– Why am I here? – Well, then…
– I REALLY don’t wanna do this. Hurry up and put them on! – Can I start?
– Yes, you can. Let’s start then. Yoshiki-kun, could you face us and show him your back… Ah, where will he write it? We don’t know. He’ll write on… Shirai-san is going to… – Please tell us!
– He’ll write it on the stomach! – Stomach!
– It’s gonna hurt. The weight comes down there. He’s already writing it? (writes meat-bun (肉まん)) Woah, he’s writing it so precisely! He’s so into it! What is that? There are several letters. Are they kanji? He’s finished writing! It’s done! – Shirai-san should show our greetings…
– Like a doorbell? Because it’s written in the script that you should do it. Huh? Heh? – He’s gesturing that he wanna meet you!
– He’s not cute at all! – They’re off already.
– What is this… They’re off faster today. Huh? W-What’s wrong? Horieru, what’s wrong? What’s with that face? – The eyes are rather round
– They’re round. But they’re not such large circles And then… This guy’s eyebrows are unique. – Eyebrows?
– Yeah. Shira-nyan, Shira-nyan! The eyebrows are not thick, but… They’re not thick? Uh, but they’re also not thin They’re not thick nor thin? – Uh, they’re like…
– They’re not both? They’re not bushy, they’re in the middle. Thick but also transparent. Can I ask some questions? I can’t? Damn it. Thick-transparent? That’s why they’re quite unique. If you’re watching this, please turn on your volume That’s all from me. Huh, that’s it? – Yeah, I think I described it pretty well
– Eh, thick-transparent brows? It’s not thin though I have no idea. Okay, then… – His eyes are scary
– Let’s go to lips and nose next. That’s mine. The lips… They’re small little lips. Okay. – As a part of a face, it’s small?
– Yeah. Then… His beard… – He has beard?
– The beard is… Uh, I don’t know if this is correct or not. – The beard grows a little bit here and there
– A little? Yeah, yeah, like above the lips – Just little dots
– Dots, alright. The descriptions are slowly coming together, right? – And then the nose is also small, I think
– It’s small too, got it. I remember the nose being small. What about the shape? The shape is kind of like a reversed triangle, I guess? They’re off! On the whole, it’s small and right in the center of the face. You want some water? I’m good. I guess that’s all. Thanks. – Okay, the last one.
– That’s me! – What is that?
– I’m describing… Mole, piercing, freckles, and creases He has a mole under the eye. – Which one?
– Below the left eye – Below the left eye…
– Yeah. – It kind of stood out
– What? Is it big? Well, even if it’s big, it’s still called a “mole” though. If I were to say, it is a defining feature of his face, but… *cat gibberish sounds* Well, first he didn’t have freckles. I see. *more cat gibberish sounds* – …there’s a small piercing there.
– It’s not a beard? Nope, it’s not. It’s on his chin. For scars… scars… He doesn’t have any scars, his face is pretty smooth. – I see.
– That’s why the most defining feature is the mole. The mole, huh. – Alright, I’ve finished drawing!
– Oh, finally! Won’t it come out great? – It’s pretty detailed.
– Yeah. Okay, first… – He’s…
– Leave him, he’s more fine than anyone. But I guess he’s going to reach his limits soon – Should I?
– Yeah. Let’s revert you back! Eh? Huh?
– Well, let’s take a look at Kousaka’s drawing. He’s scary. – Oh?
– Stay there! What a bad way to take pictures of cat! I want some action here!

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